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8 Essential Oils That Provide Relief From Muscle Pains

How many times do you pop pain-killers whenever you suffer from a chronic muscle pain?

Probably you do that every time you have this issue and, you know that you cannot stand down because of it. You go to the nearby pharmacy and you ask them for a pain reliever even without a doctor’s prescription sometimes. But, is it right for our health? These medical drugs have tremendous side effects. You may not be aware of it, but you are doing great harm to your body by popping in analgesics every now and then. On the other hand, there are some Essential Oils that have a positive effect on any kind of muscle pain. This is the reason they are even preferred by the physicians as alternative therapies, quite popular these days.


Are these Essential Oils really effective?

Well, they are. That is the reason why they have become so popular among Naturopathists and Aromatherapists. The Analgesic herbal oils work on chronic pains with little or no side effects. Sometimes, they also have other beneficial effects on the body like:

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Decongestant

  • Anti-depressant

  • Anti-spasmodic

  • Anti-microbial

  • Sedative

However, you should always opt for an Aromatherapy consultation before you use them. The experts will guide you in the best possible manner. According to many people, these alternative therapies, though they take a bit more time than chemical drugs to act on the pain areas, are more effective in the sense they give long term relief from pains. Furthermore, when they are blended with Trauma Oil – a herbal product extracted from Calendula and Arnica flowers and the St. John’s Wort flowering top – the effect increases. But, all Essential Oils cannot relieve you from pain. Let us now see which of them can:

Black Pepper Essential Oil:

Extracted from Black Pepper (Piper nigurm), this oil is extremely effective for chronic muscle pains. What this particular oil does is increase the blood circulation to the affected area and reduce inflammation and gives you the relief you seek. Do you suffer from neck and shoulder pains frequently? The Black Pepper Essential Oil is what you need. However, this oil works better when blended with other essential oils such as Lavender, Peppermint, and Marjoram. Enrol in some Essential Oil classes and learn how to create your own blends easily.

Lavender Essential Oil:

The Lavender Essential Oil has been used for centuries to treat anxiety pains and migraines. According to a study in 2015, it also has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties making it suitable for providing relief in painful conditions. Be it menstrual cramps or the intense pain of a migraine attack, the Lavender Essential Oil helps soothe the body and give you some relief from your despair. The oil contains certain compounds that act as a mild sedative on the body, helping you find some rest when your body is in an tightened condition. You can either apply it topically on your body by diluting it with other mild agents or you can inhale it slowly. However, do not try anything without proper Aromatherapy education. You can also buy some Ebooks on Aromatherapy to know the right ways to get relief from your pains with the help of these useful oils.

Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil:

With its anti-inflammatory and sedative properties, this oil is even recommended by the doctors from WebMD to get rid of neuralgia, headaches, migraine, stomach cramps and etc. These days, most of us working for 8 hours at a stretch sitting in front of the computer screen. This habit creates a lot of problems for us, sometimes giving rise to chronic neck and shoulder pain. Instead of popping painkillers, you can give this Essential Oil a try. When blended with other products like Black Pepper, Peppermint, and Lavender, it shows a huge effect on such headaches and stress related pains in the body.

Peppermint Essential Oil:

Extracted from a hybrid of Spearmint and Watermint, this oil is one of the oldest Essential oils to be used in relieving stress and pain. Menthol is present as a major ingredient which accounts for that refreshing essence. While its antispasmodic effect alleviates nausea, stomach ache and indigestion issues, the analgesic properties relax lower back pains, reduces a headache caused by tension, anxiety or sinus congestion. You should avoid using with children under five years of age and in high amounts.

Rosemary Essential Oil:

According to the University of Maryland, this particular Essential Oil helps improve blood circulation, reduce inflammation and get rid of pain and spasms. This is so effective that the German Government has approved this Essential Oil for analgesic uses. There are several chemotypes of Rosemary essential oils so the one with camphor is great to use to increase circulation.

You have to remember certain things before you start using the aforementioned Essential Oils to get relief from acute pain, headaches, and spasms. For example, it is not wise to apply any essential oil on your body directly from the bottle without diluting it to an extent. Then again, you should keep Essential Oils away from the reach of children. And last but not the least important thing is, do not use Essential Oils on pregnant women without proper research on various essential oils. You never know what allergic reactions that can lead to so refrain from doing anything of the sorts. The Essential Oil classes online will feed you with more such information on these extremely useful but sensitive natural products. If you want, you can go for one to enhance your knowledge and enjoy the benefits.

Have a good day!

