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Archive for May 2015

Ways to Choose a Right eBooks on Aromatherapy

Today more and more people are leaning towards the service of aromatherapy, due to its efficient effects for well being. However, apart from getting benefits from aromatherapy, many people are looking to learn the process of aromatherapy so that they gain deeper knowledge into the matter.

Aromatherapy E-books

Many informative eBooks on aromatherapy are available, one can even download them. Moreover, if you want to be an aroma-therapist, then taking some online aromatherapy classes can be a better option for you, as several institutions are offering such courses that will cost around $10 to $1,500 approximately.

If you have decided to learn about aromatherapy, then eBooks can also be a good option and worth your time. In this article, we will offer you some tips on how to choose a good eBook based on aromatherapy.

Search Relevant Information Regarding What You Would Like to Experience

Before starting the research process, you have to make sure what kind of information you need to search. If you are a beginner, it would be beneficial to find an eBook that includes thorough details about 12 basic essential oils related to aromatherapy, which are

•    Rosemary
•    Rose
•    Ylang-Ylang
•    Peppermint
•    Orange
•    Lemon
•    Lavender
•    Geranium
•    Eucalyptus
•    Chamomile
•    Clay Sage
•    Bergamot

Go Through the Advance Level if You are not a Beginner

If you know the basics of aromatherapy, then avoid wasting your time and just go for the advanced level. However, along with this, the eBook should be comprised with useful and relevant information such as the procedures of how one use essential oils for various modalities. The book must offer useful materials on the safe use of aromatherapy.

If you are serious about your learning, then you should know the right application of aromatherapy and you have to be aware about how the method has been widely used to treat ailments. Look out for books that thoroughly discuss about its connection with olfactory system, anatomy and physiology.

Prefer the Book Written by a Professional Aroma-therapists

Plenty of eBooks on aromatherapy are available online that can be written by anyone, but if you want to go beyond the basics in the subject, then you should prefer books that are written by professional aroma-therapists who have much experience to produce an eBook on the right procedures of aromatherapy.

People, who are associated with aromatherapy for a long period of time, know its benefits and its potential for human health. Professional aroma-therapists deal with different people and are well aware about their problem, thus most professionals can offer you information in details in their books.

Check out the Skill and Experience of the Writer

There can be a fake writer who may claim to be experienced on your preferred subject, but you can check out whether the author of the book is genuine of not. Several websites available offer eBook reviews, where you will be able to know about authors and their experience in the field of aromatherapy.

Following, these simple tips will help you to easily find the best eBooks on aromatherapy.


How to Prepare Custom Essential Oil Blends Safely?

Many people want to prepare their own skin care blends at home, so that they can add pure natural ingredients in the solution. Purchasing aroma-oil blends from a store would be good idea if a reputed company has developed it. However, the main problem occurs when you do not find your required ingredient from a company that makes products using essential oils and that is why people often make their own skin care blends at home.

Custom Essential Oil

However, if someone has no experience in making such blends and doing it for the first time, then the person should take some advice from an aromatherapy consultant and formulator so that he or she can help you prepare the right custom essential oil blends. In this article, we will talk about some procedures through which one can produce high quality custom essential oil blends at home.

Try to De-prioritize Smelling Ingredients

If you have smelt essential oils before, you should have noticed that such oils smell nice, but when you are making the blend for skin care then you should not prioritize its smell and you should concentrate more on the quality of your product. There are several ingredients that may not come with fragrance, but they have some property that can offer you a lot of benefits.

Add Essential Oils That Can Address Your Skin Problem

If you think that your skin is oily enough and needs different treatment, then you have to choose essential oils with astringent properties. You will be glad to know that Citrus Oils are astringent.  Just use caution because some citrus essential oils can cause phototxicity. However, here are a few names of astringent essential oils, they are

•    Cedarwood
•    Clary Sage
•    Juniper Berry
•    Yarrow

However, if you have acne-prone skin, then you should look out for some anti-bacterial or anti-microbial natural essential oils. When adding such oils in the blend, you should be careful, because many anti-bacterial oils often work more than it requires. Apart from this, if you have hormonal breakouts, then it might be beneficial to utilize some hormonal balancing essential oils that will help you by managing cyclically related problems.

Pick One of the Best Carrier Oil

Jojoba can be the best oil to prepare your blend so far, as the oil can be used for several treatments. However, for dry skin, you should use a base that includes Avocado oil. But if you are the owner of normal skin, then jojoba will be sufficient.

Formulate Your Blend

There are four essential oils available in the market that can address your concerns. You can mix them in equal ration. You can pour roughly 5 to 10 drops total of essential oils with one ounce of base oil.

Do Not Forget to Take Advice From Experts

Never try to make the blend alone if you do not have much experience in essential oil safety. For your convenience, you can find many aroma therapists online and it will not be difficult to get information for preparing custom essential oil blends.


Why Eucalyptus Oil is one of the Best Essential Oils?

Just a smell is enough to identify some essential oils and eucalyptus is one of them. There is no doubt that people use eucalyptus for usefulness. A special mention must be given to its oil, which has wide range of uses. The tree is originated from Australia and people have used eucalyptus oil for the first time in 1780s.

Eucalyptus Oil

However, the use of the oil falls in three categories, which are

•    Medicinal
•    Perfumery
•    Industrial

The oil of the eucalyptus tree comes from the leaves and it is also used for its fresh and clean fragrance.  Here you will learn about the medicinal use of eucalyptus and its effectiveness.

