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In Person Classes

All classes and workshops offered by Aromatherapy Oasis are taught by Yolanda (Londa).  She is currently working on offering various different workshops on how to make natural skin care products, aromatherapy blending and making natural cleaning products for the home.  Classes vary in size due to the nature of the class being taught.  Some courses demand more individual attention and Londa would like to make sure each students leaves her class with full knowledge of what was covered.  For each class the student will leave with a detailed manual to use as an reference for the future.  Londa encourages a friendly atmosphere which makes a ultimate learning experience.

Essential Oil Blending For Stress and Anxiety Workshop (Online)

Essential Oil BlendingThis essential oil workshop will address aromatic blending for stress and anxiety.  You will engage in practical hands on activities.  You will take your own custom blends home and have the ability to recreate those blends.  You will be provided with data sheets with valuable therapeutic information concerning the oils used in class.

Gain a deeper understanding of Aromatherapy and how to utilize essential oils at home.  Become knowledgeable in the uses of 9 essential oils.

Learn more about the essential oil blending for stress and anxiety class


Cold Processed Soap Class 

For this class I will be demonstrating how to safely make cold processed soap.  When properly made handmade soaps are know to be mild and moisturizing to the skin.  This is a (3) hour course.

Cold Processed Soap Class

Learn More About The Cold Processed  Soap Making Class

Basic steps on how to infuse herbs to make salves, lotion bars and lip balms.

This class will instruct you on how to infuse oils with herbs using two differenlotion bars and lip balmst methods.  Why do we infuse herbs?  So that we can obtain the beneficial constituents of that herb.  These infused oils can be used in massage oil blends, lotions, creams, salves and so much more.  This is a (3) hour course.

What are Salves?  Salves are also known as ointments and are used to aid in healing. Salves are commonly used on cuts, scrapes, minor burns, rashes, chapped skin and bruises.

Learn More About Infusing Herbs To Make Salves, Lotion Bars and Lip Balms

Learn to Make Natural Bath And Body Products Class

The one thing you will love about making your own natural bath and body products is the fact that you can customize it.  You will be able to use quality ingredients that you trust because you know the source.

For this course you will learn and have the practical skills necessary for making your own bath and body products plus the correct dilutions amounts when using essential oils. On your own you can experiment with the different carrier oils, sugars and salts to obtain the desired result. Whether you sell it or just make it for your family it will prove to be just as good if not better than what you can buy in your local store.

Learn to make natural bath and body products class