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The Power of Bergamot Essential Oils

The onset of winter brings in its wake typical ailments related to the skin, throat, and lungs. This, however, does not mean we get rid of other health conditions during this period caused due to micro organisms, lifestyle changes, and pollution. The best way to fight these conditions is by using the beneficial effects of essential oils but only after going through an online aromatherapy consultation. Among the many essential oils with proven health benefits, Bergamot comes across as a powerful one with a slew of beneficial properties such as antiseptic, antibiotic, deodorant, analgesic, sedative, anti depressant, anti spasmodic, disinfectant, and digestive.

power of bergamot essential oils

About Bergamot Essential Oil:

The name Bergamot is given to many a citrus plants and a specific herb of the mint family. The citrus plants typically grow in the tropical regions and the essential oil is extracted from a citrus orange fruit called Citrus Bergamia or Citrus Aurantium Var. The fruit has derived its name from the Italian city of Bergamo, for the city was the centre of Bergamot oil trade.

The Oil Differs In Its Extraction Process:

Cold compression from the rind of the citrus fruit as against the usual steam distillation method used for other oils. The oil is popularly used as a flavouring agent in black tea called by the names of Earl Gray tea and Turkish delight. Additionally, the essential oil’s distinct sweet aroma makes it an important ingredient in perfumes. In fact, you can learn more about this oil from aromatherapy ebooks like its chemical composition and benefits.

How to Use Bergamot Essential Oil?

You can make use of its sweet smelling property by applying it on the skin before taking a shower or in a diffuser for spreading fragrance in the room. Its topical application can promote a healthy skin besides helping to reduce inflammation (if any). It is, however, better to use the oil after going through essential oil classes for better impact.

Health Benefits of Bergamot Oil:

As an analgesic:

Get rid of analgesic pills and their toxic side effects by applying Bergamot oil topically. The oil helps in the secretion of certain pain relieving hormones in our body that in turn reduce the sensitivity of nerves. This makes the oil suitable for providing relief in cases of sprains and aches.

Aids In Digestion:

Some of the chemical ingredients like alpha-pinene and limonene help in the secretion of some digestive enzymes, bile, and insulin. These enzymes have a salutary effect on the digestive system by helping in the absorption and assimilation of food and lowering of the blood sugar level.

As An Antiseptic:

The oil has anti microbial properties wherein it helps to prevent infections by controlling the growth of disease causing germs. It is particularly beneficial in fighting infections in the liver, colon, intestines, kidneys, and urinary tract. Make use of Bergamot oil and fight infections but only after following aromatherapy education through online or offline sources.

As An Antipyretic:

By helping to control infections, Bergamot oil does away with one of the underlying causes of fever. It has a stimulating effect on the metabolic system and helps in the secretion of sweat from the sebaceous and eccrine glands. The secretion of sweat does not only remove toxins from the skin but aids in reducing the body temperature as well.

The multitude of health benefits pertaining to Bergamot essential oil should be leveraged only after following aromatherapy consultation.