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My Review Of Tazeka Aromatherapy Products

 DSC02641This spring I was fortunate to meet the owner of Tazeka Aromatherapy while taking an Advanced Clinical Aromatherapy class.  There were amazing people from all over that made custom blends and educated others about the wonderful benefits of Essential oils and aromatic products.  At first glance of Tazeka brochure I was truly impressed by the amount of detail and work to create such a beautiful presentation. 

Of course I can make my own therapeutic and energetic synergies but I love to try other aromatherapist formulations because I like to experience their intuition.  Because blending is based on chemistry but a big part is intuition.  I got to converse with the creator of this wonderful brand and I was interested in trying some of her creations.

I received a total of three blends consisting of Concentrate, Meditation Guru and Peaceful Slumber.   Once I opened up the postal DSC02642box I was once again impressed by the packaging of the blends and I also noticed that a small piece of paper inside of the container stated the batch number and the date of manufacturer.  For me this was a plus because of my back ground with good manufacturing practices.  It is important for me to know that a company is keeping track of what they are using in their products.  Essential oils can oxidize over time so this helps to ensure that they are not using old oils and that the products has not been sitting around for many years.  I also like the design of the bottle because conventional roll on bottles sometimes will leak and I feel very comfortable carry these blends around for a short period of time in my pocket book.

I have a hectic schedule so the blends that I received in the mail was a perfect fit for my lifestyle.  I needed something that would be supportive for sleep, plus something that would benefit me while I am studying.  I also love to find a quiet spot before bed so the Meditation Guru was a plus. 

Zena has put a lot of love and detail into each blend that she has created.  The oils used are organic or wild harvested.  She works directly with the distillers so there is no middle man in between your blends.  This helps to ensure a pure and natural product.  I loved each blend which created a most dynamic synergy that helps to support the mind, body and soul. 

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  1. All content sounds wonderful.  May try these products myself some day.

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