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Ebooks On Aromatherapy – Your Personal Aromatherapist

Have you heard about the beneficial effect of essential oils? If yes, you must have wondered about using them as well. However, given that there are a fewer number of certified aromatherapists available and a considerable lack of information about the application of essential oils, you must have given the thought a go by. Not anymore! For there are many books on the subject including aromatherapy ebooks. These books can be your personal aromatherapist for they contain detailed information on various health benefits of essential oils including the number of ways to use them.

Not only that, there are many credible institutes that offer aromatherapy education online wherein you can learn the nuances of this alternative therapy from the comfort of your home or anywhere else. Given the range of essential oils used in aromatherapy, there are plenty of books describing them. Let’s discuss a few topics that are mentioned in the aromatherapy ebooks from Aromatherapy Oasis. However, care must be taken to download the ebooks only after satisfying yourself of their contents.

ebooks on aromatherapy

Fragrant Ecstasy:

The book describes aromas of select essential oils that induce a feeling of romance. It dwells on how throughout history aromas played an important role in the realm of erotica. The fact that essential oils can trigger a raft of emotions in us owes its impact on our limbic system, the supposed seat of emotions in our nervous system. The particular ebook deals with various energetic properties and safety aspects of essential oils. It is a sort of beginner’s guide that contains around twenty different essential oil recipes and tips on romance. Importantly, the ebook is for an educative or informative purpose only and does not guarantee any diagnosis or cure of ailments. To know more about essential oils you can go through essential oil classes, online or in person. You can purchase this ebook at a nominal price of $0.99.

How to make a handmade soap:

Yes, you can learn about making handmade soap from this ebook. The ebook explains in detail the process of soap making with topics like –


  • Defining a soap and how to properly handle the ‘lye’ or sodium hydroxide, the main ingredient by using a lye calculator
  • Properties of various carrier oils and how these can help in customizing the soap – even imbibing it with fragrance
  • Use of herbs to color the soap
  • Where to get the supplies for making soaps or selling them later after packaging
  • Costing $9.99, the ebook has more than 30 pages.

Essential oils to support peaceful sleep:

Insomnia can be real troublesome. It can make you morose or morbid, and squeeze out energy, focus, and appetite, besides inviting a host of ailments such as hypertension, general debility etc. One of the reasons for insomnia can be attributed to the presence of increased stress in your life. The best way to deal with insomnia is to make use of essential oils rather than popping pills which could have side effects. The ebook contains twenty essential oil recipes that can help to fight the demon of insomnia. It contains the following –

  • Defining insomnia and the various causes that lead to it
  • Different types of essential oils, the properties of which can be helpful to give you a sound sleep
  • How aroma can have a positive impact on your psyche
  • Safety aspects to keep in mind while using essential oils
  • Guidelines to blend the essential oils and use of modalities such as aromasticks, massage oil, bath salts, diffuser, and sprays for the room and body
  • You can avail this ebook at a nominal price of $0.99.

Why ebooks on aromatherapy?

Since most of us have started using the internet to avail various services, the past time of reading too has changed its character into e-reading. Thus, downloading an ebook on essential oils or enrolling into online essential oil classes has not only become convenient but cost effective as well. Moreover, the ease of accessing aromatherapy ebooks at any place and time of your choosing comes to your advantage.

The use of aromatherapy ought to be followed to reach the larger goal of leading a healthy lifestyle. However, the therapy should either be guided by a certified aromatherapist or learned from specific books (read ebooks) on the subject as part of the aromatherapy education online.

Learn How Aromatherapy Books Online Can Help You Learn More

Tired of all the regular work-life bustle? Maybe you should tuck into a nearby massage center and give a shot to aromatherapy to unwind yourself. We have heard it for many years – aromatherapy is one of the most effective ways and nothing leads to a healthy lifestyle more than the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy. Hence, we have decided to tap into the obsession and find out how it can promote health. In this case, an ebook on aromatherapy comes into play. Aromatherapy ebooks online can also help you get acquainted with the uncountable benefits of different types of essential oils. However, a majority of us don’t know more about different types of essential oils and several occasions where you can fully utilize them. Stuck for ideas? Well, you are welcome –
Aromatherapy books online can help you learn more
One of the most common occasions to use aromatherapy diffuser. There are several social interactions that can often result in a volatile of emotions. Some drops of the Neroli essential Oil in the aroma diffuser prior to the event would rejuvenate everyone and put them in all together in a better mood. Arrange the aromatic diffusers with wonderful flowers that offer a beautiful backdrop. The soft lights that can be set to the revolving multi colors create that amazing ambience.

