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Essential oils of the Himalaya’s

I love essential oils.  They are so amazing.  But did you know that the chemistry and aroma can vary depending on where the plant was grown.  For example an oil from Nepal will differ from an oil from Africa.  It should make sense.  Because as individual people we are the same but will differ because of where we were born.  It still makes us great as a whole.

I have had the wonderful opportunity to sample oils from different regions and sometimes the aroma can be subtle and sometimes you can really tell the difference.  I am still trying to figure out my preference because there is always a part of the oil that I love.  This summer I was able to purchase several oils directly from a distiller in Nepal.  I love the fact that his company provides GC/MS reports and the oils come directly from his distillery.  The less hands that my essential oils pass is a plus.  I do still support reputable essential oil companies of course. 

I will continue my stance on not endorsing one particular company because you have to make the educated choice.  I will state that I love the aroma of these essential oils.  Palmarosa is not one of my favorite aromas on its own but I feel differently about this current batch that I received.  The lemongrass is more subtle than the current one that I have so I will say that I appreciate both. 


Here is a statement from the Annapurna Aroma Company Pvt Ltd website:

Annapurna Aroma Company Pvt Ltd is an agricultural company mainly engaged in cultivation and contract farming, distilling and processing of aromatic plants from various regions of Nepal. Annapurna Aroma is a culmination of extensive research into the aromatic plants from Nepal and the desire to promote exploration of the bountiful medicinal and therapeutic resources potential of the Himalayan range.  In addition, we are also involved in the development of agro-technology for advanced scientific cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants that are of commercial importance to local farmers.


What is your opinion concerning oils from different regions?  Which do you prefer?  Please leave a comment.  Also please limit the comment to what region and not brand of essential oils.  I do not endorse one particular brand but I do encourage sharing the wonderfulness of these essential oils.

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