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A Quick Guide to the Health Benefits of Rosewood Essential Oil

Like various other essential oils, rosewood essential oil is a unique healing agent. There are many health benefits of rosewood oil and some of its stunning properties include antiseptic, aphrodisiac, analgesic, antidepressant, antibacterial and insecticide, cephalic, deodorant and stimulating substances. It has a delightfully warm, floral fragrance with woody undertones and sweet spice. It is extracted from the wood chips of an evergreen Brazilian rosewood tree with yellow blossoms and red-hued bark. Geraniol, alpha-pinene, neral, linalol and limonene are some of the major chemical constituents that give this essential oil its medicinal properties.

Rosewood Essential Oil

Using rosewood oil helps you balance the body and mind. It offers an effective therapy for the mind and nerves, thereby aiding in stress and exhaustion. When steamed or burned, the olfactory nerves pick us the molecules that are released and this way this aromatic product stimulates your brain waves. Naturally, it has a rejuvenating, uplifting effect leading the way to enhance your spirits when your fell worn down or overwhelmed. Aromatherapy education Online will guide you better on how it is also beneficial in treating mood swings related to menopausal symptoms and stress-related nausea and headaches.  

Emotional Benefits

Rosewood oil has many emotional benefits and it is one of the best essential oils for meditative and spiritual uses. If you are suffering from depression, use this uplifting oil to alleviate the lethargic and fatigued feelings. It is often used as a mild aphrodisiac and it offers desired relief form anxiety, stress and nervousness. 

Medicinal Benefits

This aromatic product can boost your immune system, thereby preventing and treating colds, coughs, infections and fever. As a mild analgesic, it can serve you in relieving slight toothaches, headaches and pain in the joints and muscles, especially those resulting from infections leading to diseases like influenza, colds, mumps and measles. It is also beneficial in treating nausea and headaches and relieving discomfort caused by nervousness or stress. Rosewood oil, as a mild stimulant can help in clearing the head and reducing the symptoms occurring from jet lag.

Skin and Beauty Benefits

It rejuvenates your skin and keeps it look young and healthy. This aromatic oil can reduce the appearance of acne and hence using it can be an excellent choice to sooth irritated and sensitive skin. Rosewood oil is appropriate for people with oily or dry skin. If you are looking for an essential oil that can fight the signs of aging, rosewood oil will surely be one of the best options for reducing wrinkles and fine lines by enhancing new skin cell growth. It has been claimed that it can also fade scars. It is used as one of the main ingredients in many skincare products like massage oils, perfumes creams, soaps and cosmetics.

Rosewood oil highly contributes in the practice of aromatherapy and hence it is believed to have an array of topical and medicinal benefits by leading holistic and natural health practitioners. You should always keep in mind that its health benefit can be best experienced when you utilize essential oil after having consulted a health care provider or physician.

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