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Learn More About Aromatherapy With Essential Oil Classes Online

Essential oils help in providing your skin with the much-required nutrients. By virtue of the A-list fashion magazines, youtube tutorials and essential oil classes online, we all are acquainted with the names of at least some essential oils.

However, what a majority of us might not know is probably the fact that essential oils did not come into existence until the invention of refrigerated coils. The essential oils were better known as the essential essences or aromatic products before the refrigerated coils were invented.

Just like you, your skin too breathes. Cleaning the epidermis of your skin, essential oils restore the natural glow and radiance to your skin. There are choices galore when it comes to choosing the right essential oil for your skin. However, not all essential oils work wonders for all types of skin, though. There are associated different applications and purpose to every essential oil for the different type of skin. Take, for instance, there are some essential oils recommended for the cleansing purpose, and there are essential oils that come with certain medicinal properties to take care of some skin ailments.

As recommended by the experts, it is unhealthy to use essential oils in the raw form. As the essential oils in raw form can cause irritation to your skin, it is advisable that you should always dilute them before applying on your skin. Also as the experts claim, only the distilled and diluted essential oils are usable for the purpose of skin care.

Essential Oil Classes Online

Are you keen to add essential oils to your beauty kit? Maybe you should look into the following excerpt to know more about the essential oils you need to stock up on to tweak your beauty regimen –

Lavender oil:

Hugely recognized for its beautiful fragrance, lavender has the ability to relieve itchy and sensitive skin. Also, lavender plays a crucial role in protecting your skin from different skin conditions such as infections (fungal), eczema, slow healing wounds and burns. The above conditions can make the skin look less appealing and may create some healthy skin concerns. Lavender essential oil can assist with premature ageing. You can smooth a one percent dilution of lavender essential oil over your face, neck and other exposed areas of your skin. It is advisable that you should mix a small amount of lavender oil into your day and night cream. Lavender oil is a prized possession among those who prefer natural treatments because of the calming, soothing effects of its fragrance. Most importantly, it is extremely gentle and has antifungal and antibacterial properties.

Geranium oil:

Geranium oil is popular among the essential oil lovers especially because of its anti-fungal and disinfecting properties. Geranium oil is perfect for treating acne-prone and sensitive skin. It can prevent your skin from getting breakouts and also, control oil production as long as other health modalities are adhered. To reap the uncountable benefits of Geranium oil, you can gently use a one half percent dilution of the oil and apply it over the problematic areas, or even all over the skin. Many people don’t know a lot about Geranium oil, thanks to the smattering of information about it. You can rely on the essential oil classes online to avail more knowledge about it.

Tea Tree oil:

Owing to its uncountable benefits, Tea Tree oil deserves a permanent spot in your beauty cabinet. For an all-herbal treatment for blackheads and acne, you can use Tea Tree oil for spot treatment. The oil comprises mild disinfecting properties that can quicken the healing process of your skin problems. You can add a drop on a cotton pad or q-tip with Tea Tree oil and then, drape it over different areas of concern. Besides working well as an effective acne treatment, Tea Tree oil can be also used as a great makeup remover, nail care solution, or dandruff care product. Tree tree oil is known to oxidize quickly so ensure that you are using a fresh and good quality oil.

Angelica essential oil:

Hugely praised for its anti-spasmodic, depurative, carminative, digestive, hepatic, nervine, stomachic and stimulant properties, Angelica oil has advantages galore. Besides relaxing spasms and reducing gases, this oil also helps in fighting off infections and improving digestion when used as a part of a massage blend. Angelica Root essential oils is also beneficial for combating stress and anxiety that can lead to exhaustion. It has been said that Angelica Root oil has provided support as part of a smoking cessation blend due to its emotional properties. Angelica Root is widely used in perfumery but you must keep in mind that it has phototoxic properties.

Rosemary oil:

Used as a Rosemary oil, it helps stimulate cell renewal process. There are several different chemo-types of Rosemary essential oils. Rosemary ct verbenone is a good oil to use for skin care. Rosemary oil can also be used as an effective scalp treatment. When used as a scalp treatment, it can help you get rid of dandruff. You can use an amazing hair care pack to treat dandruff. In a bowl, mix five drops to your hair conditioner and use it as an effective hair rinse formula after shampooing your hair.

