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Aromatherapy Oasis Giveaway

On Facebook I announced several weeks ago that October is the month in which I was born and I like to celebrate.  So on that note I am offering a chance for some of my fans to experience  a form of aromatherapy.  This is how the giveaway will work.


  • First prize  – You could win a free aromatherapy consultation.  You will get to experience the process of a consultation.  This is only for a first time consult and the intitial fee will be waived.  A custom blend will be included with this consultation free of charge.
  • Third Prize- You can win a natural abrasive cleaning scrub scented with essential oils. (3 people are eligible to win third prize)
  • Fourth Prize- You can win an essential oil inhaler. (choice of emotional support, immune boost, headache) (3 People are eligible to win this prize.)

How to participate:  Just leave a comment on this post stating what you like about aromatherapy and it will get automatically enter you into the contest.  This contest will be open for 24 hours after this post.  I will then take all of the names and drop them into my favorite hat and video the results.  So a total of 7 people will be eligilbe to win. 

You have to be a resident of the United States  in order to participate.  You have one week to claim your prize once announced and if you do not claim it will be passed on to the next up second prize winner.

We have one winner for participating and she has won the grand prize of a free blending consultation.  Congratualtions Debi!!



  1. Debi Tisdale says:

    I posted the idea about the kleenex with essential oils during yoga. Thanks for staying in touch with me!

  2. Sheryl Zulian says:

    I just found your page, and am just now re-educating myself on aromatherapy…..  

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