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Why Using Melissa Essential Oil is Good for Health

Melissa essential oil is also known as balm, bee balm and lemon balm. It is extracted from Melissa officinalis that belongs to the Labiatae family. This organic product has many health benefits and owing to its various aromatherapy uses this oil is very popular all across the world. It helps people control palpitations and offers serenity of mind. 

Health Benefits

Some of the vital therapeutic properties of this particular aromatherapy oil include carminative, bacterial, diaphoretic, cordial, antidepressant, antispasmodic, tonic, stomachMelissa Essential Oilic, sedative, hypotensive, nervine and febrifuge. 

  1. Melissa is known for its anti-depressant features that help in calming the nerves. It can control feelings of hysteria and panic and also has a sedative effect. 
  2. It helps slow down the heartbeat and ease high blood pressure. It can also regulate and aid in the symptoms of menstruation. 
  3. This essential oil can support issues of the digestive system, such as dyspepsia, dysentery, flatulence, vomiting and nausea. 
  4. Gases that build up in the intestines can be forced out by its carminative properties. It is highly effectual in expelling gases by decreasing the tension in the abdominal muscles. It can relieve issues like cramping and bloating. 
  5. Melissa oil is effective on migraines and headaches related to common cold. It is also used to treat cold sores in the early stages.  
  6. Antibacterial properties of Melissa are found to be useful for reducing bacterial infections. 


This essential oil perfectly blends with Frankincense, Basil, Geranium, Rose, Lavender, Camomile, Ylang-Ylang oils. When blended in massage oil or in bath water, Melissa oil works wonders in treating stomach problems and fungal infections.  It may also ease stress, fever and headaches. You can also mix it with creams and lotions in order to treat wounds, improve blood circulation, and counteract hair loss.
This oil is non-toxic, but may cause irritations for people with very sensitive skin. You can buy aromatherapy books online and consult a therapist to know the best ways of using the oil. 

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