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Archive for March 2016

How to Infuse Aromatherapy and Essential Oils into Your Marriage Celebration

Every marriage is beautiful, but yours can be the best with a touch of essential oils! Weddings are undoubtedly one of the greatest and biggest events in a women’s life. Therefore, the day can be very stressful as well. From donning on the perfect dress, to catering for several hundred guests, you have to take care of a lot of things. Your wedding can turn to your worst nightmare from a dreamy affair if things start falling apart. Count on aromatherapy to get help in more ways than one.


Aromatherapy and wedding – how to link the two?

So, how to infuse aromatherapy with wedding and how the whole process will work? Aromatherapy, also popularly known as “wedding scents”, is quickly turning out to be one of the newest trends in the arena of wedding. Every bride- to – be wants her wedding to be one of a kind that is remembered forever.

Usually, there are a wide variety of choices to select from. You can go for the ready-made choices where your event management company offers “scent” with automated machines to spread the aroma. Or else, you can design and blend different essential oils and create your own customized scent with exclusive aromas to fill the air for the day. We understand that time in hand is less and in such a short duration only aromatherapy classes online can come to your rescue. Why choose to take the course? Well, to make your own custom blend, it is advised to get an insight and the basics of how essential oils works, which oils to avoid and how much proportion to mix. The captivating aroma will join hands with the wedding decor to create the ‘wow’.

Aromatic invitations

Place a few cotton balls perfumed with drops of your essential oil blend inside the box of invitation cards before two weeks of sending them out. Make sure that the cotton balls do not come in contact with the invitation cards, otherwise the cards will end up with oily patches. The sweet smell will certainly uplift the moods of your invitees and they shower their blessings from the heart.

Aromatherapy and bridal bouquets

There are several natural aromatic flowers you can pick when it comes to bridal bouquet; the most admired is the rose. You can also go for herbal flowers. However, you can pick up other colorful flowers as well that do to have fragrance. Put the essential oils in a spray bottle and spray it on your bouquet. Or, add a few drops in a small cotton ball and it in your wedding bouquet. The same works well for purse.

Wedding table decoration with aromatherapy candles

Make your wedding table extra special by illuminating it with aromatherapy candles. You can learn how to make these scented candles of various shapes, sizes and color at home by learning the skill from some aromatherapy classes online. Use aromatherapy candles for your wedding that are made of pure essential oils and not synthetic fragrances as these two types have hell and heaven difference.

Essential oils as bridal perfume

Ditch synthetic perfume on your wedding and embrace natural fragrances created with your custom blend essential oils. It will last for a longer period and will be a sweet reminder of your very special day.

When planning your wedding, do not forget to acknowledge the influence of aroma that comes from essential oils and utilize it as an instrument to create an enchanting atmosphere. All the luck for your wedding!