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Archive for September 2014

All That You Need to Know About Essential Oils

For those who are looking forward to conducting aromatherapy workshops or classes, it is imperative that they know every detail about essential oils, their properties, their way of working and other technical details.

Essential Oils

These are elements that are extracted from parts like flowers, twigs, barks, roots, wood, berries, peels, leaves, and fruits of various medicinal plants.  

These elements have therapeutic or natural healing properties and are hence also regarded as medicinal oils. People undergoing treatment can enjoy their benefits by either applying them locally, or by inhaling their aroma. They generally have a calming, relaxing, and stimulating effect on humans. Besides, they also balance mood, and are good for digestion and various other biological activities.

All the clinics and spas that conduct aromatherapy treatment use these therapeutic oils. These elements come in an undiluted state and are extremely strong. Hence, it is important that they are diluted with carrier oils like grape seed, sweet almond oils, and jojoba.

Though these elements are termed as, ‘essential oils’ technically speaking, they are also known as volatile oils, ethereal oils or oils of the plant.  They are highly volatile and have a tendency of evaporating pretty quickly, and as they do so they release a strong odor. The ones that are generally used in online aromatherapy workshops or classes are prepared from peppermint, chamomile, lavender, eucalyptus, lemon, rose-geranium, and the likes.

However, it needs to be mentioned at this juncture that these oils are used in various areas and not just for aromatherapist.  Some essential oil varieties are used as common food flavors and also for manufacturing toiletries, and are generally available in food stores. However, when blending for use for therapeutic treatment, an aromatherpist should purchase oils that supply detailed information, including their botanic species, chemical or chemotype composition, the producing plant organs like fruits, barks, roots, flowers etc. and other vital statistics.

Besides having a pleasing and strong odor, these oils also come up with certain properties that help to relax, by uplifting the moods. They also have other qualities that are, to say the least, simply amazing! For example, there are certain types of essential oils that help set up protection and fight against various types of infections and infectious diseases. Therefore, it can well be said that they come up with certain anti viral and anti bacterial properties as well. Some of them also have adaptogenic properties as they encourage the growth of cells, facilitate detoxification, help improve the health of skin, and also help functionality of various body organs and systems.  

It is believed that these oils were discovered many years ago.   Because distillation was not used in earlier times these products cannot be classified as essential oils but aromatic products.  Enfleurage and the use of herbs were used for ceremonies and medicinal purposes.   They were used somewhere between the late 16th and 19th Century, after which they went into a sort of oblivion only to shoot back to fame during the 1920s, thanks to Maurice Gattefosse, the French doctor who rediscovered the efficacy of these oils in treatment of various diseases and ailments.  

Emotional Healing Benefits of Aromatherapy Oils

Mood matters! And aromatherapy uses play a major role in today’s world of hectic lifestyles. Benefits of certain essential oils highly contribute to healing stress and anxiety issues. Stress and worries give rise to a number of physical and mental conditions which can negatively impact the health and wellness of an individual. And when it comes to developing a consistent stress management strategy, including aromatherapy oils into your stress management regimen is a must.  

Healing Benefits of Aromatherapy

Essential Oils with Powerful Effects on Mental Stress

Some of the most effective aromatherapy oils commonly used for stress and anxiety are Bergamot, Lavender, Grapefruit, Lemon, Frankincense, Orange, Geranium, Melissa, Cedarwood, Clary Sage, Sandalwood, Cypress, Ylang Ylang, Neroli, Jasmine, Lemongrass, Mandarin, Pine, Orange, Patchouli and Roman Chamomile. These organic oils have strong and immediate effects on anxious mind. Aromatherapy oil blends are also great choices for stress relief, calm and headache relief.  

Aromatic Bath and Body Care Products for Emotional Healing

Did you know that aroma can powerfully affect your emotions? Among all five human senses, the sense of smell is the only one linked straight to the limbic system in the brain that is your emotional control center. And this means scent can not only impact not your emotion, but also your body’s physical response to it. Thus, by using particular essential oils you can successfully deal with mental as well as emotional challenges.

