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Archive for June 2015

Some Effective Ways Of Learning Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is an exploration  of scientific know how and creativity. Creative expressions come from understanding the traits of the essential oils and foreseeing fresh combo of fragrances. The scientific facet of aromatherapy can be mastered by knowing the subtle variations in these oils that are attributable to hundreds and thousands of aroma chemicals, and how these chemical elements affect our body. The aromatic characteristics of natural oils and products work as a catalyst for improving the human body and mind.    

Aromatherapy E-books       
People, across the world, are trying to learn this holistic therapy to obtain its multiple benefits. This blog intends to help those who are looking for some effective ways to learn aromatherapy. 
Aromatherapy Institutes:

Although, it cannot be denied that the benefits of direct teacher- student interactions are many, but in today’s scenario, people are searching for something more handy and convenient. Their tight customary schedules restrict them from going to an institute and learning the lessons. But, if you have time, you can definitely enrol in one of the reliable institution and attend face – to- face classes.


As you are spending more time in front of the screen, this electronic medium of reading can be your best bet. You can instantly download quality aromatherapy ebooks that not only talk about the overall benefits, but also instruct how to make natural skin care products, essential oil recipes, and much more. Once you complete the purchase process, you will receive the download link in your registered email ID. After you save these ebooks, you can print them if you wish and use them for future references. 
YouTube Videos:

The advantages of online videos have been unearthed by viewers, many moons ago. If you wish to learn aromatherapy by sitting at the comfort of your home, this is the right medium. The  videos are motivational as well as instructional, beautifully presented with clear narration and demonstration. But slow internet connections can be a problem. Furthermore, if you are copying any action for the video, you have to pause and play several times. This, indeed, takes a lot of time. 

A magazine can be your fair- weathered friend and provide you information on this holistic therapy. You can read on the topics and explore the secrets to enhance mood, emotions and feelings of well-being via massage and uses of natural oils. But, availability can be an issue. The easily available magazines are stuffed with the same, age -old topics. You can hardly find anything new in them.

Since ages, historical manuscripts from all over the globe mention the advantages and uses of aromatic oils. They were used for embalming, beauty, purifying, fragrance, food, gifts, medication, etc.  Survey says that Aromatherapy was the first medicine of mankind. So, enrich your knowledge as much as you can. 

Know What Aromatherapy Is Good For

Aromatherapy applies essential oils to make you feel energised, relaxed and calm. The organic oils work with your sense of smell, you can bathe in them, inhale them or be massaged with them. Aromatherapy uses warm essential oils to enhance your sense of well-being and activate your sense of smell. The oils are dropped into bathing water, massaged into your skin or blended with other oils or steam for you to inhale.

Aromatherapy Consultation

Uses of Aromatherapy

The essential oils used in aromatherapy are extracted from raw plant material that can be leaves, flowers, wood, berries, bark, roots, seeds, resin or peel. Only a little amount of organic oil is needed to blend with a larger amount of "carrier" oil, such as jojoba, sweet almond or grape seed. Generally used aromatherapy oils include oils extracted from flowers including, lavender, rose, camomile and jasmine, and oils extracted from trees such as sandalwood and eucalyptus.

How It Works

Aromatherapy works in a way that helps the smell of the organic oils trigger the limbic system which is the part of the brain connected to emotion. This is why an aroma can affect the way you feel, thus helping you relax. Smell is an extremely powerful sense that can work with your memory as well. Some aromas can remind you of people, places or events. The aromas can also take you back to your emotional memory and how you felt about something you are remembering.

The perceived therapeutic power of essential oils is the most important aspect of aromatherapy. For the sceptic, it is also the main question. Very little scientific research has been carried out into the efficiency of aromatherapy. One major difficulty is that it is virtually impossible to conduct randomised double-blind studies involving several odours. Studies have shown that rosemary and lavender reduce cortisol which is the stress hormone. However, various claims of aromatherapy increasing emotional, spiritual or physical health cannot be tested scientifically. What we do have is a lot of people giving anecdotal reports of enhancements in these areas.

Aromatherapy is often used for:

  • Relieving stress and anxiety
  • ​Helping you sleep better, whether you have issues related to sleeping (insomnia) or staying asleep
  • Helping you relax
  • Relieving aching muscles and tiredness
  • Helping in concentration
  • Soothing chronic pain

Aromatherapy massage can have short-term benefits for psychological well-being and a positive though not sustained effect in reducing anxiety.

Quality of aromatherapy varies

We recommend that you refer to a quality aromatherapy consultation or find a qualified practitioner, preferably having training at an institution accredited by the Aromatherapy Council. A good will help you if you're concerned about your medical history, any skin allergies or other health conditions.