Sandalwood oil:

Just like any other essential oils, Sandalwood also has a host of benefits when it comes to your overall health and wellbeing. Its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, grounding, carminative, disinfectant, balancing and sedative properties have garnered a huge amount of appreciation from every nook and corner of the globe. Also, sandalwood essential oil treats congestion and is antitussive, benefits mature skin, skin healing, soothes nervous disorders due to its powerful grounding effects.

Eucalyptus oil:

Eucalyptus oil is extracted from the eucalyptus trees that are mainly found in the bushlands of Australia. Besides being versatile in nature, eucalyptus oil offers a very invigorating fragrance. You can take care of your scalp with eucalyptus oil in order to get rid of dandruff. Dilute the oil in a carrier and apply the blend directly on your scalp and massage it in order to improve blood circulation. You can also mix it with your shampoo or conditioner to revitalize your lifeless and dull hair.

Ylang Ylang:

Derived from the fresh flowers of the Ylang Ylang tree, it is considered to be the best essential oil among other varieties. Since it is the product of the first extraction, Ylang Ylang is especially known for its significant amount of esters and mind-blowing fragrance.

As now you have got a brief idea about different types of essential oils and their health benefits, squeeze some time out from your busy schedule to learn the technique of blending them. Wondering how to nail the art of blending? This is where the online essential oil classes of Aromatherapy come into play. With help of these classes, you can learn more about essential oils; their benefits, different types, etc.

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Amazing DIY Holiday Gift Ideas Using Essential Oil

Another festive season is upon us! With Christmas and the subsequent New Year around the corner, go ahead with some DIY gift ideas. Want to impress your loved ones with some offbeat gifts? How about making some beautiful presents with essential oil? With the expensive gifts being passé, home-made presents are rapidly gaining popularity.
Holiday gift ideas using essential oilAs one of the key sources to health and wellness, aromatherapy has earned several accolades and a wide fan following from across the globe. A lot of researches and studies have discovered the exceptional healing properties of these organic products that has escalated the popularity and demand of products made up of essential oils.

When it comes to Christmas or New Year Presents, there are some brilliant DIY essential oil gift ideas  that are creative, absolutely inexpensive and easy to prepare at home. Unsure about your gift-making skills? With aromatherapy ebooks and essential oil classes online now you can dish out some amazing gifts using different essential oils. Scroll down to know more –

DIY Essential oil pendant diffuser:
The DIY essential oil pendants make an amazing Christmas gift undoubtedly. On a surface covered with wax papers, roll out clay until it’s about ¼ inch thick. If you find air bubbles when you begin to roll, use a toothpick to pop them and then proceed. The next step would be pressing a lid, cookie cutter or cap into the clay to create the shape of your pendant. Add a hole that you will string your DIY pendant with. Peel away the clay from your pendant and allow it to dry out for 1-2 days.

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Car diffusers:
The DIY essential oil car diffusers are another useful gift idea that you can give to just anyone. Collect clothespins, cork, glue, ribbon and essential oils. Put a few drops of oil on the cork and attach it to your car vent.

Cinnamon scented pine cones:
Place a bunch of pine cones on a cookie sheet. Put it on the middle rack of your oven in a preheated 200 degree for about an hour. After cooling them, place them in a large resealable plastic bag and close it properly. Put some drops of essential oil and add a bit clean water in a spray bottle. Shake it up and generously spray the pine cones. Leave the bag tightly closed for four to seven weeks in order to infuse the pine cones with the scent.

Scented candles:
Gather the essential materials including braided wick rope, wick tabs, unscented soy candle wax and essential oil. Assemble wicks properly. Now melt some wax. Cool then down. Pour the cooled wax in a container and allow it to sit for a few moments, watch the top and bottom to begin to solidify around the container, and then drop in the assembled tab and wick. Let the DIY candle solidify for some hours and then trim the wick down to 1/4th inch.

