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Essential Oils – How They Work to Calm Emotional Disorders?

In the recent times, there have been many discussions regarding emotional disorders such as anxiety and depression. Discussing such an important issue is a big step taken to support people suffering from the problems. The question is – are there any natural remedies that can work against anxiety and depression? This often ends up with another question like – can the custom essential oil blend calm emotional disorders? Here is a discussion on the subject that might help. 

Custom Essential Oils Blends

A Study on How Custom Essential Oils Work on Emotions:  

Did you have any idea that scents act powerfully on human emotional disorders? Yes, this is true. Among the five senses, the smelling sense in human beings is directly connected to brain, which is the center of controlling human emotions. This further implies that scent not only can work on emotional disorders, but also a physical response of the human body. 

In fact, a recently conducted study shows that there is a connection between dementia and anti-anxiety medicines. There are good reasons to opt for essential oils as a complimentary treatment.  It is hard to know, but breathing in a nice aroma can change imbalances and chemistry of a human body that causes mood swings. 

As soon as your nose senses an aroma, it implies that small molecules have entered into the nose from something via the process of evaporation. Essential oils being volatile, their molecules soar in the air. When inhaled, the molecules are passed through the nostrils that send messages using receptors to olfactory system. These receptors again pass the messages to brain, which results in the smelling sense. 

Olfactory bulb forms a part of limbic system capturing messages via the smelling sense that helps in recording a memory further. For example, a particular aroma can remind a person of someone very special in his/her life. That is why some people believe the essential oils can really help those dealing and passing through negative and saddening memories. 

List of Essential Oils:

Have a look at the list of essential oils that can work effectively in alteration of mood swings: 


Bergamot has historical reports to calm down antidepressant effects in a person. It is a great natural remedy to calm down anxious feelings, sadness or agitation.


This is used to encourage joyous feelings in the mindset of a person. Its chemical makeup aids in stimulating the brain’s limbic system, pituitary glands, penial and hypothalamus. 


Its scent promotes calming and clarifying properties that is helpful when someone is feeling low, anxious or down. In short, it helps to aid normal response of body to stress and anxiety. 


It helps to support blood pressure within anxious feelings, uncontrolled emotions, skin conditions, sadness, etc. This helps to calm and uplift your mood. 


This is used for anxious sadness and feelings occasionally. 


It is a great natural remedy that persuades calm feelings. 

Disclaimer:  Please note that this article is for informational purposes only.  It is not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any disease of ailment.  Please consult with a licensed physician first when addressing health or mental concerns

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