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All That You Need to Know About Essential Oils

For those who are looking forward to conducting aromatherapy workshops or classes, it is imperative that they know every detail about essential oils, their properties, their way of working and other technical details. These are elements that are extracted from parts like flowers, twigs, barks, roots, wood, berries, peels, leaves, and fruits of various medicinal […]

Emotional Healing Benefits of Aromatherapy Oils

Mood matters! And aromatherapy uses play a major role in today’s world of hectic lifestyles. Benefits of certain essential oils highly contribute to healing stress and anxiety issues. Stress and worries give rise to a number of physical and mental conditions which can negatively impact the health and wellness of an individual. And when it […]

How to Choose The Right Aromatherapy Education Course

Learning about Aromatherapy isn’t difficult at all with a host of online courses available just a click away. But you should choose the right Aromatherapy education online. Before you enrol yourself for such a course there are certain considerations that you need to take into account. If you are planning a career in Aromatherapy then […]

Enjoy Stress Free Summer Holiday with Relieving Essential Oils

Enjoy a stress free summer with aromatherapy uses! There are some highly effective essential oils that can help you spend an exciting summer holiday full of activities like travelling, camping, swimming or having a barbecue party. Keeping a valuable essential oil kit with you will keep you from getting irritated when you encounter dirt, bugs, […]

Uses of May Chang Essential Oil in Aromatherapy

For many years May Chang essential oil was listed under its botanical name Litsea Cubeba by most essential oil suppliers, but lately the more enchanting name of May Chang seems to have been adopted by aromatherapy industry. May Chang is also called 'Mountain Pepper' due to the seed like appearance of its little peppercorn seeds. […]

Guide to Choosing the Best Carrier Oils

For newcomers to aromatherapy, knowing how to choose the right carrier oils can be a somewhat difficult task. And with the availability of specialist suppliers offering a wide range of quality essential oils, knowing the proper ways to select them can seem a bit of a black art unless you enroll in effective aromatherapy classes […]

Essential oils of the Himalaya’s

I love essential oils.  They are so amazing.  But did you know that the chemistry and aroma can vary depending on where the plant was grown.  For example an oil from Nepal will differ from an oil from Africa.  It should make sense.  Because as individual people we are the same but will differ because […]

Aromatherapy Online Classes- Wonderful Learning Solutions

Have you always had a desire to learn the secrets of how to blend natural ingredients and make your own massage and bath oils, face and hand lotions, candles, room refreshers and more? If yes, then, quality aromatherapy online class is the answer for you! Online aromatherapy courses are self-paced beginner's courses demystifying essential oils, […]

Grapefruit Essential Oil- Excellent for Healthy and Shiny Hair

You must have heard of grapefruit- the delicious, luscious and pink citrus fruit? Well, but I am sure that many of us don’t know that this it has a number of health benefits when it comes to revitalizing the hair. Its name is derived from the Latin word Citrus Paradisi, a refreshing fruit from which […]

Top Essential Oils to Care for your Hair

Hair is our shining glory and can make us extremely proud. However, there are times when it provides a lot of distress, so it is essential that you treat it well and keep it nourished. The market contains several products that promise a lot of things. But, they may not deliver on their promises; especially […]