Peppermint sugar scrub:
You need 2 cups of sugar, ¼ cups of coconut oil, red food coloring and essential oils. Pour sugar into medium sized bowl. Mix in coconut oil, add a few drops of essential oil and divide your sugar mixture into two equal sized portions. Mix in a few drops of red food coloring to one portion. Add sugar in layers to the jar, press the sugar down with a spoon. Alternate between the pink and white layers. Add a label and ribbon to the jar.

What are you waiting for! Go ahead and dish out these DIY presents this festive season.

Identify different types of chamomiles from essential oil classes online

German, Cape or Roman chamomile? Blue or not blue? Confusion! Confusion!

It is quite likely to get all confused by the different types of chamomiles available in the wild and also in the market for essential oils. You will feel puzzled by their diverse properties and uses. But, they have certain similarities as well. If you want to know in details, you can always opt for online essential oil classes to identify each variety and learn their uses and significance in the world of aromatherapy. However, this post aims to describe each category briefly so you get a better understanding of chamomiles and clear all confusion before you go for those classes.

Different types of chamomilesFirst, let us turn to the basic three varieties of chamomile available in the market, namely German Chamomile or Matricaria recutita, Roman Chamomile or Anthemis nobilis and Cape Chamomile or Eriocephalus punctulatus. However, there exists several other genus and species of chamomile in which the color and aroma varies. The German and Cape Moroccan chamomiles have an ink-blue tinge which differentiates them from the rest. However, the German chamomile is denser than its Cape chamomile counterpart due to a higher concentration of Chamazulene. Both German and Cape chamomile are very gentle in nature, hence, and very beneficial for skin conditions. Cape is gentle to use with children.

With the help of essential oil classes online, you can learn more about their differences in details. That will help you identify the right bottle when you go shopping for essential oils. When purchasing an essential oil the genus and species should be located on the bottle. And it will also keep all confusion at bay regarding the various uses and characteristics of chamomile essential oils. Furthermore, if you have a knack towards aromatherapy, the oil blending classes will help you pursue your career in that field.

Uses of different types of chamomiles:

Chamomiles have plenty of uses provided you know which one to use when. The following points will shed some light on that:

German Chamomiles–
They are widely known for their anti-inflammatory and sedative properties. Few drops of the essential oil mixed with a carrier of oil can calm your senses and provide you with a good night’s sleep. It is also used in treatment of allergies, dermatitis, muscle pains, skin rashes, sprains and joint pains. Sometimes a migraine attack can also be treated with the help of this mild blue herbal oil. You can know more intricate details by opting for essential oil classes online.

Roman Chamomiles–
Generally, the Roman variety is used to reduce spasm in muscles. It is a great addition to a massage oil blend to treat stomach cramps and to support digestion. It can be beneficial for restless leg syndrome. Sometimes, it is also used to treat asthma attacks, anxiety, nervous tension and etc. This variety of herbal oil is also used to treat menstrual conditions.

Cape Chamomiles–
Although it is quite different from both the basic types of German and Roman chamomiles, yet its uses are somewhat similar to that of the other varieties that are being discussed. It is anti-inflammatory, calming and emotional supportive and can be mixed in perfumes to enhance their aromatic properties.

Also read: Oil blending Classes Online: German Vs Roman Chamomiles

Oil blending classes online or offline can teach you how to identify different types of chamomiles and use them to enhance your health. If you can utilize them properly, you will reap huge benefits in terms of both your physical as well as mental health.



Learn the Art of Blending Essential Oils in Right Proportion

The uncountable benefits of essential oils are no longer a mystery. The healing properties of essential oil work wonders in eradicating various problems including headache, skin problems, joint pain, etc. Extracted from different plants and flowers, these aromatic essential oils help to unwind both mentally as well as physically. Some of these aromatic oils also have antiseptic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which are a benefit for the body.
Art of blending essential oilsYou can use essential oils at home by learning the proper technique of blending different essential oils in the right proportion. You can enrol in essential oil classes online that teach the technique of blending essential oils utilizing the proper dilution. Stumble upon this following excerpt to know how the online oil blending class can help expand your knowledge in this regard.