Night time:
Had you spent an extremely taxing day at a workplace? Maybe you should bask in the rejuvenation with the magical effects of aromatherapy. Just fill up a mug of the water, add just drop of Neroli essential oil and heat the blend. The gentle mist of the diffuser would lull you to a comfortable sleep. If the light irritates you, you can switch off the lights. The magical diffuser will switch off automatically when the water finishes within two or three hours.

Appropriate for a romantic interlude:
Looking to create that perfect romantic moment? If yes, then get the food, music, lights and of course the aroma diffuser and you own the ingredients for success and a positive experience.

For relaxation:
All of us want a laid-back weekend after a long toiling week of work. A small trip or hanging out with friends is not always possible. Aromatherapy can be sworn by if you want a complete relaxation for your body and mind. Owing to the uncountable benefits of aromatherapy, the market is overflowing with an array of essential oils. As per the experts, you should not use essential oils raw; it’s advisable to craft a synergy of different types of oils together to create an effective blend. And, you need to learn the proper technique of blending different oils in the right proportion. Wondering how to nail it? Rely on the illustrative and informative aromatherapy ebooks or aromatherapy consultations to expand your knowledge about aromatherapy, right blending techniques, etc.

Related article: Use Essential Oil at Home with Informative Aromatherapy Ebooks

For health:
When it comes to maintaining an overall well-being, nothing can beat a healthy lifestyle. Now, the concept of staying healthy is partly clear for many of us. The moment you think of health, an inclusion of a healthy diet and lifestyle are what come to your mind, in an instance. The uncountable benefits of aromatherapy can solve a thousand of health issues. Using essential oils, you can get rid of many problems like a headache, migraine, nausea, etc.

In the pursuit of happiness, we have given a shot to a plenty of things i.e. Ayurveda, yoga, medicines, etc. It’s time to add aromatherapy to this list to lead to a healthy life.

How Aromatherapy E-Books Can Ensure Peaceful Sleep

They say that a good day starts after a good sleep. We understand how significant the saying is when we hear people describing how much effort they put to avail a good sleep amid various worries and tension. It is very important to sleep well to lead a happy and healthy life.

Today, many people complain about the lack of sleep or insomnia. Facing difficulties to sleep well or even falling asleep has become a major distraction in enjoying a happy life. However, it is not that the problem is incurable. By using some essential oils through natural and simple methods, one can get relief from such problems. Here are some easy steps that can help you in enjoying a better sleep.

Understand the Role of Essential Oil in Good Sleep

Before applying essential oils with the hope of enjoying a good sleep, you should know that such oils cannot address the root cause of the problem, but it can help your body and mind to be relaxed before hitting the bed at night.

Essential oils are made of leaves, flowers, stems and bark or roots of various types of plants. You will be happy to learn that essential oils are highly concentrated and a few drops can provide you many benefits.

aromatherapy ebookHow Essential Oils help you to sleep well

Essential oils put an effect on your body and mind differently and you should learn which type of oils work as an aide for good sleep. If you have researched about the essential oils then you must have noticed the combination of chamomile essential oil, Marjoram essential oil, Lavender essential oil, Vetiver essential oil or Valerian essential oil. Lavender and Chamomile are valuable solution of reducing depression, while Marjoram, Vetiver and Valerian essential oils are good for making your mind and body relaxed calm along with lowering the anxiety. Thus, these essential oils can effectively help to calm your mind, which eventually leads to good sleep.

Get Right Essential Oils That Can Address Your Problem

However, along with buying essential and carrier oil from retailers, you can also consider buying a scent that will make the process more pleasurable. When using the essential oils, you will find them highly concentrated and you will have to dilute them by using the carrier oil. Here are some examples of carrier oils:

•    Apricot kernel oil
•    Sweet almond oil
•    Olive oil
•    Avocado oil
•    Sesame oil

Read the Instructions on Label

You can find a plenty of essential oils, but before picking up the right product, you should know that essential oils are made of different properties and produce for different purposes. Thus, you should read the label before purchasing it, because the wrong use of such oils can introduce other complications like skin patch and itching.

