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Yolanda Cathcart

44 W Clinton Ave

Roosevelt, NY 11575




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I went to the cold press class. It was a great experience. I learned so much in just 3 hours! Yolanda is so professional and knowledgeable about soaps and essential oils. I looked up the class so I could improve on a hobby. When I left with all the materials and my home made soap in hand, I feel ready to make & sell the soap as a small business. Yolanda took time to explain the business side. Truly an amazing experience. If I need to improve or learn more about different soaps, this is where I would go! ...
Jessica T (New York)Jessica T (New York)

I enjoyed every second of today! Both you and your moms energy are so uplifting and peaceful.... Thank you for traveling all the way to me and for your patience and knowledge! I look forward to speaking with you again. Tell your mom she was a pleasure!

Elaine E (New York)Elaine E (New York)

This is a great class, I highly recommend it for both those who are new to aromatherapy ...

Laura C (Massachusetts) Laura C (Massachusetts)
I want to thank you for being so generous w/all that you sent in the kit. Wonderful! I appreciate your patience and willingness to answer questions, and clarify points when needed, ...