Attend classes to know the nitty-gritty:

Aromatic oils including Jasmine, Rose, etc. help restore the lustre of your skin. Lavender, bergamot and roman chamomile oils are used as effective stress busters. The beautiful aroma of these essential oils helps improve the mood and offer a soothing experience. Also, they may improve the appearance of skin and promotes its natural glow. Blue Tansy oil derived from the flower help in reducing stress and fatigue. These apart, the essential oil also aids in addressing a host of many other problems. Quality essential oil classes online can offer you a better understanding in this regard.

Prep up for a promising career:

There’s no denying it – you can learn a lot about aromatherapy by visiting different websites or reading books dedicated to aromatherapy. But, when it comes to an in-depth knowledge, nothing can surpass the importance of essential oil blending classes. The best part of these classes is that you can attend them without leaving the comfort of your home. Experienced teachers and experts will be appointed to conduct these online essential oil blending classes.  If you aspire to build a promising career in the extensive field of aromatherapy, then these classes can be your best bet in the event of not being able to attend in person classes.

You don’t require breaking the bank:

Many have an appetite to learn the secret of essential oils and their contribution to our overall wellbeing. But, many a time, learners hang back from attending universities or colleges, as they don’t want to empty their pockets on taking admission, buying books, etc. The aromatherapy classes online will teach you the right blending techniques, different application and advantages of essential oils without costing you a lot of money.  Also, you don’t need to worry about your age and gender because such online study centres welcome everyone.

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Interested to try aromatherapy online classes? You can enrol your name by submitting an online application. In most of the cases, these online study centres provide a certificate at the end of the course.

Use Essential Oil at Home with Informative Aromatherapy Ebooks

Despite the uncountable health benefits of conventional medicine treatments, several natural remedies are rapidly gaining ground. Amidst a number of natural remedies claiming to fame, Aromatherapy is topping the priority list. There is more to aromatherapy than perfumed essential oils and massage techniques. Very few know that aromatherapy is a holistic treatment that wards off stress, curb skin problems, alleviate muscle stiffness, reduce body pain, and more. There are many things in which you can use essential oils at home.
Essential Oil
For ultimate relaxation:

The efficacy of essential oils in reducing stress is incredible. For those who have trouble sleeping at night, aromatic oils can work wonders. Some drops of sandalwood and lavender oil on your bedsheet or pillow will help relax your mind and body. The heavenly scents of essential oils help in inducing sleep naturally, relaxing your stressed mind. For a great bathing experience, you can add essential oil to your bathtub mixed with a carrier. You can also rub a diluted blend of aromatic oils on to your temples. As per your preference of fragrance, you can pick essential oils.

While cleaning:

Using harsh chemical based cleaners to clean tables or refrigerators can have its own drawbacks. Instead, you can put a few drops of aromatic oil on your cleaning sponge/cloth to wipe up surfaces. Another brilliant idea for cleaning is adding essential oils with clean water and vinegar in a spray bottle. Just spritz the DIY cleaner on random stuffs and wipe off with a clean cloth. Get sparkling clean furniture, with some amazing scents left behind. Essential oils too retain the cleansing properties of their botanical origin.

Use on linens:

For a fresh fragrance, you can add some drops of essential oils to your regular detergents. Aromatherapy spray bottles are widely available in market, which you can spritz to your favourite cloths for a lingering scent on them. Essential oils also help in killing germs and bacteria’s, hence if you have a four-legged companion at home it’s the best way to rid the linen cloths of germs/bacteria. Just remember to use caution with essential oils when you have pets arounds the house.

But the question is – how will you blend/use these essential oils, stuffed with goodness of nature? Here comes the role of informative and illustrative Aromatherapy eBooks.

The benefits of aromatherapy eBooks:

When planning to make essential oil blends at home, eBooks on Aromatherapy offered by Aromatherapy Oasis could be your best bet. In today’s fast-paced world, it’s impossible to wander from store to store and purchase aromatherapy ebooks. There are numerous aromatherapy eBooks that can be downloaded free of cost. But, they may not include the best information on the procedures to make soap, car diffuser blends, skin care products etc. easily at home.

Look carefully when you are going to order online. You will also find ebooks on how aromatherapy blends help promote an overall wellbeing, induce peaceful sleep and more. Make sure to read out the description for the eBook prior to purchasing it. As you will receive the eBook instantly, there won’t be any return or exchanges.