You will be able to find all the information about the essential oil written on the label and you must read them carefully to avoid the side effects.

E-Books for Better Understanding

You know that there are many types of essential oils. However, you don’t know much about how to use them. What should be the right proportion? How can it actually help you to get a good sleep? Going through some good Aromatherapy eBooks could help you in addressing your problems effectively.

One good example of the books on Aromatherapy would be ‘Essential Oil Recipes that Offer Support for Peaceful Sleep,’ by Aromatherapy Oasis. This ebook helps in learning how aromatherapy works, benefits of aromatherapy, 20 different essential oils recipes, resources, blending guidelines and safety.

Aromatherapy eBooks – Perfect Gift to Present This Christmas

The countdown has already begun! It’s time to check gifts off the list and go ahead with the wrapping up phase. But when you are looking for something unique to present this Christmas, you have to think a bit differently. If you have not yet started buying the gifts, it’s wise to buy something that fits all, handy and reasonably priced. To help you out, here is one million dollar gift to kick start your Christmas shop – eBooks on aromatherapy and essential oils!


Why aromatherapy & essential oil is the best gift?

Taking charge of your wellbeing and good health, aromatherapy is now considered as an integral part of everyday life, much more than perfumes and scented candles. There is a mounting body of laboratories and clinical studies that discover the extraordinary healing properties of these naturally made products, which has escalated the demand for products made of essential oils.


Experts are coming up with several ways to use essential oils. There are some fantastic ideas that are inexpensive, highly creative and easy to make yourself. You can deploy this homemade procedures to make stocking stuffer gifts and unique Santa gifts that will keep others guessing. Making and gifting one of these creations is not just fun, but also a special way to introduce essential oils to friends, colleagues, family and other acquaintances.

But the question is – how will you make these essential oil gifts, stuffed with goodness of nature? Here comes the role of informative and illustrative eBooks on aromatherapy.

Why aromatherapy eBooks?

When picking up the right gift or planning to make gifts made of essential oils at home, a book on aromatherapy can be your best friend. As the Christmas is on the head, avoid wandering from store to store and purchase aromatherapy books online . There are numerous aromatherapy eBooks that can be downloaded free of cost. But, they may not include the best information on the procedures to make soap, car diffusers, skin care products etc. easily at home. Look carefully when you are going to order online. You will also find books on how aromatherapy blends can instigate romance, essential oils that supports peaceful sleep and more.


Do not stick to those age-old gifts like chocolates, flowers and wines. This Christmas, think out of the box and present the gift of essential oils and aromatherapy to fill lives with sweet fragrances and good health.

Tips to Choose Right Ebooks on Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a modality, where essentials oils are deployed in order to attain relief from stress and ailments. The procedure is also used for attaining wellness. If you have decided to build your career in aromatherapy, then you should enroll yourself for an online aromatherapy class. Generally, the fee of online courses on aromatherapy varies from $10 to $1500 approximately.  However, for learning safe practices and making your career reach high limits, you need to spend some considerable amount of time in finding the best aromatherapy ebooks.

Aromatherapy Ebooks

You can find many ebooks on aromatherapy that can be downloaded free of cost. However, it cannot be ascertained that after going through those books, you can master upon the subject. Further, if the authenticity of the author is not verified, then the procedures explained in those books may fetch wrong outcomes. Here are few tips that you need to follow for choosing a right aromatherapy ebook.

Identify the Information that You Need

The first tip of choosing a right ebook on aromatherapy is to identify the type of information you are searching for. If you are a beginner, then the ebook should speak about common aromatherapy oils that covers essential oils like rosemary, ylang-ylang, peppermint, rose, lemon, orange, geranium, lavender, clary sage, eucalyptus, bergamot and chamomile. In addition, the best aromatherapy book also offers in depth information on blending carrier oils with essential oils and the methods of handling all the oils properly.

