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Uses of May Chang Essential Oil in Aromatherapy

For many years May Chang essential oil was listed under its botanical name Litsea Cubeba by most essential oil suppliers, but lately the more enchanting name of May Chang seems to have been adopted by aromatherapy industry. May Chang is also called 'Mountain Pepper' due to the seed like appearance of its little peppercorn seeds. Actually, it is a relative of Cinnamon and other fragrant member of the Laurel class.

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Health Benefits

It has several medicinal properties that can be advantageous in terms of promoting physical and mental well being. This essential oil can be used for rituals of renewal and spring festivals. 

  • You can apply it in order to ease nausea and indigestion when applied topically.
  • This aromatherapy product offers great benefits for people with oily skin and those dealing with inflammatory conditions like acne. It tones the skin while helping with cellulites. 
  • This wonderful oil helps in treating lower back pain. 
  • It can uplift the spirit and clear dark clouds of fear, anxiety and depression.  
  • This essential oil is perfect for lethargic psychological states and relieving fatigue as it has several stimulating, refreshing and uplifting qualities. So, if you are suffering from a serious case of the blues, add one or two drops of this organic oil to your diffuser for a quick stimulant. 
  • It acts as an ideal tonic to the nervous system and helps clear your head when you are feeling stressed, befuddled or anxious. 
  • It also has surprisingly good antiviral, antiseptic and antifungal properties. You can apply this essential oil to keep coughs and colds at bay. 
  • May Chang is also great for household cleaning jobs, for example, sterilizing kitchen worktops. To enhance its effectiveness, mix it with tea tree and you will have a powerful cleansing solution without the unpleasant aroma like disinfectant. When vaporized, it can act as a respiratory tonic too.  

May Chang blends perfectly with a various other organic oils such as basil, geranium, ginger, bergamot, clary sage, jasmine, petitgrain, rose, lavender, linaloe wood, ylang ylang, rosemary and all citrus oils, thereby introducing a charming fresh and fruity lemony citrus scent wherever it is used. Refer to quality eBooks on essential oils to know about the blessings of aromatherapy.


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