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Using Aromatherapy Correctly

Aromatherapy, as a field of study, is undergoing changes on a regular basis. Initially, looked as a miniature branch of alternative medicine, it has grown considerably in the past decade. There are several well known and big enterprises that deal with quality essential oils. But amongst these there are several companies that are not fully aware of the properties of each of the essential oils. Thus, the question remains – how to use aromatherapy correctly. It has been explained numerous times that this is an alternative branch of medicine where aroma or scents are used to treat ailments. For this, one must know which kind of aroma is suitable for what ailment. 


Joining Online Aromatherapy Classes and Workshops

With passing time more and more scientific studies are being carried on to discover the secrets of the aromatherapy industry in details. However, one of the best ways to learn aromatherapy is take up online classes or workshops. Becoming a registered aromtherapist might also help. Besides these, there are several books available online that can help you in getting a proper idea about the features of the essential oils and their uses. The benefits of going to the online aromatherapy classes and workshops are that these are presided over by professionals who already have experience in this field. As a result what you get to learn it directly from the horse’s mouth. 

Learning About Its History

A thorough knowledge about its origins can actually help you to understand about its nature and usages. It will also provide you an idea that how the oils are extracted from the plants and are then applied treat physical ailments. There are studies to suggest that the sense of smell acts most strongly when it comes to emotions and feelings of a person. This is the reason why aromatherapy has a strong effect in uplifting one’s mood. A study of aromatherapy will also help you to learn that it is applied for lessening stress and pain as well. 

Did you know that aromatherapy is also used as an insect repellent? Citronella is quite popular in dealing with the insects. 

Nuances of Aromatherapy 

There are several reasons why aromatherapy oils are so effective. As per the studied the sense of smell reaches and affects the brain directly. There are two waves that are found in the brain – alpha and beta waves. Lavender affects the alpha waves while the beta waves are affected by jasmine, lemon and eucalyptus. This helps in energizing a person. 

Another helpful tip is that the oils used in this process are generally mixed with water first. This is how massage oils are obtained and these too are used in two ways. One of the ways of using it is to apply it on the body for a therapeutic purpose and the other way is to inhale the aroma directly.   

Since there are varied uses of the aromatherapy oils it is vital to learn their correct uses. In this regard a short online course or workshops are really worth it. 

Celebrating a Magnificent Christmas with Uplifting Aromatic Oils

Christmas is not only a time for family get-togethers, beautiful decorations and the delight of giving and receiving gifts, it’s also a special occasion to amuse the senses with amazing fragrances too. You can make your Christmas even more festive fragrantly by filling your home with the welcoming aromas of essential oils. So it’s time to shift to pure natural oils from chemical aerosol sprays to produce a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere that will make it your best ever Christmas as well as New Year celebrations.

Christmas with Aromatic Oils

When it comes to selecting those conventional fragrances to use during the holiday seasons, choose the below mentioned essential oils. Specifically, all these aromatic oils smell great individually, and also blend together really well. You can mix them together in a variety of combinations in your diffuser in order to suit your personal taste, but in whatever way you use them they are sure to invoke a really aromatic flavor of goodwill!
Decorating your home with the uplifting fragrance of a freshly cut Christmas tree can be a wonderful idea. However, sometimes an artificial environmentally friendly tree is preferable so as to avoid getting the prickly pine needles all over.
To bring forth the refreshing smell of a real pine tree, you can make a mixture by filling a water-spray bottle with just about 50mls of water, 5 to 6 drops of pine essential oil and a little liquid soap. Now shake the mixture well to spray lightly on the tree. Always remember to avoid spraying near any costly polished wooden surfaces.

If you cannot manage to get a spray bottle, just put a few drops of pine oil on cotton-wool balls and hide them inside the tree. You can also apply a few drops of grapefruit essential oil with pine to give an enlivening, fresh effect that really elevates the spirits.

Frankincense, Cinnamon, Clove Bud, Nutmeg, Ginger and Sweet orange are also some of the most effective essential oils that help combat Christmas fatigue while acting as a tonic to the body, mind and spirit. Referring to quality aromatherapy consultation online will also give you a detailed insight to using aromatherapy oils to delight the senses with pleasing aromas.

