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Archive for April 2016

How Aromatherapy Consultation Takes Place?

There is no doubt that aromatherapy treats various mental and physical complications safely. Many people like to go for custom blends of essential oils. However, the rate of recovery depends on mental and physical constitutions of the body. Which blend is right for you can only be known if you hire a professional aromatherapist.

Aromatherapy Consultation

What Happens During Consultation?

During an aromatherapy consultation, the aromatherapist collects various information on your health and then suggests you a treatment protocol. The pattern of consulting services varies as per the education and experience of the practitioner.

How an Aromatherapist is Approached?

An aromatherapist can be approached through the telephone. However, by using a desktop, smartphone or other internet enabled devices, you can go for online aromatherapy consultation.

Speak About Your Requirements Clearly:

While seeking consulting services, you should not be in a hurry. No aromatherapist would suggest recommendations unless you commit to formal consultation.

The aromatherapist would like to know your personal details clearly before suggesting a remedy to you. As per the laid out norms, such professional would like to know about your wellness goals.

Filing Consent Form:

When you seek consulting service, you have to fill a consent form. You need to provide a detailed report on your health profile. In the consent form, you need to furnish details of previous illness, current symptoms, and medications taken previously.

These details from the patient are important to aromatherapist. Based on the information provided, the aromatherapist can choose essential oils that would not contraindicate any drug usage. If the patient is experiencing some physical discomforts, the aromatherapist would know how to proceed.

Aromatherapist Engages Patient through Talks:

During the consultation, the aromatherapist would like to know about the past experiences of the patient. An aromatherapy professional with holistic approach asks the patient regarding sleeping habits, stress levels, and dietary habits.

Connection prevails between emotions and body. Therefore, the aromatherapist asks about how the patient felt former to the beginning of sickness on medical form. Throughout the interview, the aromatherapy professional notes the body language and the physical appearance of the patient, which provide sufficient clues related to the emotional and physical health of the patient.

The consulting service may include other modalities such as massage or reflexology to which would be of greater benefit when used in conjunction with aromatherapy. With this treatment, the patient is introduced to essential oils. Some time spent on reflexology combined with the required essential oils provides pleasing effects.

At the end of the meeting, the aromatherapist answers questions that have not been addressed. Based on the information collected, the aromatherapy professional creates an overall picture of the patient’s physical and emotional imbalances.

After gathering information on the physical and mental state of the patient, the therapist will formulate a few aromatic inhalation blends or topical applications for addressing the important issues. After the passage of a few weeks, the patient comes for a checkup.

This how the consulting process takes place between the aromatherapist and the patient. Regular usage of essential oils is important for attaining the optimum result. Minor problems can be supported within a few weeks. Chronic problems may obtaina number of months towards possible elimination.