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How To Make Natural Bath And Body Care Products

If Nature was a person, it would be sitting, crying in a corner by now. Mother Nature never wanted this world to be what it is. Smoke and pollution have become its ingredients and, artificiality is at its peak. Greenhouse gases are creating big holes in the atmosphere increasing global warming in the process. The polar ice caps are melting away like Spring snow and the beautiful trees are being sacrificed to provide luxury accommodation to the ever-growing population.

Nature did not desire the world to be like this!

It wanted us to live longer and healthier, even if we did not get the comfort, we would still have the convenience. Lives were supposed to be less stressful and bodies, not a strange exhibition of various ailments. But, we can’t change all that now or, can we?

According to specialists, if we turn to Nature again for our day-to-day deliverables, we would be getting its full support. To begin with, we can opt for a more natural lifestyle by using natural products, eat healthily and work out the extra toxins that are building up inside our bodies.

In this post, we are going to discuss how Mother Nature can help us make our own beauty and health products by shunning the extra chemicals that cause adverse effects on our skin.

Top 7 Natural Bath And Body Care Products

A refreshing bath after a long day at work is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You should take some time out to pamper yourselves so that you can join work the next day with renewed energy. Let us get an idea about the rejuvenating natural bath products that you can prepare at home.

Bath Salts
Have you ever heard of Epsom salt bath soak? It is quite stress-relieving and detoxifying, thus making it essential for the present generations. Considering the amount of stress we go through every single day, the natural bath can help us to a great extent. Also, it is useful to the skin if combined with aromatic agents. You can mix Jasmine and Lavender to calm your nerves, but use tangerine, orange or lemon to induce happiness.

Bath Milk
Natural bath preparations have been popular since the Roman era. And, scented bath milk is one of those techniques that are still used widely. It can be prepared using powdered milk, Epsom salts, Essential oils and flower petals. The ingredients may vary depending on an individual’s preferences but, these four basic substances remain on the list.

Bath Scrub

Essential oil bath scrubs are quite popular. The best thing about them is you can make them at home without spending a fortune. All you need are the right ingredients including the right Essential oils. While the rose petal and coconut scrub breathtaking and heavenly, the Cinnamon and Vanilla scrub is an apt holiday product. However, before you start preparing all these at home, you should opt for some professional advice from a certified aromatherapist. That will help you select the right materials as well as blend them in the right proportions.

Now, coming to the body and skin care, there are a few amazing recipes to make the best-quality natural products at home. However, it is best if you do not try these without the help of a professional aromatherapist.

Lip Balm
A variety of Essential oils like Tangerine, Lavender, Peppermint, and Vanilla can be used to make elegant lip balms at home. Grapefruit and Rose are also used to create highly tempting balms that not only look good but also feel real. This is not to say that the chemicals balms available in the market are unreal but, when Mother Nature touches your lips with her magic wand, you feel beautiful instantly.

Essential Oil Soaps
Be it washing your hands or dressing your wounds, you should always be careful about the kind of soap you use. Essential oil soaps are 100% natural, carrying almost all the useful properties of the ingredient oils, thus providing maximum protection against infection and ailments. Citrus, Tea Tree and Peppermint are the Essential oils used to make naturally healthy soaps.

Needless to say, the aromatic oils are best suited for making natural deodorants. The chemical deodorants available in the market are composed of several questionable ingredients that our bodies may not be quite friendly with. So, why not make your own deodorant at home? You can use a plethora of herbal oils for that purpose. Only you have to understand each one of them properly before blending.

In the dry season, you cannot ignore the attractive promos that boast of a soft and glowing skin within few days. But, just think for once. What if you can actually make your own creams and lotions at home? Wouldn’t that be just awesome? Well, Essential oils like Clary Sage, Chamomile German, Geranium, Frankincense, Lavender, Rosemary and more can be used to create exquisite aromatic creams and lotions for facial application. These natural products make you look younger and feel better as compared to the chemical substances that reduce the skin’s natural glow.

Even if the recipes of all the aforementioned products are found online, you have to put your faith on a certified aromatherapist to select the right one. In fact, it is better if you do not go for the online recipes and take in-person classes instead, to learn to make these products. Who knows, you may even start your own business in the future. That will be a brilliant way to spread the message of Nature. So, embrace the world of Nature and reap its benefits today.

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Rest and Sleep Better with Aromatherapy Practice

In a fast-paced world where people are always on the go, aromatherapy has fast become a perfect remedy in the sphere of total wellness and health. It is interesting to note that more and more individuals are making use of the natural healing therapy to relax and get better sleep. Sleep, as we are all aware is one of the best ways of regaining strength that helps giving the energy to perform your daily tasks with ease.

The natural therapy is said to have therapeutic properties which can treat illnesses or relax you after a hard day’s work. However, aromatherapy is not only used for healing purposes but it can also help a person sleep better as it also has some soothing properties.

It should be noted that in order to gain experience for practicing the therapy on your own, you have the option of enrolling with various aromatherapy courses online. With these courses, you can learn how to effectively conduct the procedure in addition to gaining knowledge about the various benefits of the natural healing therapy. These courses are specially designed for those individuals who cannot attend classes physically.

However, before you actually enroll for these classes online, ensure that you have all the supplies required to practice it better. The essential items that you should have in your possession includes cups and spoons, items which can help facilitate the transfer of liquids like funnels in different sizes, containers to mix element, and proper storage apparatus such as dark colore (amber) bottles or vials. Therefore, after ensuring you have the necessary supplies, you can start with your own homemade aromatherapy.

Listed below are some of the products you can make at home:

  • You can prepare an aromatherapy massage or body oil. For this, you will need to combine at least 1/2 teaspoon of the variety of essential oil of your choice in addition to 4 ounces of vegetable oil.
  • You also have the option of making a compress pertaining to the therapy. This product is considered to be one of the easiest products that can be created at home. All you would need to do is add 5 drops of essential oil to either a hot or cold cup of water after which you have to dip a soft cloth on the mixture.  You must ensure that you use non irritating essential oils.  Essential oils attract to fatty substances so if you are using an essential oils such as oregano which is highly skin irritating than it may irritate and burn your skin.  It would be wise to add a little carrier oil to the water.
  • You can also make a hand or foot bath of the natural healing therapy. All you need to do for prepare this is to mix 10 drops of any essential oil of your choice to either cold or water in a medium-sized container. You could then use your hand or even a stirring rod to stir the mix of water and essential oil better.

Therefore, by learning how to create these products through aromatherapy courses online you can get better sleep as the essential oils play a vital role in bringing about a positive change to a person’s body. Some of the plants, which are used to create essential oils have healing properties in them to relieve stress, tension and breakdowns. Also, these oils can improve the functioning of the respiratory system and alleviate insomnia and fatigue. Be assured, these courses will help you start from the basics of creating essential oils.