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Advanced Aromatherapy Experience of Co₂ extracts

Recently I was blessed to have had the opportunity to travel to France to explore and learn more about the healing and energetic properties of aromatherapy.  Rhiannon Lewis hosted a wonderful class about Co₂ extracts which was taught by the knowledgeable Madeleine Kerkhorf-Knapp.  Co₂ extracts are derived through an extraction method which consists of pumping pressurized carbon dioxide into a chamber filled with plant material.  The liquid properties of the gas work as a solvent which pulls the oils and other substances such as pigments and resin from the plant matter.  It has been stated that the Co₂ method will produce a superior oil because none of the constituents of the oil are damaged by heat as compared to steam distillation.  The Co₂ method of extraction also allows heavier molecules to be carried over into the product as compared to the steam distillation method.  Another excellent benefit of the Co₂ method of extraction is that no harmful solvents will remain in the product as compared to absolutes.

I highly recommend this course because Madeleine has been using Co₂’s in her practice and has shared her vast knowledge on the use of them for skin care (eg: irritated skin, eczema, burns, skin cancer, etc), mind and soul and for clinical applications.  Madeleine also addressed a few myths concerning Co₂’s.   Not all Co₂’s will be stronger than their essential oil counterpart. It is true for some but not all.  So, you cannot just assume that the chemical components that are carried over into the extract will always be higher for example menthol.  Co₂’s is mostly made for the food industry so therefore it is important to purchase your Co₂ products that fit certain criteria chemically or else it will be of no benefit in aromatic applications.  I actually have a wonderful Co₂ extract that I previously thought was good in skin care that will now be used to make some wonderful desserts with.

I learned about so many Co₂ in this class.  I have purchased books on their use but this was much more comprehensive.  We created some wonderful blends while in this workshop and even had the surprise opportunity to blend for other classmates which turned out to be a lovely experience.  I plan to utilize the foot bath along with the aromacare applications.

To summarize, it was life changing workshop in which I had the opportunity to meet various people from all over the world.  It was such a joy to feel so welcome by all that attended.  The learning was made complete by visiting several sites while in France such as Valensole plateau to see the lavendin fields and The International Museum of Perfumery in Grasse.  I am looking forward to utilizing my newfound knowledge and applying it.


Click here for more information about Madeleine


My Review Of Tazeka Aromatherapy Products

 DSC02641This spring I was fortunate to meet the owner of Tazeka Aromatherapy while taking an Advanced Clinical Aromatherapy class.  There were amazing people from all over that made custom blends and educated others about the wonderful benefits of Essential oils and aromatic products.  At first glance of Tazeka brochure I was truly impressed by the amount of detail and work to create such a beautiful presentation. 

Of course I can make my own therapeutic and energetic synergies but I love to try other aromatherapist formulations because I like to experience their intuition.  Because blending is based on chemistry but a big part is intuition.  I got to converse with the creator of this wonderful brand and I was interested in trying some of her creations.

I received a total of three blends consisting of Concentrate, Meditation Guru and Peaceful Slumber.   Once I opened up the postal DSC02642box I was once again impressed by the packaging of the blends and I also noticed that a small piece of paper inside of the container stated the batch number and the date of manufacturer.  For me this was a plus because of my back ground with good manufacturing practices.  It is important for me to know that a company is keeping track of what they are using in their products.  Essential oils can oxidize over time so this helps to ensure that they are not using old oils and that the products has not been sitting around for many years.  I also like the design of the bottle because conventional roll on bottles sometimes will leak and I feel very comfortable carry these blends around for a short period of time in my pocket book.

I have a hectic schedule so the blends that I received in the mail was a perfect fit for my lifestyle.  I needed something that would be supportive for sleep, plus something that would benefit me while I am studying.  I also love to find a quiet spot before bed so the Meditation Guru was a plus. 

Zena has put a lot of love and detail into each blend that she has created.  The oils used are organic or wild harvested.  She works directly with the distillers so there is no middle man in between your blends.  This helps to ensure a pure and natural product.  I loved each blend which created a most dynamic synergy that helps to support the mind, body and soul. 

Healing Spirits Herb Farm Visit

Recently I had the opportunity to visit Healing Spirits Herb Farm with my aromatic sisters.  We are all certified aromatherapists that belong to the Alliance of International Aromatherpist (AIA).  Our New York group likes to partake in educational but fun activities to help further our knowledge in alternative ways to support health.  Many aromatherpist incorporate infused herbal oils when making blends.  It was suggested by one of our members that it is important to know why we are using these herbs.  As a result a field trip was organized for us to attend a day long workshop instructed by Mathias and Andrea Reisen.  They co-founded Healing Spirits Herb Farm and Education Center which is located in the Finger Lake Region of New York.

We started our day by going on an herbal walk of the farm.  Various herbs were identified and Mathias gave very good details concerning each plant.  When an herb was identified; he told us the best time to harvest, if it was a perennial or bi-annual and what parts of the plant is to be used for therapeutic purposes.  We started with learning about Angelica and finished off the walk learning about Sea Buckthorn. 

