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10 Amazing Benefits of Aromatherapy That Everyone Should Know

A healthy individual needs to have his or her body and mind working in perfect harmony. However, our modern day living that mostly remains detached from nature often comes in the way of achieving this. The result of leading a hectic lifestyle can manifest itself in many ways ranging from stress, insomnia, depression, and poor metabolism to severe afflictions like dementia, Alzheimer and cancer.

The role of alternative therapies in preventing the onset of such afflictions along with providing numerous health benefits has become popular across the world. And among the various alternative therapies, the science of using aromatic oils aka aromatherapy stands out.

Let’s discuss the 10 amazing benefits of this amazing therapy.

Fights Stress:

Modern lifestyle changes have led to increased levels of stress in a large number of people. And if not managed properly it can lead to severe ailments like diabetes, heart diseases, and strokes. Aromatic compounds present in extracts of lemon, lavender, chamomile, bergamot, peppermint, vetiver and others are known to have a calming effect on our sympathetic nervous system – the part of brain the activation of which leads to stress symptoms like sweating, racing of heart etc. In fact, one of the best ways to get relaxation and fight stress is to add a few drops of essential oils with a soluble into the bathwater.

As an anti-depressant:

Aromatherapy can be of help in patients suffering from depression. Its positive impact on the limbic system, the part of our brain known as the seat of emotion, forms a part of modern aromatherapy education. Oils like chamomile, peppermint, jasmine absolute, or lavender are used here. However, care should be taken to consider aromatherapy as a supportive therapy only along with pursuing the regular treatment.

As an analgesic:

Aromatic oils like sandalwood, peppermint, eucalyptus, and rosemary when mixed with carrier oils such as sesame, avocado, and coconut are known to reduce pain like headache, joint ache, and muscle ache. These can be of help in arthritis patients whose lifestyle gets severely impacted by pain. The oils can either be inhaled, applied on the affected area or as advised by an aromatherapist.

Induces sleep:

Lack of sleep is harmful to our general wellbeing apart from making us lethargic and unproductive at work. It impacts our biological clock and leads to a host of health issues such as lack of libido, hypertension etc. Oils like chamomile, jasmine absolute, lavender etc can help in inducing relaxation and improve our circadian rhythm.

Boosts immunity:

Lack of immunity can play havoc with our ability to fight diseases. However, aromatherapy can be of help in supporting our immune system through inhaling or application of suitable oils like lemon, peppermint, thyme ct linalool, eucalyptus, and tea tree in specific regions of our body as directed by an aromatherapist. The anti-microbial properties of such oils are prescribed or utilized by therapists during the aromatherapy consultation process to help in preventing the onset of diseases.

Improves metabolism:

Oils extracted from lemon, ginger, fennel, lavender, and chamomile among others can help in improving our metabolism. These can benefit people suffering from indigestion, bloating, and constipation as well. However, before using these oils you must consult an aromatherapist or should go through essential oil classes as part of aromatherapy education.

Aids in healing:

Aromatherapy can be used as a part of palliative and supportive care post-surgery. The stress relieving and anxiety that can occur with patients suffering from cancer or other ailments can be benefited by utilizing lavender or rose hydrosols. Aromatherapy has been proven to benefit those preparing for surgery. A blend of lavender and bergamot is very effective for reducing pre-surgical anxiety.

Improves memory power:

Aromatherapy can be beneficial in boosting our memory power. As a supportive therapy it can be of help in patients suffering from dementia. In fact, even though Alzheimer is considered to be an incurable disease as of yet, aromatherapy can be used as a supporting therapy in slowing down its progression.

Beneficial in respiratory distress:

The anti-microbial compounds found in some essential oils can help fight bacteria and fungus by cleansing the ambient air. This can help in the prevention of seasonal ailments like cold and cough. Moreover, the essential oils can stimulate the olfactory system thereby elevating our sense of smell. This can further aid in the removal of nasal congestion.

Improves skin:

Applying oils like lavender, tea tree oil, lemon, orange, clary sage, and frankincense on the skin can be of help in fighting skin conditions like acne, dandruff, cellulite, itching or inflammation resulting from insect bite etc. This is mainly achieved due to the antibacterial, antifungal, and antiseptic properties of essential oils as mentioned above. Moreover, the oils can benefit patients suffering from prickly skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema,

Given the benefits of essential oils in aromatherapy we should ideally make them a part of our lives to improve the general well-being. Hence, it is better to enrol for aromatherapy or essential oil classes online under the supervision of a certified aromatherapist.