Check Whether Methods such as Candle Making, Salt Scrubs or Inhalers are Explained

If you are confident about the basics of the aromatherapy and interested in moving to advanced level, ensure that the ebook you select covers the details of making candles, sugar scrubs, and inhalers with essential oils. Your chosen ebook also should provide details of using diffusers. If you have decided to learn aromatherapy for treating wide range of ailments effectively, then you, have to search for a book that describes the relationship of aromatherapy with physiology, anatomy and olfactory system.

A person, who possesses good articulation power, can write a book on aromatherapy. In order to build apt knowledge, you should choose a book written by an author, who is into the aromatherapy profession. This kind of author has rich years of experience on aromatherapy and while writing a book he or she will explain the correct procedures for treating ailments.

The author will also describe the selection and application of essential oils that may vary according to health complications. Going through such case studies will not make you suffer in confusing state.

If you want to check the authenticity of the author, then you should visit professional aromatherapy organizations websites, where certified aromatherapists are registered. You can learn about the background of the author as well as about his or her research works by visiting the website.

If you have passion for learning aromatherapy, you should check the experience of the author. Find out how the writer is managing his or her practice and never forget to check the testimonials of clients, who have utlizied the service. The above said tips will definitely bring results when you purchase aromatherapy books online.

Some Effective Ways Of Learning Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is an exploration  of scientific know how and creativity. Creative expressions come from understanding the traits of the essential oils and foreseeing fresh combo of fragrances. The scientific facet of aromatherapy can be mastered by knowing the subtle variations in these oils that are attributable to hundreds and thousands of aroma chemicals, and how these chemical elements affect our body. The aromatic characteristics of natural oils and products work as a catalyst for improving the human body and mind.    

Aromatherapy E-books       
People, across the world, are trying to learn this holistic therapy to obtain its multiple benefits. This blog intends to help those who are looking for some effective ways to learn aromatherapy. 
Aromatherapy Institutes:

Although, it cannot be denied that the benefits of direct teacher- student interactions are many, but in today’s scenario, people are searching for something more handy and convenient. Their tight customary schedules restrict them from going to an institute and learning the lessons. But, if you have time, you can definitely enrol in one of the reliable institution and attend face – to- face classes.


As you are spending more time in front of the screen, this electronic medium of reading can be your best bet. You can instantly download quality aromatherapy ebooks that not only talk about the overall benefits, but also instruct how to make natural skin care products, essential oil recipes, and much more. Once you complete the purchase process, you will receive the download link in your registered email ID. After you save these ebooks, you can print them if you wish and use them for future references. 
YouTube Videos:

The advantages of online videos have been unearthed by viewers, many moons ago. If you wish to learn aromatherapy by sitting at the comfort of your home, this is the right medium. The  videos are motivational as well as instructional, beautifully presented with clear narration and demonstration. But slow internet connections can be a problem. Furthermore, if you are copying any action for the video, you have to pause and play several times. This, indeed, takes a lot of time. 

A magazine can be your fair- weathered friend and provide you information on this holistic therapy. You can read on the topics and explore the secrets to enhance mood, emotions and feelings of well-being via massage and uses of natural oils. But, availability can be an issue. The easily available magazines are stuffed with the same, age -old topics. You can hardly find anything new in them.

Since ages, historical manuscripts from all over the globe mention the advantages and uses of aromatic oils. They were used for embalming, beauty, purifying, fragrance, food, gifts, medication, etc.  Survey says that Aromatherapy was the first medicine of mankind. So, enrich your knowledge as much as you can. 

Ways to Choose a Right eBooks on Aromatherapy

Today more and more people are leaning towards the service of aromatherapy, due to its efficient effects for well being. However, apart from getting benefits from aromatherapy, many people are looking to learn the process of aromatherapy so that they gain deeper knowledge into the matter.

Aromatherapy E-books

Many informative eBooks on aromatherapy are available, one can even download them. Moreover, if you want to be an aroma-therapist, then taking some online aromatherapy classes can be a better option for you, as several institutions are offering such courses that will cost around $10 to $1,500 approximately.

If you have decided to learn about aromatherapy, then eBooks can also be a good option and worth your time. In this article, we will offer you some tips on how to choose a good eBook based on aromatherapy.