Kills Germs Exceptionally

The eucalyptus globulus with its strong and camphor-like scent is being largely used in aromatherapy. Apart from this, there are other types of eucalyptus present is the nature like eucalyptus radiata, eucalyptus citriodora and eucalyptus smithii.

However, eucalyptus essential oil include powerful germ killing properties. For example, it can kill 70 percent of staphylococcus bacteria when two percent mixture is placed in aroma burner. Researchers have found that eucalyptus oil can be very effective against strains of E. coli. The medicinal properties of the oil from eucalyptus is

•    Antiseptic
•    Anti-inflammatory
•    Decongestant
•    Antispasmodic
•    Antibacterial
•    Anti-fungal
•    Anti-viral
•    Febrifuge
•    Vermifuge
•    Antibiotic
•    Immune-stimulant
•    Analgesic
•    Cephalic

Efficient Remedy for Breathing Problem

Eucalyptus oil is very effective for respiratory ailments and it offers strong influence on breathing. The natural properties of eucalyptus can be a good remedy for coughs, common colds, catarrh, allergies, throat infections, bronchitis, flue, asthma, sinus problems, congestions, etc.

To get relief from respiratory problem, you have to just inhale the vapor or smell the scent of eucalyptus oil and see how it can cure the breathing problem. You can add a few drops of eucalyptus oil in a bowl of hot water, wrap up a towel over your head and take deep breath. There are several such techniques that can help you. Many essential oil online classes or courses are available that can guide you on benefits of essential eucalyptus oil.

A Proven Medicine for Wound and Infection

Eucalyptus tree is used as a tradition treatment for the deadly malaria disease. In South American continent, eucalyptus tree is planted in swamps so that malaria can be prevented from spreading. The germicidal properties of eucalyptus oil works as antiseptic for wounds, cuts, burns and even for ulcers. Moreover, infections such as measles, cholera, scarlet fever, tuberculosis, mumps and typhoid can be cured with the oil of eucalyptus.

Works as Painkiller

The medicinal properties of eucalyptus oil can work efficiently as painkiller. From migraines to sprained ligaments to rheumatism lumbago or any common aches and pains, eucalyptus oil can be used as an effective pain killing medicine.

Household Uses of Eucalyptus Oil

Many soap and toothpaste manufacturing companies are using eucalyptus oil to make their product useful with natural fragrance. One can use the oil for flea detergent for pets. In addition, eucalyptus oil can be added in saunas and bathtubs so that one can make those places germ-free and fresh.

Please note that in some cases eucalyptus oil might not benefit all respiratory cases such as asthma.  Also it is advice to use with awareness around children.

To learn more uses of eucalyptus oil, enroll in a good essential oil online class.


Essential Oils – How They Work to Calm Emotional Disorders?

In the recent times, there have been many discussions regarding emotional disorders such as anxiety and depression. Discussing such an important issue is a big step taken to support people suffering from the problems. The question is – are there any natural remedies that can work against anxiety and depression? This often ends up with another question like – can the custom essential oil blend calm emotional disorders? Here is a discussion on the subject that might help. 

Custom Essential Oils Blends

A Study on How Custom Essential Oils Work on Emotions:  

Did you have any idea that scents act powerfully on human emotional disorders? Yes, this is true. Among the five senses, the smelling sense in human beings is directly connected to brain, which is the center of controlling human emotions. This further implies that scent not only can work on emotional disorders, but also a physical response of the human body. 

In fact, a recently conducted study shows that there is a connection between dementia and anti-anxiety medicines. There are good reasons to opt for essential oils as a complimentary treatment.  It is hard to know, but breathing in a nice aroma can change imbalances and chemistry of a human body that causes mood swings. 

As soon as your nose senses an aroma, it implies that small molecules have entered into the nose from something via the process of evaporation. Essential oils being volatile, their molecules soar in the air. When inhaled, the molecules are passed through the nostrils that send messages using receptors to olfactory system. These receptors again pass the messages to brain, which results in the smelling sense. 

Olfactory bulb forms a part of limbic system capturing messages via the smelling sense that helps in recording a memory further. For example, a particular aroma can remind a person of someone very special in his/her life. That is why some people believe the essential oils can really help those dealing and passing through negative and saddening memories. 

List of Essential Oils:

Have a look at the list of essential oils that can work effectively in alteration of mood swings: 


Bergamot has historical reports to calm down antidepressant effects in a person. It is a great natural remedy to calm down anxious feelings, sadness or agitation.


This is used to encourage joyous feelings in the mindset of a person. Its chemical makeup aids in stimulating the brain’s limbic system, pituitary glands, penial and hypothalamus. 


Its scent promotes calming and clarifying properties that is helpful when someone is feeling low, anxious or down. In short, it helps to aid normal response of body to stress and anxiety. 


It helps to support blood pressure within anxious feelings, uncontrolled emotions, skin conditions, sadness, etc. This helps to calm and uplift your mood. 


This is used for anxious sadness and feelings occasionally. 


It is a great natural remedy that persuades calm feelings. 

Disclaimer:  Please note that this article is for informational purposes only.  It is not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any disease of ailment.  Please consult with a licensed physician first when addressing health or mental concerns