A word of caution!

Even though the aromatic properties of plant extracts are supposed to offer health benefits, using highly concentrated form of such oils can result in side effects as well. Thus, it is better to use it after going through an aromatherapy consultation with experts.

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Opt For Aromatherapy Workshop to Learn More About Essential Oils

In the jet-fast world today, we cannot even fathom a single moment without stress, anxiety, and tension. Some hours of relaxation is of paramount necessity in order to restore the happiness and contentment in life. This is where the importance of aromatherapy comes into play. Are you planning to become a professional aromatherapist and thus giving your professional life the required boost? If yes, then maybe you should count on aromatherapy workshops provided by Aromatherapy Oasis to maximise your knowledge and proficiency.

Even though you can avail a range of YouTube tutorials and ebooks on aromatherapy to learn more, but for honing up your proficiency, it’s always advisable to rely on the aromatherapy workshops.

aromatherapy workshopsLook into the following excerpt to know more in this regard –

Essential oil blending classes for stress and anxiety reduction:

Aromatherapy can be an excellent way to support the senses and to make your daily life a little more pleasurable. Here at the essential online oil blending classes conducted by Aromatherapy Oasis, you can learn more about the aromatic blends used to reduce stress and anxiety. As these classes entail a lot of practical or hands-on activities, your learning efficiency will be improved. Thanks to these classes, you will be able to take your own custom blends at home and learn the technique of recreating those blends. The data sheets with valuable therapeutic information will help you gather more knowledge about different types of essential oils used in classes.

Cold processed soap classes:

This class will demonstrate the step-by-step procedures of making cold processed soaps. When made properly, the handmade cold processed soaps can be mild and moisturising to your skin. Though it is easy to get truckloads of aromatherapy ebooks, but if you are looking for practical knowledge or hands-on experience to prepare cold processed soaps/ products efficiently with the addition of aromatherapy in lieu of fragrance oils, then opting for essential oil workshops should top your priority list.

Infusing herbs to make lotion bars, salves and lip balms:

This class aims at getting you acquainted with infusing carrier oils with different herbs. The infused herbal oil can be used in massage oil blends, creams, lotions, salves and more.   It is important to know about infused oils when using essential oils because these go hand in hand when creating therapeutic blends.  Essential oils are added in addition to the infused herbal oil for addressing conditions such as pain support.  In these classes, you can also learn the way of infusing herbs to make lotion bars, salves and lip balms.

Making natural bath and body products at home:

Imagine how wonderful it could be to make your own natural bath and body products at home. Aromatherapy workshops offered by Aromatherapy Oasis can help you learn the process of making your own natural bath and body products at home.

Here at Aromatherapy Oasis, the classes and workshops are taken by Yolanda (Londa). She is presently conducting different workshops on making natural skin care products, blending different essential oils in the right proportion, etc. Depending on the nature of the teaching process, the size of different classes may vary. There are a few courses that require the individual attention of the teachers. As a diligent teacher, Londa makes sure that each of her students gets the equal attention. Every learner will be handed with a detailed manual which he/she can use as an efficient reference for the future. Londa encourages a friendly environment that can make an ultimate learning experience.

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How Aromatherapy Workshops Can Help in Making Herbal Lip Balm?

Your smile can make a lasting impression if you have healthy lips. However, there is a problem; lips dry out often. That is why people use lip balms to keep lips in proper condition. However, commercial lip balms may contain harsh chemicals that can leave adverse effects on lips. You can attain safe results when you use herbal lip balms. But, how to prepare herbal lip balms? Attending aromatherapy workshops can be of great help.

Aromatherapy Workshops

A lip balm made of natural ingredients including essential oils can help to heal, soothe and protect your lips effectively. You can prepare the formulation at your home. Before that, it would be beneficial to have hands on training by the experts. Aromatherapy Oasis offers an excellent workshop on preparing herbal lip balm.

Preparing Base

The first step of making natural lip balm is the formulation of the base. The base is created with wax, liquid oil and vegetable butter taken in correct proportion. The ratios can vary depending on the wax, oil and butter you choose. You will be taught the right ways of preparing the base at the aromatherapy workshops. At such workshops, you will also learn how much the lip balm is effective. If the balm is too hard, you need to add more butter or oil. If the balm is soft, you have to add more wax. Once the base is prepared, you need to add some scents, color and additives to make the balm usable.