Once we made it back to the barn, which has been converted into a cozy shop and classroom we had the opportunity to sip on Birch Sweet Bark tea.  At this time Andrea allowed us to introduce ourselves and she proceeded to teach about various herbs.  Andrea also taught us how to make several skin care products which incorporated various herbs such as comfrey and lavender.  We had the opportunity to sample various herbal teas which are derived from the roots, leaf and flowers.  I learned so much about herbs that I have never heard of before such as Japanese Knotweed and Barberry.   

My group was also taken on a tour to view the green house.  This is where all of the herbs are dried on individual drying racks.  They gave us information on how to properly dry herbs.  It was amazing to see burdock drying on one of the racks.  As we returned to the front of the barn we got to see where the herbs are stored and packaged for sale.  I was truly impressed by the amount of herbal goodness that I was surrounded by.

As a bonus we were treated to a tasty lunch which consisted of a curried onions and garlic that was prepared for us by Mathias.  He was gracious enough to share the recipe.  We also sipped on ginger tea which was an added healthy bonus. 

I left the farm with a lot of valuable information to help me maintain a healthy lifestyle.  I am looking forward to the second part of our herbal workshop which should take place in the near future.  I am fortunate to be a part of a great organization and I am glad to have made the journey upstate to visit the farm.  I highly recommend a visit if you are in the Finger Lake Region of New York.

Essential oils of the Himalaya’s

I love essential oils.  They are so amazing.  But did you know that the chemistry and aroma can vary depending on where the plant was grown.  For example an oil from Nepal will differ from an oil from Africa.  It should make sense.  Because as individual people we are the same but will differ because of where we were born.  It still makes us great as a whole.

I have had the wonderful opportunity to sample oils from different regions and sometimes the aroma can be subtle and sometimes you can really tell the difference.  I am still trying to figure out my preference because there is always a part of the oil that I love.  This summer I was able to purchase several oils directly from a distiller in Nepal.  I love the fact that his company provides GC/MS reports and the oils come directly from his distillery.  The less hands that my essential oils pass is a plus.  I do still support reputable essential oil companies of course. 

I will continue my stance on not endorsing one particular company because you have to make the educated choice.  I will state that I love the aroma of these essential oils.  Palmarosa is not one of my favorite aromas on its own but I feel differently about this current batch that I received.  The lemongrass is more subtle than the current one that I have so I will say that I appreciate both. 


Here is a statement from the Annapurna Aroma Company Pvt Ltd website:

Annapurna Aroma Company Pvt Ltd is an agricultural company mainly engaged in cultivation and contract farming, distilling and processing of aromatic plants from various regions of Nepal. Annapurna Aroma is a culmination of extensive research into the aromatic plants from Nepal and the desire to promote exploration of the bountiful medicinal and therapeutic resources potential of the Himalayan range.  In addition, we are also involved in the development of agro-technology for advanced scientific cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants that are of commercial importance to local farmers.


What is your opinion concerning oils from different regions?  Which do you prefer?  Please leave a comment.  Also please limit the comment to what region and not brand of essential oils.  I do not endorse one particular brand but I do encourage sharing the wonderfulness of these essential oils.

Lemongrass Essential Oil Giveaway

It has been awhile since I posted an Aromatherapy Oasis giveaway.  I love sharing because it is what I do best.  I had the opportunity to try and purchase Lemongrass essential oil from Nepal.  This oil comes directly from the distiller.  I have been fortunate to be able to meet a few distiller and I am amazed at the hard work that goes into producing just one drop of essential oil.  I love smelling oils from different locations because they tend to have slight differences.  So long story short I would like for a very passionate person to win 1 ounce of Lemongrass.  Why?  Because I would love for you to share your experience.  I love to interact with others about essential oils.  This is how the giveaway will work.


  • Only Prize  – You could win 1 oucne of Lemongrass essential oil.

How to participate:  Just leave a comment on this post stating what you like about aromatherapy and it will get automatically entered you into the contest.  This contest will be open for 3 days after this post.  I will then take all of the names and drop them into my favorite hat and video the results.  So a total of 1person will be eligilbe to win. 

You have to be a resident of the United States  in order to participate.  You have 48 hours to claim your prize once announced and if you do not it will be passed on to another participant.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

My Aromatic Journey Into Holism

yin_yangI wanted to share some of things that I am currently working on.  I have been very busy enhancing my knowledge about life and aromatherapy.  The reason I say life is because I was introduced within the last few years to meditation and of recent months I have been studying the five elements in TCM.  It amazes me because my path is all tying together.  Aromatherapy brings balance to an unbalanced state and yin and yang is all about balance.  That is why you have the small amount of yang in yin and vice versa. 