Waste no time! Let essential oil be your go-to essential right away.

Aromatherapy Consultation helps in Faster Recovery post Workout Stress or Sports Injuries

If you are into sports, you are definitely not new into injuries. In fact, the injuries or stress after sports session or a rigorous workout is very common. You have probably tried using those relaxing exercises, meditation or massages to get rid of such stress. Have you ever thought that seeking aromatherapy consultation can be helpful in faster recovery? You may argue that attending the essential oil classes or an aromatherapy workshop might be suitable only for people who want to start a career offering essential oil blending related services. No! that is not the only reason why people attend an aromatherapy workshop. These classes actually help you to learn about those activating oils or the blends that soothe or calm your senses and also the ones that fight odors post workout.

Aromatherapy Consultant

What can you expect from Aromatherapy Consultation

You can attend aromatherapy experts for consultation or attend our live essential oil classes online. However, it is important that you choose a workshop that helps you know how to recover fast from a sports injury or workout stress.

During the live classes, we provide information about specific essential oils and their therapeutic value. Gradually, you will learn how to recreate your very own aromatherapy blend that will work perfectly to relieve stress after a workout or heal your injuries post sports training. Most importantly, you should know how to use the essential oil blends safely along with proper and specific dilution rates. Therefore, we ensure that our live classes will help you to make effective blends that will not cause any side effect and provide an immaculate result.

Consultation on Right Blends for Pre and Post Workout Massages

Once you go through our essential oil classes, it will be easy for you to blend your massage formulas that are suitable for pre and post-workout massages. Generally, it is very stimulating when you put more essential oils on the blend. However, to make it more relaxing, you may need to use essential oils in lower concentration.

Before you start your workout, it is important that to loosen the muscles. You have to warm your muscles for that by opening the airways. The massage strokes must be invigorating and quick but light. Gradually, the massage will awaken your mind. However, the strokes can be longer to make the massage a little deeper for post-workout. When the massage makes longer strokes towards the heart, it helps in removing metabolic waste products.

Bathing Before and after workout/Training

Using the essential oil blends for bathing before and after a workout is also helpful. Ask the Aromatherapy expert about the quantity of essential oil and the suitable blend that you can add to your bath water. The essential oil will be absorbed into your body well and you will feel relaxed.


This is another key technique to use the essential oil blends for relieving the post-exercise stress or sports injuries. Here, you would need a diffuser that will help in evaporating and dispersing the essential oils into the air. You can use an aroma stick with an essential oil blend and inhale the aroma to achieve therapeutic benefits. In addition, you can also try using the mist diffusers that will create a lovely mist adding calming effect and fragrance to the room.

Book an aromatherapy consultation session with us. We will guide you more about how our essential oil classes online can help you to maintain calm and feel relaxed after a workout.

Pursue Aromatherapy Course Online – Learn How to Blend Essential Oils

We all witness or suffer from stress or anxiety because our lives are closely associated with struggle comprised with elements like stress and anxiety. This New year, why not do something new that can keep yours and others’ stress at bay? Learn about aromatherapy and enroll in an online class that teaches blending essential oils.

Essential Oil Blending Online Classes

It has been proven that aromatherapy is a perfect solution for people who want to get rid of killing stress and anxiety. The beneficial properties of essential oils help people in getting a healing touch for their body and soul. In this article, we will talk about how essential oil classes can help people to learn the secret of blending oils in proper proportions.

Join Classes and Learn More

You can learn a lot of things by reading books or visiting several websites dedicated to aromatherapy, but the fact is that they will not provide you the live classes, where highly experienced teachers and experts will show the secrets of blending essential oils.

One of the most advantageous features of such classes is that you can attend your class right from your home. Means, you will not have to go to any study centers to get lessons on the topic as you will avail everything sitting at your home.

No Matter How Old Are You

Schools, colleges, and universities may restrict people who do not meet the age criterion for the process of admission, but if you want to enroll yourself in the online course on essential oil blending; you will not have to worry about your age and gender because such online study centers welcome everyone.

