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Essential Oil Blending For Stress And Anxiety Workshop

Aromatherapy is a perfect way to lead a healthy and blissful life. Learn the secret of blending the essential oils in proper proportions by availing our live classes. These classes allow you to learn from your home without having to go to study centers far from your place. Irrespective of age and gender, anyone can enrol for these classes. However, they should have an eagerness to learn and grasp the utility of the oils. Attending the live classes will make you aware about the different uses and advantages of the essential oils, the way they can be used to stay healthy, reduce stress and remain disease free.

What to Expect From the Live Classes?

  • Attendees will receive data sheets that contain information regarding the therapeutic value of the specific essential oils that are being used in the live classes.
  • Such classes will enable the attendees to recreate their very own or personal aromatherapy blends
  • These classes will also help the learners to be conscious of the safe use of each essential oil that is being used in the online workshop along with their specific and proper dilution rates.

Things available during the classes –

  • Room or Body Spray Container
  • Nine types of Essential Oils
  • Organic Jojoba Oil for Massage Blend and a Container
  • Blending guideline
  • Blank Inhalers
  • Videos
  • PDF Manual
  • Interaction with other students
  • Slide show explaining Aromatherapy 

Yolanda Cathcart seems to be highly optimistic about the live classes. Cathacart is of the opinion that these classes will lead the learners to acquire a deeper understanding and sound knowledge of the art of Aromatherapy as well as the use of nine essential oils. She has further made the comment that in these live classes she will demonstrate to the learners the way of making an aromatic body spray, room freshener, an inhaler as well as a blend of massage oil. The only thing that the learners will require for these classes on aromatherapy is a computer that is connected to the internet, a telephone which might be needed and most importantly a calm and quiet surrounding.


 Elaine E from NY: This is a great class, I highly recommend it for both those who are new to aromatherapy and those who have been doing this a long time-I can’t thank Londa enough.

Laura C from MA: 

I want to thank you for being so generous w/all that you sent in the kit. Wonderful!
I appreciate your patience and willingness to answer questions, and clarify points when needed, for me.
I learned so much today!  Also, I am very hopeful and excited even more about aromatherapy.  It was a gift to finally
actually smell the R Cham, Coriander, and the balsam fir. 


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