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The Power of Bergamot Essential Oils

The onset of winter brings in its wake typical ailments related to the skin, throat, and lungs. This, however, does not mean we get rid of other health conditions during this period caused due to micro organisms, lifestyle changes, and pollution. The best way to fight these conditions is by using the beneficial effects of essential oils but only after going through an online aromatherapy consultation. Among the many essential oils with proven health benefits, Bergamot comes across as a powerful one with a slew of beneficial properties such as antiseptic, antibiotic, deodorant, analgesic, sedative, anti depressant, anti spasmodic, disinfectant, and digestive.

power of bergamot essential oils

About Bergamot Essential Oil:

The name Bergamot is given to many a citrus plants and a specific herb of the mint family. The citrus plants typically grow in the tropical regions and the essential oil is extracted from a citrus orange fruit called Citrus Bergamia or Citrus Aurantium Var. The fruit has derived its name from the Italian city of Bergamo, for the city was the centre of Bergamot oil trade.

The Oil Differs In Its Extraction Process:

Cold compression from the rind of the citrus fruit as against the usual steam distillation method used for other oils. The oil is popularly used as a flavouring agent in black tea called by the names of Earl Gray tea and Turkish delight. Additionally, the essential oil’s distinct sweet aroma makes it an important ingredient in perfumes. In fact, you can learn more about this oil from aromatherapy ebooks like its chemical composition and benefits.

How to Use Bergamot Essential Oil?

You can make use of its sweet smelling property by applying it on the skin before taking a shower or in a diffuser for spreading fragrance in the room. Its topical application can promote a healthy skin besides helping to reduce inflammation (if any). It is, however, better to use the oil after going through essential oil classes for better impact.

Health Benefits of Bergamot Oil:

As an analgesic:

Get rid of analgesic pills and their toxic side effects by applying Bergamot oil topically. The oil helps in the secretion of certain pain relieving hormones in our body that in turn reduce the sensitivity of nerves. This makes the oil suitable for providing relief in cases of sprains and aches.

Aids In Digestion:

Some of the chemical ingredients like alpha-pinene and limonene help in the secretion of some digestive enzymes, bile, and insulin. These enzymes have a salutary effect on the digestive system by helping in the absorption and assimilation of food and lowering of the blood sugar level.

As An Antiseptic:

The oil has anti microbial properties wherein it helps to prevent infections by controlling the growth of disease causing germs. It is particularly beneficial in fighting infections in the liver, colon, intestines, kidneys, and urinary tract. Make use of Bergamot oil and fight infections but only after following aromatherapy education through online or offline sources.

As An Antipyretic:

By helping to control infections, Bergamot oil does away with one of the underlying causes of fever. It has a stimulating effect on the metabolic system and helps in the secretion of sweat from the sebaceous and eccrine glands. The secretion of sweat does not only remove toxins from the skin but aids in reducing the body temperature as well.

The multitude of health benefits pertaining to Bergamot essential oil should be leveraged only after following aromatherapy consultation.

Use Cedarwood Essential Oils To Derive Health Benefits

Nature provides us with sustenance, which more often than not we tend to overlook and exploit only to face adverse consequences. Nature has endowed our surroundings with several beneficial elements, which if used holistically, can help us to lead our lives in a better way. Among such beneficial elements, medicinal plants or the essential oils derived from such plants come as a boon to promote a healthy living.

Although there is a plethora of essential oils with a wide range of health benefits, the one derived from Juniperus Virginiana tree found in North America aka Cedarwood oil has a prominent usage in aromatherapy consultation for its antifungal, antiseptic, astringent and sedative properties.

Synthesis of Cedarwood oil:

The use of cedar oil has a hoary past dating back for many years. The active ingredients of the oil with multiple health benefits are alpha & beta cedrene, widdrol, cedrol, and thujopsene. The essential oil is extracted through a process of steam distillation from the pieces of a cedar tree.