There is no doubt that people should have an appetite to learn the secret of blending essential oils, but at the same time, they should learn the way of how they can utilize those blending for best uses. Live online classes will definitely make you aware of different applications and advantages of those oils. Here are some advantages you can avail from essential oil classes online.

  • All the students attending classes will receive data filled with information on the use and benefit of some essential oils
  • Such classes will allow attendees to prepare their own aromatherapy blends
  • Online workshops will be conducted where experts will help learners to be aware of safe application of oils and blends

Join Classes for Deeper Understanding

Such online classes on aromatherapy will lead the students to avail a deeper understanding and sound knowledge. Experts of those online study centers will teach techniques of blending nine essential oils. In addition, teachers will demonstrate the way of preparing room freshener, aromatic body spray, blend massage oil as well as inhaler through their online classes.

However, the most important thing that will be required to attend those online classes is a computer. Learners can make the learning procedure better by creating a favorable surrounding.

Aromatherapy classes are now available online and people interested on the subject can enroll themselves by submitting an online application. Most of such study centers even provide a certificate at the end of the course.

Importance of Essential Oils, Increasing Demand & Benefits of Online Classes

The benefits of essential oils are known to all. These plant-made oils have been used for ages in various geographical locations and cultures across the globe for health and medicinal uses. Proven to work wonders, they have goodness of natural properties. But many of you may think that they are oily to touch and are similar to oils that are processed with chemicals. This is not true. Essential oils are pure liquid extracted from the vegetation and plants. Most plant material are distilled by using steam or water and creating a concentrated essential oil. Due to this reason, only a few drops are necessary to do miracles. The uses differ from aromatherapy to insect repellent to household cleaning to natural remedies to treat stress, physical discomfort and enhance quality life.

Importance of Essential Oils

How essential oils are made?

Although, processes are many, but the basic procedure involves boiling water to produce steam. The steam contains volatile aromatic chemicals, which is cooled and the resulting extract is collected. Due to the property of oil, it floats on top of the distilled water, which can be separated off easily. By extracting and distilling various parts of the plant like leaves, bark, resin, flowers, root, essential oils are processed. Ancient Jews and Egyptians used to make aromatic substances by soaking the parts of the plants in oil and then filtering the oil. Through technological advances essential oils are commonly used in today’s time.

Their anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties can be used as natural alternative to healing with minimal side effects. They have also secured a place in beauty regimen because they are chemical-free alternatives to costly cosmetics.

A career with essential oils

You can choose aromatherapy and essential oil blending as career options to strap up the power of world’s most therapeutic natural compounds. It is an incredibly vast, rich and demanding field that offers a wide range of potential careers to offer.

Many people take interest in learning aromatherapy just for their family or self to help maintain a healthy regimen and recover from illness quickly without the costly medicines that comes with loads of side effects. If you are one of them who wish to learn aromatherapy and essential oil blending within your hectic schedule, essential oil classes online can be your right choice. Learn how to blend essential oils in the right proportion by availing live classes. Through these classes you can learn sitting at home without having to visit learning centers.

Who can enrol in online classes?

Anyone, irrespective of gender, age and creed can avail the course. The interest and zeal to learn is the foremost criteria. At the end of the course, you will grasp the utility of the oils, know the process of making natural products, and knowthe advantages and different uses.

The escalating demand for eco-friendly and ‘green’ products of late has increased the importance of aromatherapy and essential oil products. Along with this interest, it has opened up numerous opportunities and bright career options. So catch the right beats and move ahead. Best of luck!

What You Can Expect from a Good Essential Oil Workshop?

Aromatherapy can be a perfect way to avail a healthy and happy life especially for those people who are dealing with stress every day. It also signifies that the demand of aromatherapy courses has increased. Many people nowadays want to learn the techniques of blending essential oils to offer aromatherapy services at their salons. If you seeking solutions for good essential oil classes online, you have visited the right place.

Aromatherapy Workshop

You might find it tough to manage time to attend an essential oil course in a physical institute, but it is not a problem anymore, as you can learn about the blending of essential oils and conduct workshops online. Irrespective to someone’s gender or age, any individual is eligible to attend such classes. Such online classes will allow you to learn the uses and benefits of essentials oils.