Squeezing time out to pamper yourself is a good way to refresh your mind, especially if you can indulge yourself in the use of the right organic oils. Try aromatic bath and body care products to lift your mood instantly. You can follow online essential oil classes to learn how anxiety relief bath and aromatherapy massage oil recipe can work wonders for emotional healing. 

Alternatively, you can also add a few drops of essential oils to your bath, or blend them with our unscented massage and bath oil, unscented body products or unscented body salt scrub. 

How to Choose The Right Aromatherapy Education Course

Learning about Aromatherapy isn’t difficult at all with a host of online courses available just a click away. But you should choose the right Aromatherapy education online. Before you enrol yourself for such a course there are certain considerations that you need to take into account. If you are planning a career in Aromatherapy then choose wisely for a certification program. Aromatherapy is an alternative branch of treatment that is supportive to various ailment through the use of fragrances. Scented natural plant extracts are used for making essential oils. These essential oils form the main component in Aromatherapy treatment. To be a successful Aromatherapist, you should have a comprehensive knowledge on these essential oils.

Aromatherapy Online Classes

Whilst there are several factors to consider; let us deal with 3 primary considerations in order to find the ideal course for Aromatherapy:

Firstly, are you planning this to be your principal service or an addition to your existing services? There are several holistic practitioners who require a certification in order to complete their list of services, such as, Reiki healers, Feng Shui professionals, etc. If Aromatherapy is your primary concern then you need an extensive course. On the other hand, for an additional service a quick course about essential oils would be perfect. Such short courses are cheaper as well.

Secondly, go for an institute that provides details on the ways of utilizing Aromatherapy as a healing process. These courses should guide you well about the use and effects of essential oils. Training sessions relate to you how this alternative branch of treatment can be put to use in your day-to-day life. They might also offer you various books and ebooks to help you comprehend the process further.

Finally, decide what direction you want to choose for your career. For instance, spas and salons would prefer to hire someone who has a work experience in this field and knows about essential oils properly. It is not just about the purposes these oils serve but the doses and ways in which these are to be administered. For such a career an online course on aromatherapy would be ideal.

Signing up for online courses is in trend these days because they demand less time and can be undertaken from the comfort of your homes. In case, you are looking for one, then opt from the numerous choices of in-person classes, live and online classes for acquiring a thorough knowledge about the essential oils.

Enjoy Stress Free Summer Holiday with Relieving Essential Oils

Enjoy a stress free summer with aromatherapy uses! There are some highly effective essential oils that can help you spend an exciting summer holiday full of activities like travelling, camping, swimming or having a barbecue party. Keeping a valuable essential oil kit with you will keep you from getting irritated when you encounter dirt, bugs, sunburn and screaming kids, while enjoying a sunny day. Here are the tips for you. Check this out and don’t let any of these issues spoil your amazing summer plans.

Relieving Essential Oils

Lavender: This wonderful oil is effective for anyone who is dealing with tension due to rigorous activities or long drive. By using this great aromatherapy product, you can release the stress which you feel at the back of your forehead and neck. And this summer, if you feel that you get overheated, applying this oil works wonders.

Peppermint: Peppermint helps in cooling and refreshing yourself. It can also alleviate tension, thereby rejuvenating your mind, body, and spirit.

Lemon: Using lemon essential oil will help you get rid of bugs and germs that might be hiding in the woods. You can add a few drops of this organic oil in a rag which you will apply for wiping off outdoor tables. To keep bugs away you can also add a few drops of this oil to a water bottle and spray onto the table.

Using the right essential oil blend can act as a sleep inducing remedy through the night, thereby relaxing the feet after tiring walk or a long drive. Now is the time to know in details about the proper methods of using quality essential oils if you are planning for a wonderful summer trip with family. And it would not be a difficult task when you can easily avail quality Aromatherapy eBooks at affordable prices.

So, no more worries even if you experience sore, tight muscles owing to sitting for a long day’s travel or rugged outdoor activities during your vacation. Read effective aromatherapy books online and enjoy your summer trip to your fullest while feeling perfect relieving oil blend!