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Cold Processed Soap Class

Cold Processed Soap At TraceThis class will make the learners know about the process of making cold processed soap safely. The class is generally for 3 1/2 hours where the process of making soaps will be demonstrated in the class. On being made properly, these handmade soaps are known to very gentle and mild to the skin and moisturize thoroughly.  This is a hands on class so dress appropriately.

This course aims to make the learners know about:

  • Brief history of handmade and cold processed soaps
  • Properties of Carrier oils
  • Proper handling of Lye or Sodium Hydroxide
  • Learn about various molds to use to create the soaps
  • Beneficial tips on making soaps
  • Ways of customizing the soaps by using different oils as well as butters
  • Scenting the soaps with different essential oils
  • Coloring the soaps by using various herbs
  • Ways to use a lye calculator
  • Curing and cutting of the soaps
  • Place for purchasing the supplies
  • Packaging of the soaps

Besides providing relevant knowledge and teaching the ways to make handmade soaps, the class also provides learners with a helpful manual that has more than thirty pages of detailed instructions that the learner can take home. Participants of the class, however, need to be over eighteen years of age to attend the class.

Cost $125.00

Location: Roosevelt, NY

Date: Sept 30, 2017

Time 10 am – 1:30 pm