Features of Live Classes

Data sheets containing information about the therapeutic value of a certain kinds of essential oils will be distributed to all the attendees of the live class. If you have enrolled yourself for such classes, then you will be happy to know that every attendee will have the opportunity to recreate his or her own aromatherapy blends that can be an innovation itself.

These live online classes will also teach its participants that how they could identify a harmful blend among effective ones. Moreover, learners could learn the way of how to calculate the proper dilution rates of blends.

Advantage of Online Aromatherapy Classes

Such essential oils classes online are conducted by highly experienced professionals so that attendees can have a sound understanding on the subject. Our themed classes details at least nine essential oils and all the learners will have study materials through which they could avail every important information about the art of blending oils for aromatherapy.

Throughout the classes, attendees will learn the process of making aromatherapy massage oil, room freshener, inhaler and body spray. However, along with the computer, a telephone might be needed to hold conversation on some important topic for any further assistance.

Things Need to be Available during Classes

There is no doubt that you will avail every required study material and suggestions over internet. But for practical classes you have to arrange some essential stuff such as room and body spray containers, nine types of essential oils, blending guidelines, organic Jojoba oil with blend container, blank inhalers, workshop videos, PDF manuals, slide show of aromatherapy explanation and a convenient way to interact with other learners. 

While pursuing essential oil classes, you have to keep in mind that every information and suggestion will reach you through online and if you do not practice according to the norms and guidelines of the course, it will be difficult for you learn the art of aromatherapy.

Always Take Lessons from Certified Professionals 

If you have decided to learn aromatherapy lessons with online classes, then you must ensure that the person you are approaching is certified in this subject, because baseless and inappropriate suggestions can make you confused. Thus, try to clear all your speculations with the experts while attending online essential oil classes.

How to Prepare Custom Essential Oil Blends Safely?

Many people want to prepare their own skin care blends at home, so that they can add pure natural ingredients in the solution. Purchasing aroma-oil blends from a store would be good idea if a reputed company has developed it. However, the main problem occurs when you do not find your required ingredient from a company that makes products using essential oils and that is why people often make their own skin care blends at home.

Custom Essential Oil

However, if someone has no experience in making such blends and doing it for the first time, then the person should take some advice from an aromatherapy consultant and formulator so that he or she can help you prepare the right custom essential oil blends. In this article, we will talk about some procedures through which one can produce high quality custom essential oil blends at home.

Try to De-prioritize Smelling Ingredients

If you have smelt essential oils before, you should have noticed that such oils smell nice, but when you are making the blend for skin care then you should not prioritize its smell and you should concentrate more on the quality of your product. There are several ingredients that may not come with fragrance, but they have some property that can offer you a lot of benefits.

Add Essential Oils That Can Address Your Skin Problem

If you think that your skin is oily enough and needs different treatment, then you have to choose essential oils with astringent properties. You will be glad to know that Citrus Oils are astringent.  Just use caution because some citrus essential oils can cause phototxicity. However, here are a few names of astringent essential oils, they are

•    Cedarwood
•    Clary Sage
•    Juniper Berry
•    Yarrow

However, if you have acne-prone skin, then you should look out for some anti-bacterial or anti-microbial natural essential oils. When adding such oils in the blend, you should be careful, because many anti-bacterial oils often work more than it requires. Apart from this, if you have hormonal breakouts, then it might be beneficial to utilize some hormonal balancing essential oils that will help you by managing cyclically related problems.

Pick One of the Best Carrier Oil

Jojoba can be the best oil to prepare your blend so far, as the oil can be used for several treatments. However, for dry skin, you should use a base that includes Avocado oil. But if you are the owner of normal skin, then jojoba will be sufficient.

Formulate Your Blend

There are four essential oils available in the market that can address your concerns. You can mix them in equal ration. You can pour roughly 5 to 10 drops total of essential oils with one ounce of base oil.

Do Not Forget to Take Advice From Experts

Never try to make the blend alone if you do not have much experience in essential oil safety. For your convenience, you can find many aroma therapists online and it will not be difficult to get information for preparing custom essential oil blends.