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Key Considerations for Making Natural Cosmetics Using Essential Oil Blends

Essential oils play a major role in processing natural cosmetic products that are highly in demand in today’s beauty industry. Aromatic oils are combined together to give individuals, especially women the natural beauty they always yearn for. This entire process of oil bending requires considerable expertise and knowledge as you need to blend various kinds of fragrances as well as organic products containing different medicinal properties in certain recommended proportion only. There may be a couple of occasions when different blends require a number of trials before they are finalized. Quality aromatherapy education online will help you learn proper blending methods required for making effective health and body care beauty products. 

Aromatherapy Online Education

Aromatic oils that make the blends have floral, earthy, resin, citrus, spicy, medicinal or herbaceous essences. Characterization of these essential oils is based on their aromatic effects-top note, middle note and bottom or base note. Once the category is established and learned, blending different fragrances and oil properties will be much easier. However, there are some considerations that you should know before starting the blending process. Let’s have a discussion on certain things that you should keep in mind while blending aromatic oils.

  • Primarily, it is imperative to ensure that your products are pure and fresh. 
  • Also make sure that you are using the appropriate oil as particular oils have different requirements and necessities associated with them.  
  • The oil should be of good quality and not perfumed oil as fragrance oils are different from pure essential oils. 
  • Don’t forget to get carrier oils and small glass bottles with tight caps. It is good to start with floral oils as they can be mixed very easily to give the results that you have cherished for long. 
  • Floral oils can also be blended with spicy, citrus and woodsy essences. Woodsy oils can effortlessly be blended with several essences of different categories. 

It is extremely important to add certain amount of carrier oil to the mixture if the blend is very strong as it will help in diluting your Perfume or any other natural beauty product a little. There might be different occasions on which certain blends are made to smell wonderfully while others very spicy, medicinal or too strong. You should remember that each essential oil blend will help you in recreating the blend all over again in the future.


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