Benefits of Cedarwood oil:


The germicidal property of this essential oil can help in destroying the microbes from growing in a wound thus preventing it from festering. Moreover, the oil has a beneficial effect on our immune system and helps the body in their fight against the onslaught of bacterial infections.


The oil is found to be beneficial in reducing inflammation, especially in cases of arthritis. The method of usage is through topical application or inhalation thus bringing about relief from the debilitating joint and muscle pain, besides helping to reduce the stiffness of joints.


The topical application of cedarwood essential oil on the belly and bladder areas can help in increasing the frequency of urination. This, in turn, can help in relieving symptoms such as excess water and fat that is manifested in the body. The diuretic property of this oil can be of help in conditions like hypertension, obesity, and urinary tract infections. However, you should not use it unless you have gone through essential oil classes or have been guided by a certified aromatherapist like Ms. Yolanda Cathcart of Aromatherapyoasis. This is due to the fact that a higher concentration of the oil can have side effects.

General wellbeing:

Just like other wood oils, cedarwood has the ability to garner strength for the user. This oil can keep us grounded and rooted. It opens up breath and can be useful during times of stress and anxiety. The above-mentioned attributes makes it very beneficial for ones wellbeing.

Regulate Menstruation:

The use of this oil can help in regulating the menstrual cycle in women thus helping to reduce the severity of associated conditions such as nausea, cramps, fatigue, and mood swings. The oil can help in stimulating various hormones of the endocrine gland as well. It would take time to see improvement because of the endocrine system.

Relief from Cough and Cold:

Working as an expectorant, cedar oil can help in removing phlegm from the respiratory tract thus providing relief in conditions of cough, cold and chest congestion. Upon applying this oil, that is, only after reading relevant ebooks on aromatherapy, you can get relief from associated conditions of cold and cough like headache, loss of sleep and watery nose.

The innumerable benefits of cedar oil in conditions like dandruff, acne, dermatitis, stress, and oily skin, that is, apart from the ones mentioned above, should only be taken after a thorough aromatherapy consultation.

**Disclaimer: This blog is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any sickness or ailments. Please always consult with a Medical Doctor or Physician when addressing health concerns.

A Few Impressive Ways Essential Oils Can Better Your Lives

I smell thee, As beautiful as the winds

As gracious as the sky, As deep as the sea

I breathe in and breathe out

And, my mind is free!

The human sense of smell is amazing. Our olfactory nerves can detect and distinguish between 10,000 different kinds of aroma and trigger memories associated with each. This powerful influence of fragrance is being used for the welfare of the human race since the beginning of civilization. The early Egyptian hieroglyphics and Chinese manuscripts bear proofs of aromatherapy practices, only the term was coined some thousands of years later in the 20th century. In Egypt, these fragrant oils with extensive therapeutic properties were mostly used for embalming i.e, the preservation of bodies after death. However, Essential oils have come a long way since then.

essential-oil-classes-onlineIt was not before the middle of the 20th century when the French chemist René-Maurice Gattefossé introduced the term “Aromatherapie” to refer to the practice of using Essential Oils to promote health and well-being. However, Aromatherapy was never accepted into mainstream medicine. But, some of the doctors these days, do refer to the practice as a supplementary treatment besides drug usage.

Now, the thing is not about acceptance or rejection. It is about whether you are able to rely on the amazing benefits of essential oils to better your life. Before you base your final decision on any passing statement, let us discuss some facts about these natural oils to clear all your confusion.

Fragrances Can Alter Your State of Mind

Have you ever been in a situation when a particular smell has uplifted your mood instantly? Well, we are not talking about the enticing smell of your favorite dish, but a purer, more natural kind of smell. If you have, then you will understand exactly what is being said here. According to the modern scientists, the fragrances of essential oils have a powerful impact on your nervous system, giving rise to certain physiological as well as mental effects. They also tend to have a considerable effect on the limbic system of your brain that controls both your emotions as well as your memories. That is why certain scents have a profound effect on memories, triggering bits and pieces of past recollections. Furthermore, the scents of Essential Oils also affect the sympathetic nervous system to some extent. However, the changes are subtle and cannot be determined if they are not observed carefully. But, the use of Essential Oils like Lavender, Rose and etc can indeed enhance moods, according to various researches and studies by the modern scientists.