Guide to Choosing the Best Carrier Oils

For newcomers to aromatherapy, knowing how to choose the right carrier oils can be a somewhat difficult task. And with the availability of specialist suppliers offering a wide range of quality essential oils, knowing the proper ways to select them can seem a bit of a black art unless you enroll in effective aromatherapy classes online.

Best Carrier Oils

However, it is precisely the same as picking an essential oil. When it comes to selecting the right carrier oil, you just need to choose the oil that contains the properties required for your particular requirements. Hence, to make the choice easier what all you need to do is decide where and how you desire to apply them, and then look up the actions, properties and viscosity of carrier oils.

Tips for picking the best carrier oil for face or body

For instance, for a simple body massage sweet almond oil can be an ideal choice, but it may not necessarily be the perfect carrier to apply for a facial treatment. The reason is some carrier oils contain more of the necessary vitamins and fatty acids which are essential for nourishing the skin and keeping wrinkles at bay. Jojoba and Moringa contain a large amount of important fatty acids and so make great facial oils, nevertheless for massage they should not be used alone as they are a bit too rich.

Mixing and blending

Carrier oils like unrefined Wheatgerm and Avocado are packed with nutrients too, but they are too heavy to apply alone in massage and they also have a strong aroma that some people may not prefer. However, they can still be used for their therapeutic benefits in massage.

You can simply dilute such heavier oils in a lighter carrier having no fragrance such as Peach, Almond or Apricot oil at around 15% or 20% in order to enjoy all of their qualities in invigorating facial treatments as well as body massage.

This same tip also applies to other costlier and richer oils such as Borage, Black Seed, Rosehip and Evening Primrose. All of these finest organic oils have a number of beneficial properties and using them for intensive facial therapies will work wonders. If you want to apply them in a body massage you are recommended to mix these oils with a lighter carrier.


Aromatherapy Online Classes- Wonderful Learning Solutions

Have you always had a desire to learn the secrets of how to blend natural ingredients and make your own massage and bath oils, face and hand lotions, candles, room refreshers and more? If yes, then, quality aromatherapy online class is the answer for you! Online aromatherapy courses are self-paced beginner's courses demystifying essential oils, thereby showing you various ways to add fragrance to your life. You will gain sufficient knowledge required to kick off trying some simple blends and the confidence to experiment with producing your own unique blends.


Aromatherapy Online Classes

Qualified online courses on essential oils will teach you several things so far as their wide ranging applications are concerned. And not only that, but also you will get to learn about the plants and their history; what are exactly called carrier oils and essential oils; the ways to dilute and blend; where to purchase the oils and supplies; and the proper method to measure and blend. Additionally, these lessons will go into storage and safety issues and you will be provided with many recipes for starting concoctions.

Learners will certainly find a wealth of useful information on such courses if they are interested in alternative health therapy, sensory recipes or cooking, cosmetics, gardening, your home environment, entering into the career of an aromatherapist, or adding to your spa and salon business. Aromatherapy Oasis offers instructor-led, self-paced courses to provide simple and clear steps for demystifying the jargon and bringing aromatherapy products and procedures into your everyday routine.

You will learn the effective ways of discovering and developing essential oils, the basis of aromatic blending as well as product making. To get the best benefits of using aromatic products it is important to know what the essential oils you require are and where to obtain them. Online classes for essential oil will also cover how to use the oils in cosmetics or skincare and beauty products, massage therapy and compresses, perfuming a home and much more!

Top Essential Oils to Care for your Hair

Hair is our shining glory and can make us extremely proud. However, there are times when it provides a lot of distress, so it is essential that you treat it well and keep it nourished. The market contains several products that promise a lot of things. But, they may not deliver on their promises; especially if you have sensitive hair, then you need to be really careful since chemicals in some shampoos and conditioners may lead to irreparable damages. You may provide some cost effective as well as safe nourishment to your manes by virtue of natural essential oils. Here are the names of top essential oils that can take care of your crowning glory. 

Essential Oils for Hair

Lavender – This oil extracted from lavender plant flowers is perfect for hair loss or weak hair. It has a sweetly floral aroma and it prevents itching and dandruff. It can eliminate breakage while improving the growth of your shining glory as well. Lavender oil in association with oils from cedarwood and rosemary can improve the growth of your tresses. 

