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Helichrysum Essential Oil

Latin Name: Helichrysum italicum


Family: Asteraceae


Extraction Method: Distilled from the flowering top


Helichrysum essential oil has many varieties but only the H. italicum serotinum have the chemical constituents of nerol, neryl acetate, geranoil, pinene and linalol (Davis 140).  Helichrysum is also known as everlast or immortelle since the flowers last so long.  This herb is also native to the Mediterranean and North Africa.  Helichrysum is cultivated in Spain, Italy and Yugoslavia (Keville and Green). 


General Description: Helichrysum is an amazing essential oil because it has so many functions; from emotional to medicinal.  This essential oil is widely used in aromatherapy for its fragrance and healing properties.  I use helichrysum in a facial serum because it may help stimulate production of new cells, excellent for scar tissue and wound healing.  It is considered to be a very safe oil, non irritant, non toxic and tolerated by most sensitive skin (Davis).

Medicinal Characteristics: Used to treat infection, bronchitis, fever, muscle pain,arthritis and inflammation of chronic cough (Keville and Green).  Because helichrysum is an anti-inflammatory, it is beneficial for use in massage blends for arthritis and rheumatism.

Emotional Properties:  This a very comforting oil and has been used to reduce stress.  The scent has been used to aid in lifting one from nervous exhaustion and lethargy.  I have used this essential oil in many emotional support type blends that address old and new emotional wounds and trauma.



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*Please note:  This information is not to replace physician advice or to be used as treatment or diagnose of a disease.


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