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About Londa

Londa is started out by formulating natural skin care products for Londa’s Body Care, LLC.  Londa’s love for making cold processed soap began after taking a class with a friend in Michigan.  She learned that most of the soap that we purchase on the market today is not soap but  a detergent.   She was hooked from day one and started to make her own cold processed soap within weeks of taking her first class.  Cold processed soap is moisturizing and less drying than most commercial soaps on the market.   Londa has traveled and educated herself on how to formulate various skin care products using a natural preservative systems.

She receives tons of questions concerning how she acquired her knowledge of soap making and natural skin care products.  It is an everyday learning experience and yearly she is  always taking a class or workshop to help learn more about the craft.  Sometimes it is not possible for those to travel as far as she has to learn so she decided to share what she loves  and offer local classes.  Of course the classes are not just limited to those that are local.

Londa has studied to become a certified aromatherapist.  Londa has always had a love for essential oils and the physical and mental concerns that they address.  It is a science behind aromatherapy and knowing the correct way and identifying the correct essential oils to use based on the chemical family and the components they are comprised of is priceless.  Londa still formulates but would like to expand and deal with individuals on a personal level because making blends in larger quantities might not be specific to a person’s needs.

Londa continued her studies at New York College of Health Professions and obtained an Associates Degree in Massage Therapy.  She was able to pass the New York State Boards on her first try and is now a Licensed Massage Therapist.  Londa will now be able to offer Massage therapy sessions.

Education and Workshops:



CLASS Instructor Institution Hours Year
Anatomy and Physiology Andrea Butje Aromahead Institure 76 2012
Aromatherapy Certification Program Andrea Butje Aromahead Institute 235 2012
Teacher’s Training Andrea Butje Aromahead Institute 35 2013
Advanced Graduate Program Andrea Butje Aromahead Institute 125 2013
Clinical Aromatherapy & Infectious Diseases and Advanced formulation skills Rhiannon Lewis Essential Oil Consultant 20 2014
Advanced Clinical Aromatherapy Level 1 Rhiannon Lewis Essential Oil Consultant 36 2015
Essential Oil Chemistry Robert Pappas Whippany, NJ 2016
Harmonizing the Spirit: Five Element Aromatherapy and Essential Oil Acupoint Massage for Physchological Conditions. Gabriel Mojay Heal Center and The Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy 12 2016
Advanced Clinical Aromatherapy for Respiratory Challenges: Evidence and Applications Rhiannon Lewis Essential Oil Consulatant 13 2016
Clinical Aromatherapy approaches for Painful and Inflammatory conditions Rhiannon Lewis Essential Oil Consultant 13 2016
The Power of Scent: Treating Addiction and Trauma Cathy Skipper and Florian Birkmayer, M.D. New York Institute of Aromatherapy  13 2017
Associates of Occupational Studies – Massage Therapy New York College Of Health Professions 75 Credit hours 2017
Advanced Aromatherapy: Exploring Co2 extracts and their benefits Madeleine Kerkhorf-Knapp Hayes Essential Oil Resource Consultant and KiCoZo (Knowledge Institute for Complementary (Nursing) Care) 26 2017
Aromatic Phytochemistry Jade Shutes New York Institute of Aromatherapy Nov 27-Nov 29 2017