Scents That Can be Used

Lip balms can be scented in many ways. The best way is to use essential oils. Certain essential oils can be used while preparing lip balm. The selection of oil should be done with care and this is where Aromatherapy Oasis will guide you. This online workshop also makes you aware of a few essential oils that are sensitive to skin and become toxic if ingested accidentally. Therefore, you are advised not to use those oils. Essential oils that work great in lip balm are

• Sweet orange essential oil

• Spearmint oil

• Lavender oil

• Peppermint oil and much more

Mint oil adds tingling, refreshing sensation to the lip balm. This is the popularly used essential oil to add scent to the lip balm.

Recommended Additives

There are ingredients that you can add enhancing the healing properties of lip balm.  Lecithin is a popular additive, which may give  the lip balm an  extra creamy texture. The additives should be added in right proportion to attain the desired outcome. Vitamin E oil can also be added in small quantity to the formulation so that the lip remains healthy.

Choosing Color for Your Lip Balm

Adding color to your lip balm makes the formulation appealing. A lip balm can be colored in natural ways by adding a natural tinting herb into the oil that you choose. The best part of such natural herb is that it adds color to the balm and does not leave any mark on your lips.

Method of Preparation

Take the right quantity of butter, wax and oils and heat those over medium heat in a double boiler. When the mixture has melted, remove it from heat. When the mixture becomes slightly cool, add additives, color and essential oils. Then transfer the mixture into lip balm jars or tubes quickly. Once the balm cools completely, you may cap and label your creation.

Now you need not spend money on commercial lip balms. By attending aromatherapy classes online at Aromatherapy Oasis, you can make safe and natural lip balms. Get ready to provide your lips healthy nutrients as well as look stunning.

How to Balance Your Brain with Aromatherapy Workshops?

Nowadays, you live in a world where you have to meet deadlines most of the time. When the work pressure mounts up, your brain gets bogged up. This, in turn, causes hypertension, lack of sleep, depression and other mental disorders. In order to get early relief, you take depressants and other medications. However, these medicines leave side effects on your health. If you are looking for safe ways to calm down your mind, you should attend aromatherapy workshops.

Aromatherapy Workshops

The Way an Aromatherapy Workshop Works

When you enroll at an aromatherapy workshop, you would be taught how each essential oil works on different parts of a human body. You would be provided with a practical kit that comprises of essential oils. The class starts with the identification of primary problems. Accordingly, remedies are taught.

How to Balance Your Mind with Essential Oils?

The aim of aromatherapy in balancing mind is to break out from the loop and get relieved from stress. First, you would learn how the two portions of your brain work. Scientific studies have proved that the two halves of the brain do not make identical decisions.

Look at this example. Hold a finger in front of your face. Look at the finger with both eyes note its position. Now, close one eye. If notice any change in the location, then you can assume that you are getting an unbalanced view. The finger should move both times right and left when you view it with each eye.

You would draw similar experience when you smell something. Take a few drops of any essential oil and smell it through one nostril. Just note how strong is the smell. Take a note on how the smell affects your head, rest of the body and how it tastes at the back of your throat. Repeat the same procedure with another nostril. You would find that effect of smell is not the same as that of the previous procedure. The outcome varies due to the working of the unbalanced brain.

Deploy Alternate Nostril Breathing

At aromatherapy workshops, you would be taught the art of alternate nostril breathing in order to attain balance in your brain. You have to shut one nostril and take a breath through other nostril and then switch over to the other. Using an essential oil of your choice makes you relieve from stress.

At next level, you have to use two different essential oils for each nostril. You have to note the difference when you smell both the aromas together at a single time. When you present brain with two different aromas, you would find that the nostril, which is less active, works equally well as that of other. In addition, your brain generates positive ideas, moods and feelings that add to your well-being.

Aromatherapy offers safe means to balance your brain. When the brain is balanced, you are relieved from stress, depression and other mental disorders. When you attend aromatherapy workshops, use different combinations of essential oils to note the outcome of your brain.

Bank on Aromatherapy to Drum Up Your Holiday Celebrations

Seasons greeting and warm wishes are filling up the air everywhere. Believe it or not, but the last quarter of the year unfolds some of the best memories that can be cherished forever as well as some unwanted health issues and stress due to the hectic schedule. In such a scenario, staying on pills may not be an effective solution as medicines have several side effects and you could end up spending your New Year eve at home. Therefore, it is wise to stick to the goodness of natural elements like essential oils and embrace aromatherapy.

Holiday Celebrations with Aromatherapy

How aromatherapy can help?