Search Relevant Information Regarding What You Would Like to Experience

Before starting the research process, you have to make sure what kind of information you need to search. If you are a beginner, it would be beneficial to find an eBook that includes thorough details about 12 basic essential oils related to aromatherapy, which are

•    Rosemary
•    Rose
•    Ylang-Ylang
•    Peppermint
•    Orange
•    Lemon
•    Lavender
•    Geranium
•    Eucalyptus
•    Chamomile
•    Clay Sage
•    Bergamot

Go Through the Advance Level if You are not a Beginner

If you know the basics of aromatherapy, then avoid wasting your time and just go for the advanced level. However, along with this, the eBook should be comprised with useful and relevant information such as the procedures of how one use essential oils for various modalities. The book must offer useful materials on the safe use of aromatherapy.

If you are serious about your learning, then you should know the right application of aromatherapy and you have to be aware about how the method has been widely used to treat ailments. Look out for books that thoroughly discuss about its connection with olfactory system, anatomy and physiology.

Prefer the Book Written by a Professional Aroma-therapists

Plenty of eBooks on aromatherapy are available online that can be written by anyone, but if you want to go beyond the basics in the subject, then you should prefer books that are written by professional aroma-therapists who have much experience to produce an eBook on the right procedures of aromatherapy.

People, who are associated with aromatherapy for a long period of time, know its benefits and its potential for human health. Professional aroma-therapists deal with different people and are well aware about their problem, thus most professionals can offer you information in details in their books.

Check out the Skill and Experience of the Writer

There can be a fake writer who may claim to be experienced on your preferred subject, but you can check out whether the author of the book is genuine of not. Several websites available offer eBook reviews, where you will be able to know about authors and their experience in the field of aromatherapy.

Following, these simple tips will help you to easily find the best eBooks on aromatherapy.


Some Points to Make Purchasing Aromatherapy eBooks Easier

People are more and more opting to take up alternative mode of treatments to cure long standing ailments, mainly because they are the more natural way of treatment with less potential threat of any side effects. Moreover, along with putting emphasis on the main focus area these treatments also help in the overall mental as well as physical healing, thus paving the way for a comprehensive recovery and development of the mind, body, and spirit. 

Purchasing Tips Aromatherapy eBooks

This is the reason, the practice of aromatherapy, which is ostensibly an age old natural and alternative process of treatment with the involvement of various types of essential oils and other natural elements is getting increasingly popular these days. A number of online as well as conventional classes are being conducted by experts, which are attracting people of different ages, from all walks of the society. 

While the conventional courses are easy to avail, taking up the online variety is quite a bit of a challenge, because of a number of reasons. One major reason is choosing the right kind of eBooks on aromatherapy that are present online. There are a number of them available, but choosing the right one always makes the difference and there lies the real challenge. Now the question is how to pick up the right aromatherapy books online? It is definitely not rocket science, but surely demands certain procedures to follow. Let us discuss them. 

Whether you are learning aromatherapy for your own use or for using the knowledge for professional purpose, the first step is getting the right guidance through materials like eBooks or books that are available online. To do so, at first you need to identify the type of information that you will need. In case you a starter, you need to opt for the eBooks that deal with elementary issues of aromatherapy. The ones that deal with higher levels will be just time wasters for you! 

To start with, at first opt for the eBooks that deal with the 12 fundamental essential oils that are used in Aromatherapy. These oils are rosemary, ylang-ylang, bergamot, peppermint, rose, orange, lavender, geranium, lemon, Clary sage, eucalyptus, and chamomile.

A quality aromatherapy eBook will deal and discuss in details the information about these essential oils while explaining the tips of blending these oils along with the suitable carrier oils.  They will also provide suggestions for creating synergies using a combination various essential oils for effective use. The eBooks will also deal with the various methods of application. 

Again, if you are sure that you are done with the elementary knowledge of aromatherapy and ready to take a plunge into the details, there are other eBooks for you. You can surely buy aromatherapy books online that deal with in-depth discussion on the subject in a more detailed way. These online books should cover issues like process of using essential oils with candles. These online books provide you useful information and details about different diffusers.  They also provide you knowledge about how to use the techniques of aromatherapy to effectively deal with various ailments. Opt for the eBooks that deal with aromatherapy and its association with the olfactory system, physiology, anatomy and the likes. 

