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Essential Oil Blending For Stress And Anxiety Online Class

This online class will be conducted in the comfort of your home.  It is  open to those who have a desire to learn and understand the purpose of essential oils, and how they are used to maintain health and reduce stress. Attendees will make during the online workshop their own created aromatherapy blends.  Data sheetswill be provided containing information about the therapeutic value of the oils used in the workshop, so everyone will have the ability to recreate their personal aromatherapy blends. They will learn about the safety of use concerning each essential oil and the proper dilution rate.

Aromatherapy is the art and science of using plant oils in treatment. These plant oils have been and continue to be used for purpose of altering a person’s mind, mood, cognitive function or health. Aromatherapy helps to restore balance to an unbalanced state.

About the Aromatherapy Oasis workshop, Yolanda Cathcart says, “Everyone will gain a deeper understanding of Aromatherapy and how to utilize essential oils at home and become knowledgeable in the uses of 9 essential oils. I will be showing how to make an aromatic room or body spray, inhaler and a massage oil blend.”  All you need is a quiet spot and a computer.

What is included in the class:

  • Access to videos for 1 yearblending supplies
  • Downloadable PDF of monographs of essential oils used during the online workshop
  • Slide show explaining aromatherapy
  • Videos
  • Once you pay for the class you will receive another email granting you access to the online class.   You will receive access to the class for approximately a year.  This will give you ample time to review the videos and slides and to obtain the blending material.  



 Elaine E from NY: This is a great class, I highly recommend it for both those who are new to aromatherapy and those who have been doing this a long time-I can’t thank Londa enough.

Laura C from MA: 

I want to thank you for being so generous w/all that you sent in the kit. Wonderful!
I appreciate your patience and willingness to answer questions, and clarify points when needed, for me.
I learned so much today!  Also, I am very hopeful and excited even more about aromatherapy.  It was a gift to finally
actually smell the R Cham, Coriander, and the balsam fir. 

Cost $25.00

Click here to sign up for the class.



There will be no refunds issued due to you receiving the eBook.