Chamomile – Perfect for dry and brittle locks, it can be obtained from chamomile blooms and is available in two different genus and species- German Chamomile and Roman Chamomile. The latter is more preferred since it is soothing and can effectively calm nerves. The scalp can be prevented from drying out with chamomile tea rinse, thus reducing dandruff up to a certain respect. It can be used to kill mites and lice. 

Peppermint – There are many people who have undertaken online aromatherapy classes and they swear by the magical medicinal properties of this essential oil. This antibacterial potion can soothe your muscles and act as natural cure for headaches. It helps improve hair growth by stimulating blood circulation to the roots. It also offers proper nourishment to your manes. A few drops can be added to shampoo or conditioner to take advantage of its many properties. 

Lemon – This boon for oily hair is extracted from fresh peels of the fruit and can be used for treatment of infections, headaches, digestive problems, muscular pain and migraines. It can help prevent dandruff and scalp dryness; it kills lice as well. Just keep in mind that this oil is photo-toxic so you must avoid the sun or tanning beds for twelve hours after use.

Tea Tree Oil– The particular essential oil is a wonder cure for many ailments such as acne, pimples and various skin related problems. It acts as a topical medicine due to its antifungal and antiseptic properties. It unblocks sebaceous glands and stimulates the flow of moisturizing oil of your scalp which helps eliminate dead skin cell. Thus, your lifeless and dull hair gets a new life. Dandruff can be treated effectively with a mixture of tea tree oil and rosemary and peppermint oils.  

The usage of natural essential oils has been going on since time immemorial and can be marked as a very old practice. It not only leads to great skin and hair but, proper usage can lead to a healthy body overall as well. 

Disclaimer – This post is for informational purposes only.  It is not meant to treat, diagnose or cure any ailments.  This post is not supposed to take the place of a medical professional.

Experiencing a Blissful Aromatic Bath

An aromatic bath is a wonderful way of looking after our health and happiness because the warmth relieves aches and pains while promoting relaxation and rest. Bathing using essential oils is an excellent exercise of aromatherapy as it can encourage you to unwind, lower our blood pressure and heart rate and enhance local blood circulation, thereby reducing stress and tension. Professional aromatherapy classes will help you learn how essential oils can enable our body to heal itself. 

Blissful Aromatic Bath

Enhancing Relaxation

Aromatic bath requires you to use sea salt or Epsom salt and pure essential oils. The water containing several properties of these natural essences helps in cleansing your skin. You can make a bath even more magical and special by doing an easy ritual. Just try to focus on the things that you want to create, have, be and do. A wonderful bath is sure to enhance your physical as well as spiritual harmony while boosting relaxation. 

Stimulating Positive Energy

The fantastic aromas of essential oils can aid in bringing you into the present moment that can work wonders in terms of encouraging conscious awareness and a greater sense of self along with the power of your own positive emotions and thoughts. Hence, you can experience a transformation of a negative, stressed, sad and worried state of being into one of greater positivity uplifting both potential and possibility. 

Spiritual Improvement

The aromatic powers and beneficial properties of essential oils can work with your sense of smell to encourage creative bent of mind and ability for transformation. The aromas act as a gateway to your spiritual as well as energetic potential that are imperative for healing and positive transformation that are needed to take place. Try using organic oils and your sense of smell along with a couple of simple rituals will obviously help you come back to yourself, to the state of being to improve our moods by lifting your spirits. 

After having a soothing aromatic bath, as you start relaxing and resting, you will return to an optimistic emotive sense of self and it is here the importance of using aromatherapy lies. Thus, the act of positive empowerment and the ritual enables you to achieve quality strength having greater healing power. 

So, now it’s time to find your oil burner besides choosing your natural oils. Essential oil classes online may help you decide what natural oils will be best suited for you. You are advised to repeat your aromatic bath on a regular basis and or a few times a week and you are sure to experience the positive changes that will start to arise if the ritual is done correctly in an ideal ambience. Try to enjoy it and I bet you will find it a pure bliss!

Gathering Enough Knowledge Through Aromatherapy Online Classes

The concept of natural healing with the help of aromatherapy treatment has always been there for ages. However, of late the concept is enjoying renewed popularity and an increasing number of people are taking resort to this kind of natural treatment that may come without any side effects whatsoever. Development of internet based learning or e-learning has also had its effect in the world of aromatherapy treatment. A number of online aromatherapy classes are now available. People who are interested are able to gather knowledge about this new type of treatment and apply that knowledge for themselves.