Many people are writing authentic aromatherapy eBooks. But always choose those which are written by truly professional aroma-therapists with years of experience under their belt. It is only an eBook written by one of these highly competent professionals, which can be your true aide in your quest for aromatherapy knowledge.  

Enjoy Stress Free Summer Holiday with Relieving Essential Oils

Enjoy a stress free summer with aromatherapy uses! There are some highly effective essential oils that can help you spend an exciting summer holiday full of activities like travelling, camping, swimming or having a barbecue party. Keeping a valuable essential oil kit with you will keep you from getting irritated when you encounter dirt, bugs, sunburn and screaming kids, while enjoying a sunny day. Here are the tips for you. Check this out and don’t let any of these issues spoil your amazing summer plans.

Relieving Essential Oils

Lavender: This wonderful oil is effective for anyone who is dealing with tension due to rigorous activities or long drive. By using this great aromatherapy product, you can release the stress which you feel at the back of your forehead and neck. And this summer, if you feel that you get overheated, applying this oil works wonders.

Peppermint: Peppermint helps in cooling and refreshing yourself. It can also alleviate tension, thereby rejuvenating your mind, body, and spirit.

Lemon: Using lemon essential oil will help you get rid of bugs and germs that might be hiding in the woods. You can add a few drops of this organic oil in a rag which you will apply for wiping off outdoor tables. To keep bugs away you can also add a few drops of this oil to a water bottle and spray onto the table.

Using the right essential oil blend can act as a sleep inducing remedy through the night, thereby relaxing the feet after tiring walk or a long drive. Now is the time to know in details about the proper methods of using quality essential oils if you are planning for a wonderful summer trip with family. And it would not be a difficult task when you can easily avail quality Aromatherapy eBooks at affordable prices.

So, no more worries even if you experience sore, tight muscles owing to sitting for a long day’s travel or rugged outdoor activities during your vacation. Read effective aromatherapy books online and enjoy your summer trip to your fullest while feeling perfect relieving oil blend!


Uses of May Chang Essential Oil in Aromatherapy

For many years May Chang essential oil was listed under its botanical name Litsea Cubeba by most essential oil suppliers, but lately the more enchanting name of May Chang seems to have been adopted by aromatherapy industry. May Chang is also called 'Mountain Pepper' due to the seed like appearance of its little peppercorn seeds. Actually, it is a relative of Cinnamon and other fragrant member of the Laurel class.

Essential Oil EBooks

Health Benefits

It has several medicinal properties that can be advantageous in terms of promoting physical and mental well being. This essential oil can be used for rituals of renewal and spring festivals. 

  • You can apply it in order to ease nausea and indigestion when applied topically.
  • This aromatherapy product offers great benefits for people with oily skin and those dealing with inflammatory conditions like acne. It tones the skin while helping with cellulites. 
  • This wonderful oil helps in treating lower back pain. 
  • It can uplift the spirit and clear dark clouds of fear, anxiety and depression.  
  • This essential oil is perfect for lethargic psychological states and relieving fatigue as it has several stimulating, refreshing and uplifting qualities. So, if you are suffering from a serious case of the blues, add one or two drops of this organic oil to your diffuser for a quick stimulant. 
  • It acts as an ideal tonic to the nervous system and helps clear your head when you are feeling stressed, befuddled or anxious. 
  • It also has surprisingly good antiviral, antiseptic and antifungal properties. You can apply this essential oil to keep coughs and colds at bay. 
  • May Chang is also great for household cleaning jobs, for example, sterilizing kitchen worktops. To enhance its effectiveness, mix it with tea tree and you will have a powerful cleansing solution without the unpleasant aroma like disinfectant. When vaporized, it can act as a respiratory tonic too.  

May Chang blends perfectly with a various other organic oils such as basil, geranium, ginger, bergamot, clary sage, jasmine, petitgrain, rose, lavender, linaloe wood, ylang ylang, rosemary and all citrus oils, thereby introducing a charming fresh and fruity lemony citrus scent wherever it is used. Refer to quality eBooks on essential oils to know about the blessings of aromatherapy.