According to the experts, aromatherapy has uncountable health benefits. They don’t just help to fight back stress and anxiety, but also help in regaining mental poise. Several essential oils are combined together to bring out the best properties. The well-known and proven essential oils are rose geranium, lavender, jasmine absolute, roman chamomile, sweet marjoram, clary sage, bergamot, ylangylang and sandalwood. When these essential oils are blended in the correct proportion, they can create magical health benefits.

Whom should you rely on for aromatherapy solutions?

If you want to use aromatherapy products, you should rely on aromatherapy experts, who use essential oils and all natural products to make soaps, room fresheners and winter skin care products. Or better if you can learn to create your own. This way you won’t have to depend on anyone during the rush hours of the holiday period and can rejuvenate life anytime you need by developing these products at home! Yes, you read it right. You can make natural products made of essential oils in your home with minimal expense and simple apparatus. You are welcome to attend Aromatherapy Workshops online . Experienced aromatherapy professionals who have diverse knowledge about the goodness of natural oils and beneficial properties usually carry out these kinds of workshops online. You will be provided with data sheets including info about various essential oils that proves advantageous in healing stress and anxiety along with infusing their therapeutic value. The live online classes will demonstrate how to use these essential oils for aromatherapy and to make different products at home.

How to double up the holiday fun with aromatherapy?

As the Christmas and New Year holidays give you a break from your customary routine, why not utilize it in a better way? Getting aromatherapy consultation and learning aromatherapy online saves you time! You do not have to rush to any institute or training centre to learn the techniques. Simply sit in front of your computer with internet and learn to create magic with essential oils. Aromatherapy products like scented candles, essential body oils, perfumes, and skin care products; are not only perfect to beat the post holiday stress, but can also uplift your mood even after the holidays are over.

How do Aromatherapy Workshops Help?

Nowadays, people live fast and hectic life. As a result, they fall prey to various health complications most of the time. In order to get quick relief from ailments, they opt for self-medication. People think that by choosing self-medication, they can save money against a doctor visit. However, in the long run, side effects surface that makes life lose charm. People have realized this fact and they are looking for safe remedies. One such option is aromatherapy. This is a type of alternative medicine, which deploys essential oils and other aromatic substances that are aimed at improving person’s mood or health. If you wish to excel in this field, you should attend aromatherapy workshops, where you will learn the apt ways of treating symptoms and their remedies.
Aromatherapy Workshops

Areas That Aromatherapy Addresses

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Muscular aches
  • Insomnia
  • Digestive problems.


How You Are Benefited From Attending Aromatherapy Workshop?

Participants who wish to study aromatherapy education online should take a note that they need to buy a course kit, which includes samples of essential oils and related tools. As aromatherapy relies on person’s senses, students are required to smell and practice with such oils through hands-on techniques.
Workshop Focuses on Physiology Aromatherapy

Physiology aromatherapy workshop lays stress on how various chemicals react with different systems of your body. A comprehensive study allows participants to learn the application of aromatherapy for improving the digestive, circulatory, nervous, lymphatic, respiratory and muscular systems.
Learn About Chemistry Aromatherapy

Chemistry aromatherapy workshop aims at developing student’s chemistry skills. In this session, students acquaint themselves with chemical compositions of essential oils. Participants gain an understanding of the chemical composition of these oils.

This kind of session also focuses on chemicals that are responsible for odors and their reactions in various combinations. Students can develop skills for determining and maintaining the quality of oils and protecting them from contamination. Chemistry aromatherapy shares a strong relationship with the physiological branch of the discipline that helps students to identify how chemicals react with pathways in the body.
Know About Basic Aromatherapy

A basic aromatherapy session is designed to allow participants to develop skills for identifying essential oils. Students also gain expertise at the application of many essential oils, be it for relaxation, medicinal healing, beauty treatments or other purposes. Essential oils extracted from various organic sources can be combined for enhancing their properties.
This session can offer students with knowledge of the steps involved in the art of making salves, compresses, balms, poultices, infusions, lotions and other aromatic products. Participants can explore the proper usage of each combination and its effect on the body. In addition, students will learn about choosing the suitable carrier oils and their applications on clients.
The basic course on aromatherapy helps students for learning about the various extraction methods used to acquire essential oils and how it determines the safety of using various essential oils. This class teaches students on ways of consulting with clients, know which oils should be avoided and making great choices in essential oils to support conditions.
This is how by attending aromatherapy workshops you can develop skills on selecting and applying the right essential oils for supporting health. Join an online session now and make your career promising.

