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Role Of Aromatherapy in Mental Health Care And Nursing

There is well documented indication for the widespread uses of alternative and complementary medicine in treating symptoms related to both physical as well as mental disorders. This discussion aims to offer a focused review of recent studies on the use of such major therapies, namely aromatherapy, in mental health care and nursing of people suffering from depressive disorders and anxiety. Leading Essential Oil Classes Online will help you with more assistance and information.

Aromatherapy in Mental Health

Different scientific theories have explained reported effects of aromatherapy and some of them include:

  • Stimulation of the adrenal glands
  • Direct effects on enzymes or hormones in the blood
  • Stimulation of pleasure centers that sense smell by nerves of the brain in the nose

Essential Oil Classes Online can provide you with important information about the effects of aromatherapy on different health problems. Let us discuss some of them.

  • Relieves Anxiety

Lavender oil is conventionally believed to be relaxing for minds as it helps in relieving anxiety. This therapy can have strong effects on cognitive performance, mood and relaxation in adults.

  • Reduces Agitation in Patients Suffering from Dementia

There is firm evidence that using essential oil containing lemon balm can reduce agitation effectively in individuals with severe dementia. The essential oil can be added to a massage blend.  Use in a low amount because lemon balm can irritate individuals with sensitive skin.   Other researches have shown that inhaling steam lavender oil can have similar effects too. Hence, using Lavender officinalis, lemon balm, Citrus aurantium or sweet orange and Malaleuca alternifolia or tea tree oil can have a number of potential benefits on human mind or health. 

  • Positive Effects on Cancer Patients or Life-Threatening Illnesses

Aromatherapy massage is often used in the treatment of patients with severe illnesses for improved mind or better lifestyle.

  • Heals Alopecia areata

Alopecia areata is a medical problem that weakens the body's immune system by attacking hair follicles resulting in hair loss. Using a well-designed mixture of essential oils including lavender, cedarwood and rosemary in carrier oils of jojoba and grape seed creates better response in patients with such disease.

  • Respiratory Tract Infection And Congestion

Eucalyptus oil, because of its high 1,8-cineole content are included in many medicinal ingredients such as over-the-counter vapors. Researches have shown positive effects of essential oils on patients with chronic airway obstruction through mucous clearance.

There are certain promising results suggesting that the potentials of essential oils are highly effective in treating mental illness such as depression, anxiety and stress symptoms. The inhalation studies that are experimentally designed, have vital importance as both consumers and health professionals demand scientifically based and more accurate information about the safety and positive effects of using essential oils.


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