Aromatherapy Online Classes

The fact that we are all leading a hectic life makes this new type of treatment all the more important. It has time and again been proved that this natural healing procedure goes a long way in providing refreshment, besides rejuvenating and synchronizing mind, body and spirit in a great way.

The Ebooks on aromatherapy that are available online describe the history of this age old treatment procedure and the details of various natural essential oils that are used in the treatment procedure. These online books provide a lot of knowledge regarding the benefits of this natural treatment procedure and inspire people to take online aromatherapy workshops and classes that are conducted by specialists and experts.

You will find a lot of these online classes once you look for them on the internet. Each of these curriculums will claim to be the best in business but you need to opt for the one which is not only cost effective but will solve your purpose. Go through the details of the curriculums – see what they are all about and gauge whether they will be of any benefit to you.

These aromatherapy classes online curriculums are specifically designed to provide enough knowledge and tips to people that help them to understand the subject in a much better way. These classes are conducted by seasoned specialists who provide knowledge regarding different types of essential oils used in the treatment, their blends, and types of aromatherapy treatment that can be conducted.

These classes are cost effective as well as extremely convenient as they can be taken at any convenient time. Also, people have the option of discussing points with other people who are taking the course. They can also discuss finer customized points with the experts who are conducting these aromatherapy classes online.

The duration of these classes varies depending upon the depth of knowledge they are providing. While classes that provide elementary knowledge generally last for weeks, those providing in-depth information and detailed knowledge may last for months and at times, for years! The cost of these classes naturally varies accordingly.

Learn How to Make Your Own Aromatic Bars

If you thought making an aromatic or an aromatherapy bar was not your cup of tea, well you were misinformed. Making a bar is as easy as baking an apple pie, and believe us or not, there are many good resources available online that would teach you how to make a bar in no time. Hence, if you are ready to learn, there are magical and quick ways to make soap, which would holistically cleanse and drive away your physical and mental ailments too. Take a look online and you would find various experts rendering instructions through portals, blogs and forums, and some of them have their own Aromatherapy Education Online sources for you to learn from too.

Aromatic Bars
Why make essential oil soaps?

Before you rush to the essentials store to buy your own ingredients, let us know what are these soaps used for, as well as the substances which would make the bar extra special.

  1. Aromatic oil, soaps and aromatherapy in short has been around and in use for many centuries. They help patients with well-being, stress issues, relaxation needs, healing and with upliftment of vibration energies. A mix of aromatherapy and with the right use of essential oils, many physical and mental conditions can be satisfactorily treated as well. Depression for example has taken a toll on many; hence the use of orange oil would help. Lavender on the other hand helps relax the body and mind, tensions and anxious pangs too. So you see, every oil has it’s own ways for you to benefit from.
  2. You could even have these oils added to your bath water for a soothing bathing experience. Some even run the oils on their wrists as well, or maybe dab a few drops on their kerchief and carry it on them for the day.

Please learn from experts about the nature and quality of the oil, and how much of it should be used for better output and effects. For this, the advice of a professional aromatherapist is always recommended and his words would take precedence over what you read here and anywhere online.

Start simple

Here is a simple glycerine soap recipe which can be made at home, no fuss involved. Ingredients;

  1. 4oz. bar of unscented clear glycerine soap
  2. A few drops of aromatic oil
  3. Two drops of food colouring


  1. Melt the bar of glycerine and ensure it doesn’t get too hot in the double boiler.
  2. Add the essential oil, drop by drop along with the food colouring.
  3. Mix well and then pour it into a mould chosen by you, any shape you please.
  4. Keep it aside for cooling purposes.
  5. Remove it after forty minutes or so, mostly after an hour for the best output.
  6. Place it on an open rack for three to four hours and let it further cool down.

Now that you know making an aromatic or aromatherapy bar isn’t that tough, why don’t you start making simple ones like the recipe given starting today? You can get to know more through Aromatherapy Education Online.

Benefits of Specialized Online Aromatherapy Classes

The online aromatherapy certification programs allow people to become professionally qualified in the therapeutic applications of essential oils. With the advent of highly developed technologies, the availability of exclusive online courses offer digital curriculum. This type of advanced aromatherapy classes online include unique references and e-book, online case study assignments, access to exclusive videos along with various other blending activities.