What You Can Expect from a Good Essential Oil Workshop?

Aromatherapy can be a perfect way to avail a healthy and happy life especially for those people who are dealing with stress every day. It also signifies that the demand of aromatherapy courses has increased. Many people nowadays want to learn the techniques of blending essential oils to offer aromatherapy services at their salons. If you seeking solutions for good essential oil classes online, you have visited the right place.

Aromatherapy Workshop

You might find it tough to manage time to attend an essential oil course in a physical institute, but it is not a problem anymore, as you can learn about the blending of essential oils and conduct workshops online. Irrespective to someone’s gender or age, any individual is eligible to attend such classes. Such online classes will allow you to learn the uses and benefits of essentials oils.

Features of Live Classes

Data sheets containing information about the therapeutic value of a certain kinds of essential oils will be distributed to all the attendees of the live class. If you have enrolled yourself for such classes, then you will be happy to know that every attendee will have the opportunity to recreate his or her own aromatherapy blends that can be an innovation itself.

These live online classes will also teach its participants that how they could identify a harmful blend among effective ones. Moreover, learners could learn the way of how to calculate the proper dilution rates of blends.

Advantage of Online Aromatherapy Classes

Such essential oils classes online are conducted by highly experienced professionals so that attendees can have a sound understanding on the subject. Our themed classes details at least nine essential oils and all the learners will have study materials through which they could avail every important information about the art of blending oils for aromatherapy.

Throughout the classes, attendees will learn the process of making aromatherapy massage oil, room freshener, inhaler and body spray. However, along with the computer, a telephone might be needed to hold conversation on some important topic for any further assistance.

Things Need to be Available during Classes

There is no doubt that you will avail every required study material and suggestions over internet. But for practical classes you have to arrange some essential stuff such as room and body spray containers, nine types of essential oils, blending guidelines, organic Jojoba oil with blend container, blank inhalers, workshop videos, PDF manuals, slide show of aromatherapy explanation and a convenient way to interact with other learners. 

While pursuing essential oil classes, you have to keep in mind that every information and suggestion will reach you through online and if you do not practice according to the norms and guidelines of the course, it will be difficult for you learn the art of aromatherapy.

Always Take Lessons from Certified Professionals 

If you have decided to learn aromatherapy lessons with online classes, then you must ensure that the person you are approaching is certified in this subject, because baseless and inappropriate suggestions can make you confused. Thus, try to clear all your speculations with the experts while attending online essential oil classes.

Using Aromatherapy Correctly

Aromatherapy, as a field of study, is undergoing changes on a regular basis. Initially, looked as a miniature branch of alternative medicine, it has grown considerably in the past decade. There are several well known and big enterprises that deal with quality essential oils. But amongst these there are several companies that are not fully aware of the properties of each of the essential oils. Thus, the question remains – how to use aromatherapy correctly. It has been explained numerous times that this is an alternative branch of medicine where aroma or scents are used to treat ailments. For this, one must know which kind of aroma is suitable for what ailment. 


Joining Online Aromatherapy Classes and Workshops

With passing time more and more scientific studies are being carried on to discover the secrets of the aromatherapy industry in details. However, one of the best ways to learn aromatherapy is take up online classes or workshops. Becoming a registered aromtherapist might also help. Besides these, there are several books available online that can help you in getting a proper idea about the features of the essential oils and their uses. The benefits of going to the online aromatherapy classes and workshops are that these are presided over by professionals who already have experience in this field. As a result what you get to learn it directly from the horse’s mouth. 

Learning About Its History

A thorough knowledge about its origins can actually help you to understand about its nature and usages. It will also provide you an idea that how the oils are extracted from the plants and are then applied treat physical ailments. There are studies to suggest that the sense of smell acts most strongly when it comes to emotions and feelings of a person. This is the reason why aromatherapy has a strong effect in uplifting one’s mood. A study of aromatherapy will also help you to learn that it is applied for lessening stress and pain as well. 

Did you know that aromatherapy is also used as an insect repellent? Citronella is quite popular in dealing with the insects. 

Nuances of Aromatherapy 

There are several reasons why aromatherapy oils are so effective. As per the studied the sense of smell reaches and affects the brain directly. There are two waves that are found in the brain – alpha and beta waves. Lavender affects the alpha waves while the beta waves are affected by jasmine, lemon and eucalyptus. This helps in energizing a person. 