This past week I was fortunate to be able to learn from a very knowledgeable and loving person; Rhiannon Lewis.  The class was entitled Clinical Aromatherapy and infectious diseases.    Learning to formulate from another perspective is priceless but it also reaffirmed a belief that has been previously developed which is to support the terrain. 

What is terrain?  To summarize it briefly, if a person’s terrain is weakened this allows the bacteria which can create illness to take effect.  Our terrain is based on several factors.  It is inherited, based on our diets, our energetic levels or stress levels and dependent on the amount of toxins that have been presented.  When working towards bringing about balance and healing the terrain is of most importance.  This is why when blending to support certain unbalanced states in the body a synergy should be created to address the mind.  I call it the mind body connection. 

Diet plays a huge role for obtaining balance.  You are what you feed yourself.  So if you continue to nourish yourself with junk that is what your body will respond to.  The body needs nutrients which can be derived from green leafy vegetables and fruits.  On a personal level I have made major changes in my diet and have incorporated probiotics and exercise.   I have noticed significant improvements in my health. 

 I love aromatherapy and the theory of feeling good.  Our bodies are our temples and we must take care of it and treat it with the upmost respect.  I am not stating that this is a cure for anything but it is worth a try to live a happy, healthy and fulfilled life.

I do plan to continue to share my journey towards holism (treating the body as a whole) and hope that you will learn and share from your experiences.


Disclaimer:  This article is for informational purposes only.  It is not meant to treat, diagnose or cure any diseases.

image by Krzysztof Szkurlatowski;;

Pampering The Body Naturally Challenge











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Pampering the body naturally challenge

Congratulations for taking part in this challenge.


Remember to take care of your body and it only takes minutes per day.  Set up a routine and make sure you stick to it.

Yesterday we gave our feet a rest and today we are going to moisturize them.  I love shea butter because it is an excellent moisturizer.  I wear a lot of socks during the winter months which can cause extreme dryness.  A way to combat the abuse our feet are subjected to is to keep them clean and moisturized.   I love to make a night time moisture cream for my feet.  At night I try to stay away from stimulating oils, so I created an essential oil blend of vetiver, lavender and sweet orange.  I love Vetiver because it has anti-fungal and anti-septic properties.  It is also a grounding oil and I feel it is perfect as a part of a night time foot cream.  Lavender helps to relieve stress and has deodorant properties.  I added sweet orange to bring a little freshness to the blend and it also has anti-septic properties.

This recipe is simple.

In a double boiler add 2 tablespoons Shea butter and melt.
Remove from heat
Next add 1 tablespoon of sweet almond oil (or carrier of choice) to melted shea butter.
stir and add
4 drops Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanoides)
3 drops Sweet orange (Citrus sinensis)
3 drops Lavender (Lavendula angustifolia)

Place in the refrigerator to allow to cool and to prevent graininess.  Use each night after your shower or bath.


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Intro To Aromatherapy Webinar

Recently I conduct a free intro to aromatherapy webinar.  I wanted to address safety concerns, methods of how aromatic products are produced and to cover a little aromatic history.  I decided to make this webinar availabe for a person to watch in the comfort of their home.  Please enjoy the webinar.



Palo Santo (Holy Wood) Essential Oil

Latin Name: Bursera graveolens


Family:  Burseaceae


Extraction Method: Steam distilled using wood


Aroma:  Warm and resinous

Bursera graveolens which is known in Spanish as palo santo is a tree that grows on the coast of South America.  The meaning of palo santo in Spanish is Holy wood.  This tree belongs to the burseraceae family.  This family also includes frankincense and myrrh which might explain why they blend so well together.  These three essential oils have very different chemical properties but their synergies are a perfect match. 


Palo santo is derived from the wood but it is usually sustainably harvested.  Those that harvest the wood only collect the trunks and branches that have fallen naturally from the tree.  This allows the tree to continue to grow undisturbed while it grants us its fallen gifts which provide an amazing host of supportive energetic properties.


Holy Wood is such an appropriate interpretation because this oil is so emotionally cleansing.  It supports healing by quieting mental activity and may bring the user of the oil a sense of peace.  Palo Santo also grants a person inner unity and soothes overthinking.  Palo Santo has been traditionally used to address panic attacks and anxiety because it aids in calming the mind therefore provides protection.  The wood of Palo Santo has been burned in many ceremonies due to its spiritual purifying properties.  The shavings of the wood can be burned similar to incense.   It is used to clear “bad energy”. 


The particular batch of palo santo that I currently have contains a high amount of d-limonene.   Some of the therapeutic properties of d-limonene are analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, immunostimulant and antioxidant.  This oil would be beneficial in a blend to support colds and join pain  from tight muscles.  It also would be an effective choice as part of a skin care blend because of its antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory components.



Componenet Database @ Aromahead

Wikipedia, The Free encyclopedia

*Please note:  This information is not to replace physician advice or to be used as treatment or diagnose of a disease.