Online Aromatherapy Classes

When you decide on choosing a training course on aromatherapy, there are a number of things to consider. One of the crucial decisions to make will be whether to go for a reputed online institution or to some conventional bricks and mortar college or university.

In the present era of sophisticated lifestyle, holistic therapy and aesthetic beauty treatment have become more of a basic requirement of healthy living concept for highly fashion conscious people. This field of aromatic and natural therapeutic practices is gaining increased popularity all across the globe. It helps in inter- personal as well as spiritual development with more enhanced mental peace and happiness. Besides physiological health and wellness, psychological well being is also a major concern of the hour and hence you can truly ensure a happier, healthier and safe way of leading life with various therapeutic uses of essential oils.

Students and enthusiasts interested in the excellent career opportunities that the professional field of aromatherapy provides, can easily avail the overall facilities of web based aromatherapy classes. You can opt for formal training in aromatherapy courses. For the advanced learners, it is quite important to be capable of demonstrating to clients that they have had proper training in certain subject areas, and that they are knowledgeable as well as competent enough to gain any sort of professional degree or qualification out of it.  

Features of Internet Classes

  • Aromatherapy classes online offer useful tips for learners who can easily find exactly what they want.
  • A simple searching through Google usually brings up some excellent results related to the leading and authentic online institutional organizations.
  • You will have the opportunity to check out the various websites offering such courses to find something reasonable and safe before starting with any training class. It will also save students from wasting their money.
  • Online courses are cost effective and something more affordable than private classes that are rather time consuming. There are also some free websites that help students build potential career in this professional field.

There are also certain specializations to choose from within the wide discipline of aromatherapy. You can indeed get the benefits as per your intentions while taking the training courses. When selecting for aromatherapy training take into account the content matter. Valuable and prospective courses would result in a number of career opportunities. It will be wise for the learners to do some initial research that will later on pay dividends in their career.


A Simple and Effective Way to Learn About Aromatherapy

Most often, than not people have a misconception about what aromatherapy really means. While some think that it refers to anything that has the possibility of smelling good like scented candles and perfumes, other more informed individuals are aware of the fact that aromatherapy is a science which with the aid of essential oils, helps relax the human body.

The use of essential oils is vital to the natural healing therapy. In fact, it should be noted that there is an ever-growing body of research, which stems from laboratory and clinical studies that enlists the remarkable healing properties that essential oils have. However, to get a more basic understanding of what the practice is all about, you can consider attending aromatherapy workshops, which are conducted by expert professionals on a regular basis at various institutes around the world.

These workshops are a great and fun way to learn about a subject obtaining complete hands-on experience on the major aspects of the study. Nowadays, there is a growing interest in alternative and natural therapy; however, there is a lack of knowledge, which prevents these people from truly fulfilling their interests. Aromatherapy consultants that conduct these workshops are adequately trained in providing you a thorough understanding of the basics of the therapeutic care.

Usually, these workshops are not too long in duration, but provide every bit of information that you could possibly need to integrate the natural healing therapy in every aspect of your life. There are workshops, which help you learn about the four simple and basic ways to use aromatherapy. These simple yet effective training sessions is specifically designed for those individuals interested about learning the benefits of the practice.

A number of such classes or sessions focus on providing an insight into the world of the natural healing therapy. These specific workshops will help explore the metaphysical side of aromatherapy. The aroma therapist will also explain how the practice helps you enhance and balance your life in the most effective way. From offering practical and hands on experience in blending essential oils for stress and anxiety to making natural bath care products, the sessions focus on it all.

These classes also highlight the ways of making natural skin care products, natural home cleaning products, essential oil blending, etc. The classes also offer the students a detailed manual that can be extensively used for future reference. These workshops not only throws light into the world of the healing therapy and offers the basic fundamental knowledge, but also empowers your learning with practical hands on experience.

There are a number of practical aromatherapy workshops, which are designed to help users discover how the practice can be used effectively at home. The consultant at the sessions will show you how essential oils can be combined with other natural ingredients, which in turn can be used for cleaning purposes and deodorizing, among others. Therefore, these workshops on aromatherapy are a great way to learn more about the subject. Indulge into the practice of the natural healing therapy and experience the best in life.