Another helpful tip is that the oils used in this process are generally mixed with water first. This is how massage oils are obtained and these too are used in two ways. One of the ways of using it is to apply it on the body for a therapeutic purpose and the other way is to inhale the aroma directly.   

Since there are varied uses of the aromatherapy oils it is vital to learn their correct uses. In this regard a short online course or workshops are really worth it. 

Aromatherapy Oils for the Freezing Winter Weather

Now that the winter is in full swing, we should not forget about the miseries that this chilly weather brings including cold feet, blocked noses, aching joints etc. You can protect yourself naturally with aromatic products and make this winter a real fun for your body as well as the mind.

aromatherapy workshops

For Body and Hair

As a result of cold temperatures, lower humidity and high winds in the winter; you must have experienced your skin getting dried out fast. It can also become uncomfortable, itchy and absolutely irritating. It is vital to keep skin covered and away from the elements as much as possible. Although, it is not feasible always, a minor prevention goes a long way!

For Dryness

You can simply add some pure diluted essential oils to your daily skin care regime to help prevent dry skin this winter. Aromatic oils such as Lavender, Frankincense, Rosemary, Geranium and Sandalwood are outstanding to produce your own body oil or even add to your existing fragrance free body products.

For Chapped Skin

Cracked and chapped skin results from extremely dry skin and it can be very painful. Healing essential oils like Patchouli, Lavender and Chamomile can be helpful in hydrating the affected area and relieving the pain.  A blend can be added to your favorite cream or body butter.  You can refer to quality aromatherapy workshops online and learn how to make the dry skin recipe for the best effectiveness. The oil blend can also be stored in a bottle and carried with the winter kit while traveling.

Foot Care

Simple and soothing feet soak at night during the winter months will not only help fight fungus, but also rejuvenate tired, sore feet. Using essential oils is awesome, especially after a long day of snowboarding or skiing. A blend of black pepper, sweet marjoram and rosemary aromatherapy oils can quickly ease your tired feet back to normal. 

Natural Protection

Are you worried about keeping your skin soft and supple all through the freezing winter weather? Well, for this you should never forget that using carrier oils is one of the greatest ways. These protective natural oils can be used efficiently to look after your skin. The carrier oils are very easily absorbed and their fluid nature along with the texture has a natural affinity with the skin.  

Choose The Right Aromatherapy Candle To Ignite Your Senses

Scented aromatherapy candles can amazingly provide an olfactory benefit. These traditional products are basically designed for maximum scent and minimum smell caused by the burning of paraffin, wax and various other chemicals. When it comes to searching for the ideal aromatherapy candle, along with the aromatherapy scents there are some other considerations too. Quality aromatherapy workshops can help you learn the basics of essential oils which will help determine the best aromatic candle for your lifestyle.

Aromatherapy Candle

Why Use Aromatherapy Candles

Candles composed of a synergy of essential oils can magically ignite your senses. Since most of them are used for therapeutic purposes and are popular for their holistic, health and medicinal benefits, these products are in great demands among herbalists, massage therapists and candle lovers. Aromatherapy candles have numerous benefits to your mood and well-being.

There are various aromatic blends that go well with every occasion. For example, you can try a blend of Rosewood, Palmarosa and Cedar to calm your senses. On the other hand, if you are yearning for a good night's sleep, an amalgamation of Lavender and Roman Chamomile will be absolutely perfect for you!

Choosing The Right Natural Candle

Let’s have a discussion on some of the major uses of such scented candles and their benefits:

  • For energy, try focusing on fragrances like peppermint, grapefruit, vanilla, orange and rose.
  • To relax your soul, mind and body, a lavender candle performs well. Lavender is considered the most popular of all essential oils due to its relaxation properties. It is a favourite among yoga enthusiasts, massage therapists and meditation and relaxation professionals. Lavender also acts a beneficial sleeping aid.
  • To clear your mind and enhance focus, try using a sweeter natural scent such as sweet orange or sage. These scents are wonderful for studying, deep thoughts and reflections.
  • Although aromatherapy scented candles are not intended for treating illness, they can help in relaxing your state of mind making you feel better. If you are having a headache, fatigue or nausea, trying a eucalyptus candle can make you feel relaxed.

You can use aromatherapy candles to fill your room with divine scents. In the field of aromatherapy, special aromatic candles seasoned with essential oils play a major role in treating a human mind and body as a whole. Breathing in the fragranced, fresh air helps in soothing the body of an individual, thereby making him feel invigorated. These candles are not only limited to home uses hence, it can be a great gift to your friends or loved ones.