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Blending For Stress And Anxiety Essential Oil Workshop

Aromatherapy is regarded as the art and scientific use of plant oils for treating specific ailments. It is the perfect way to lead a healthy life. Use of plant oils in treating  various ailments, restoring stability is nothing new and is being practiced since ancient times.

The Aromatherapy workshops at Aromatherapy Oasis are perfect opportunities for people who are interested to know this secret and eventually master the art. Through these workshops, learners will come to know of various uses of the essential oils, purpose of their use, advantages and many more interesting facts.

Learners attending the workshops are taught to custom blend the essential oils. The attendees will receive datasheets that will contain information regarding the therapeutic value of oils that will be used in the workshop. Such workshops will help you to deepen the understanding of the aromatherapy and the medicinal properties present in each of the essential oils.

This will enable the attendees in recreating personal blends (aromatherapy blends)themselves. Through this workshop, learners will also be aware of the safety handling and use of each essential oil along with their individual dilution rates. The focus is mainly on the 9 different types of essential oils, their individual properties and how they can be blended. These classes are located in Long Island (Nassau county) New York.

Attendees will get an opportunity to

  • Learn about the nine essential oils used in the workshop
  • Create custom blends by the use of different applications
  • Get a manual

 Yolanda Cathcart, the instructor seems highly elated of these workshops. Cathcart opines that through these workshops, learners will be able to acquire a sound understanding and deep knowledge of Aromatherapy and be skilled in the use of the nine essential oils that will be used in the workshop. Cathcart will be demonstrating the process of making body spray or room freshener, massage oil blend and an inhaler in the Aromatherapy Workshops that will indeed be useful to the learners.


 Elaine E from NY: This is a great class, I highly recommend it for both those who are new to aromatherapy and those who have been doing this a long time-I can’t thank Londa enough.

Laura C from MA: 

I want to thank you for being so generous w/all that you sent in the kit. Wonderful!
I appreciate your patience and willingness to answer questions, and clarify points when needed, for me.
I learned so much today!  Also, I am very hopeful and excited even more about aromatherapy.  It was a gift to finally
actually smell the R Cham, Coriander, and the balsam fir. 

Date: May 2, 2017

Time: 10:00 am -1:00 pm

Location:  Roosevelt, NY 

Cost $79.00