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Guide to Choosing the Best Carrier Oils

For newcomers to aromatherapy, knowing how to choose the right carrier oils can be a somewhat difficult task. And with the availability of specialist suppliers offering a wide range of quality essential oils, knowing the proper ways to select them can seem a bit of a black art unless you enroll in effective aromatherapy classes online.

Best Carrier Oils

However, it is precisely the same as picking an essential oil. When it comes to selecting the right carrier oil, you just need to choose the oil that contains the properties required for your particular requirements. Hence, to make the choice easier what all you need to do is decide where and how you desire to apply them, and then look up the actions, properties and viscosity of carrier oils.

Tips for picking the best carrier oil for face or body

For instance, for a simple body massage sweet almond oil can be an ideal choice, but it may not necessarily be the perfect carrier to apply for a facial treatment. The reason is some carrier oils contain more of the necessary vitamins and fatty acids which are essential for nourishing the skin and keeping wrinkles at bay. Jojoba and Moringa contain a large amount of important fatty acids and so make great facial oils, nevertheless for massage they should not be used alone as they are a bit too rich.

Mixing and blending

Carrier oils like unrefined Wheatgerm and Avocado are packed with nutrients too, but they are too heavy to apply alone in massage and they also have a strong aroma that some people may not prefer. However, they can still be used for their therapeutic benefits in massage.

You can simply dilute such heavier oils in a lighter carrier having no fragrance such as Peach, Almond or Apricot oil at around 15% or 20% in order to enjoy all of their qualities in invigorating facial treatments as well as body massage.

This same tip also applies to other costlier and richer oils such as Borage, Black Seed, Rosehip and Evening Primrose. All of these finest organic oils have a number of beneficial properties and using them for intensive facial therapies will work wonders. If you want to apply them in a body massage you are recommended to mix these oils with a lighter carrier.


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