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Benefits of Lavender Oil in Aromatherapy

Lavender is a genus of 39 types of flowers and can be found extensively in regions with temperate climates. This ornamental plant is cultivated for its essential oil which is derived from it. The oil is far more, in fact 70% more powerful than the real flowers. In the world of distilled essential oils, it can be said to be among the safest. It is also very popular since it has multiple uses. In fact, during ancient times it used to symbolize purity and cleanliness; Lavare, the Latin derivative means ‘to wash’.

Lavender Oil - Aromatherapy

Those who have attended essential oil classes know that lavender oil acts as a miracle treatment for aching muscles, burns, acne, insomnia, wounds, cuts, skin problems, headache, stress, sinusitis, thus stating that the list is quite long. In fact, when you use this your mind will immediately get a relaxing and calming effect, releasing tension and de-stressing you instantly.

As Antiseptic– There are various germicidal compounds in the oil which makes it a perfect weapon to tackle all kinds of bacteria, viruses and fungi. In case your workplace or home has some kind of cold bug going through, then this oil may be used in diffusers for cleansing the air. In fact, for those who are especially susceptible to illnesses and colds, the essential oil may be added to a bottle of water and then spritzed on transmission areas such as doorknobs, phone, etc. During humid season, our feet often suffer from fungal problems; the oil can help deodorize and tackle fungus if you spray it inside your shoes. Respiratory problems may be battled as well through vapour form.

Aiding in Sleep– There are a lot of people who suffer from stress and insomnia. This is a very serious problem which may be tackled in a natural way. Instead of taking sleeping pills or anti-depressants, simply sprinkle a drop of lavender oil each night on your bed sheet. After inhaling the relaxing smell you may find it easier to sleep. In fact, lavender oil and geranium oil are mild sedatives that contain some compounds which relieve anxiety by slowing the brain waves.

Healing Burns– When we get burned, we often get scars. You must know one thing that some scars result from germs and bacteria. But lavender essential oil with its antiseptic properties helps prevent infection. The skin also recovers speedily since it aids healthy tissue formation. The burn may be treated with this diluted oil a few times each day until the area gets healed. A diluted solution may be spritzed on larger areas. Even in case of sunburn you can use this. First calm the skin by a cold shower and then either spray on a mixture of lavender oil and water or apply a mix of the oil and aloe vera gel.

Insect Repellent– Instead of opting for the chemical ridden sprays which are full of harmful stuff, you might opt for lavender oil since it is like an insect repellent. All you have to do is soak a cotton ball with it and put it in areas which you want to make insect-free. Even if you have been bitten by insects you can apply a few drops of this diluted oil directly on the bitten area to relieve the sting.

When people undertake essential oil classes, they are introduced to the hugely beneficial world of lavender essential oil. It is very easily available and it is always best to opt for natural things instead of jumping to chemicals first. Even the Egyptians used to love the wonder potion which acts as a wonderful skin care resource as well by promoting even skin tone, cell formation and circulation. So it is high time for you to adapt the same.



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