Aromatherapy Oasis
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Introduction To Aromatherapy

This class will address all the wonderful joys of making aromatic synergies using essential oils.  This is a great beginners class for all.  Learn about history, safety, dilution guidelines and monographs of various essential oils.  Using essential oils can be safe when used appropriately.  This course will allow you to be able to confidently make blends on your own without relying on the mis-education of the internet.  

Aromatherapy Oasis is offering an aromatic solution for the novice person that wants to use essential oils without spending hundreds to thousands of dollars in order to become certified.  We understand that some only want to use the oils in a safe manner to bring well being to themselves and family and have no interest in becoming a certified aromatherapist.    You will learn to blend safely by using simple ingredients and essential oils.   Essential oils possess many anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and antimicrobal properties as well as being supportive of many emotional concerns. 

For this workshop you will explore nine different essential oils that have a board range of uses that support health and overall well-being.  You will also receive a manual with monographs of the essential oils used in class.  You will create your own essential oil blends.   Don’t forget they make excellent gifts.  So give the first gift to yourself and learn to maintain health in a more natural way.  


Date: November 13, 2017

Location: Roosevelt, NY

Time: 10 am – 1:00 pm

Cost $65.00