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Archive for February 2016

How to Balance Your Brain with Aromatherapy Workshops?

Nowadays, you live in a world where you have to meet deadlines most of the time. When the work pressure mounts up, your brain gets bogged up. This, in turn, causes hypertension, lack of sleep, depression and other mental disorders. In order to get early relief, you take depressants and other medications. However, these medicines leave side effects on your health. If you are looking for safe ways to calm down your mind, you should attend aromatherapy workshops.

Aromatherapy Workshops

The Way an Aromatherapy Workshop Works

When you enroll at an aromatherapy workshop, you would be taught how each essential oil works on different parts of a human body. You would be provided with a practical kit that comprises of essential oils. The class starts with the identification of primary problems. Accordingly, remedies are taught.

How to Balance Your Mind with Essential Oils?

The aim of aromatherapy in balancing mind is to break out from the loop and get relieved from stress. First, you would learn how the two portions of your brain work. Scientific studies have proved that the two halves of the brain do not make identical decisions.

Look at this example. Hold a finger in front of your face. Look at the finger with both eyes note its position. Now, close one eye. If notice any change in the location, then you can assume that you are getting an unbalanced view. The finger should move both times right and left when you view it with each eye.

You would draw similar experience when you smell something. Take a few drops of any essential oil and smell it through one nostril. Just note how strong is the smell. Take a note on how the smell affects your head, rest of the body and how it tastes at the back of your throat. Repeat the same procedure with another nostril. You would find that effect of smell is not the same as that of the previous procedure. The outcome varies due to the working of the unbalanced brain.

Deploy Alternate Nostril Breathing

At aromatherapy workshops, you would be taught the art of alternate nostril breathing in order to attain balance in your brain. You have to shut one nostril and take a breath through other nostril and then switch over to the other. Using an essential oil of your choice makes you relieve from stress.

At next level, you have to use two different essential oils for each nostril. You have to note the difference when you smell both the aromas together at a single time. When you present brain with two different aromas, you would find that the nostril, which is less active, works equally well as that of other. In addition, your brain generates positive ideas, moods and feelings that add to your well-being.

Aromatherapy offers safe means to balance your brain. When the brain is balanced, you are relieved from stress, depression and other mental disorders. When you attend aromatherapy workshops, use different combinations of essential oils to note the outcome of your brain.