Some essential oils are not suitable in case you had undergone recent surgery, suffered from deep vein thrombosis or are breastfeeding or pregnant, or if you have:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Epilepsy
  • Hypoglycaemia
  • Kidney problems

Some oils, particularly citrus oils including, lemon, orange bergamot, etc. react with ultraviolet light and can cause your skin to burn up more easily. Take advice from your therapist before exposing yourself to the sun. Certain medications may also be affected by aromatherapy oils, including antihistamines, sedatives, antibiotics and anti-epileptic drugs. It is wise to always consult your therapist before using essential oils.

My Review Of Tazeka Aromatherapy Products

 DSC02641This spring I was fortunate to meet the owner of Tazeka Aromatherapy while taking an Advanced Clinical Aromatherapy class.  There were amazing people from all over that made custom blends and educated others about the wonderful benefits of Essential oils and aromatic products.  At first glance of Tazeka brochure I was truly impressed by the amount of detail and work to create such a beautiful presentation. 

Of course I can make my own therapeutic and energetic synergies but I love to try other aromatherapist formulations because I like to experience their intuition.  Because blending is based on chemistry but a big part is intuition.  I got to converse with the creator of this wonderful brand and I was interested in trying some of her creations.

I received a total of three blends consisting of Concentrate, Meditation Guru and Peaceful Slumber.   Once I opened up the postal DSC02642box I was once again impressed by the packaging of the blends and I also noticed that a small piece of paper inside of the container stated the batch number and the date of manufacturer.  For me this was a plus because of my back ground with good manufacturing practices.  It is important for me to know that a company is keeping track of what they are using in their products.  Essential oils can oxidize over time so this helps to ensure that they are not using old oils and that the products has not been sitting around for many years.  I also like the design of the bottle because conventional roll on bottles sometimes will leak and I feel very comfortable carry these blends around for a short period of time in my pocket book.

I have a hectic schedule so the blends that I received in the mail was a perfect fit for my lifestyle.  I needed something that would be supportive for sleep, plus something that would benefit me while I am studying.  I also love to find a quiet spot before bed so the Meditation Guru was a plus. 

Zena has put a lot of love and detail into each blend that she has created.  The oils used are organic or wild harvested.  She works directly with the distillers so there is no middle man in between your blends.  This helps to ensure a pure and natural product.  I loved each blend which created a most dynamic synergy that helps to support the mind, body and soul. 

Aromatherapy Consultation- Is it Useful for Kids?

It has been proven that aromatherapy has great effect for both emotional and physical challenges and now many people throughout the world prefer this efficient way for treating several diseases. However, today you can still find people who are least bothered about the effectiveness of aromatherapy, but the interesting thing is that the number of such people is decreasing gradually.

Aromatherapy Consultation for Kids

Educated people are well aware about the fact that products that have been largely used in aromatherapy have extreme effects on human body when used for supporting health. However, aromatherapy is a way of treating people naturally, but apart from applying aroma products on adults, today aroma therapists are suggesting to apply it on the kids too.

Prefer Aromatherapy and Keep Your Children Fit and Healthy

Inner and outer physical structure of adults and children are quite different from each other, thus physicists always suggest treating them differently. Along with the fact, you should know that children are more vulnerable than adult to some diseases and their resistance power is low.

It is common that adults opt for aromatherapy for their several ailments, but you will be glad to know that aromatherapy treatment is as much suitable for children as it does for an adult. However, one of the most notable things about aromatherapy products is that when used with awareness there are limited if any side effects.  Here are some reasons why you should consider aromatherapy products for your children,

•    Products are made of natural resources
•    There will little threat of side effects
•    One remedy for multiple ailments
•    Recommended by experts

Make Sure That You Have Brought the Right Product

Whenever you decide to buy aromatherapy oils with various scents, a few basic things you have to keep in mind. The first thing is- you have to make sure that you are not buying synthetic oils, which is much cheaper in price than essential natural oils.
Many people are unaware about the differences of synthetic oils and natural aroma oils. The main difference between aromatherapy oils and synthetic oils is that the former is natural and plant based, while machines produce synthetic oils and most of the time different types of chemicals are being used to prepare synthetic oils. That is why such oils are available in the market with much cheaper rate than aromatherapy natural oils. However, to have better product knowledge, you can conduct aromatherapy consultation experts.

Look Out for Ingredients Featured in the Product

You can find all the detail of the product in its wrapper, as every reputed company gladly offers complete information related with the product. If you have a genuine aromatherapy product then it should comprised with some natural ingredient such as herbs.

Do not go after the product with cheap price tag and always try to prefer aromatherapy consultation if you are facing some difficulties to choose the right product for you. Thus, before starting the course of aromatherapy, make sure that you got a specialist and get the right preparation before investing money.

Disclaimer:  This article is meant for educational purposes only.  It is not meant to be used to treat, diagnose or cure any disease or ailment.  Consultation with an aromatherapist is advised before using essential oils on children.  Some essential oils will not be suitable for small children due to certain chemical components naturally found in the oil such as peppermint near the nose of small children.  Essential oils should not be used on babies and the use of hydrosols would be a good alternative for them.