The Scents Reduce Anxiety And Stress

It has been proved over the time that Essential Oils can relieve stress and anxiety, improve sleep and enhance your confidence to some extent. The most probable cause behind this can be its influence on the limbic system of your brain that controls emotions. However, the experts suggest you do not apply the Essential Oils directly on your body without diluting them. Certain aromatic compounds also work best when blended with other substances.

Essential Oils Have Antiseptic Properties

A number of Essential Oils like Oregano, thyme, tea tree, cinnamon, and lemon are known for their antiseptic properties and, they are used to accelerate healing in case of an infection or inflammation. However, you should have a thorough knowledge of each to blend them in the right proportions for maximum effect.

Now that you know the benefits of Essential Oils on your mind and body, let us ponder certain situations where these natural compounds can help improve your life:

  • Workplace Stress – You can use your knowledge of Essential oils to prepare your own compounds and combat workplace stress. You can use it in a diffused form or you can have a personal inhaler, whichever seems convenient for you. It will also help reduce sleep issues.

  • Reduce Acne – Some Essential Oils have antibacterial properties like the Tea Tree oil. You can use it in a diluted form to get rid of pimples or acne.

  • Quit Smoking – Unable to give up on smoking? Helichrysum, better known as the “compassionate oil” may help you quit this bad habit. It is widely used in massage therapies, blended with some carrier oil.

  • Helping Your Baby Sleep – Do you go through the struggles of taking your toddler to bed every night? A dilution of ½ a percent total blend of Roman Chamomile and Lavender oil can solve your problem.

Gain confidence – Basil, Nutmeg, and Cinnamon are said to build concentration and increase confidence. You can use it before going for an interview or a presentation.

There are umpteen ways in which Essential Oils can help improve your lives. But, it is not advisable to trust blindly on the products displayed on the store shelves. When you are about to buy Essential Oils, it is crucial to lay more stress on purity than ever. The purity of an Essential Oil varies with differences in harvesting, distillation, manufacture and storage. So, the best thing will be to do your due diligence when searching for a reputable supplier of essential oils when wanting to obtain oils to blend. You need to have a sound knowledge on the different types of Essential Oils, their individual properties and blending proportions to create your own compositions. You can opt for Essential Oil classes online or an in-person Aromatherapy consultation to gain a better insight into the world of fragrances. When you are experimenting with nature, be careful about what you do. It is not wise to embark on this journey without any help. But, if you can do it properly, there is no end to the amazing secrets you are going to reveal and the mysteries that will be unfolded.

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5 Amazing Benefits of Online Aromatherapy Consultation

Aromatherapy has some amazing effects on your mind, body, and soul. The use of essential oils dates back to centuries ago when human beings depended on the medicinal herbs and plants for the treatment of various ailments. Even today, some people rely on aromatherapy and the significant effects of essential oils for treatment of acute illness or allergies.

However, it is not advisable to opt for DIY aromatherapy at home without prior knowledge regarding the essential oils. There are some products which may not be safe for children or pregnant women. Furthermore, some other products need to be diluted to a certain extent prior to using them. Hence, it is best to go for Aromatherapy consultation before you apply the essential oils on your skin.

The following five benefits of online aromatherapy consultation will further emphasize the idea:

Benefits of Online Aromatherapy ConsultationLearning about the Essential Oils suitable for your purpose

Different essential oils have different properties which may or may not be suitable for your cause. You have to know about them in details if you are planning to blend them in for a personal application. You can also be allergic to certain oils, thereby, prior knowledge and information are absolutely indispensable. It is always better to opt for online aromatherapy consultation before you start using the essential oils on your body, especially on your skin in the event that personal classes may provide a challenge.

Knowing about the process of blending two or more essential oils

Sometimes, you have to blend in two or more essential oils to produce the desired effect. So, if you do not have adequate knowledge regarding the specific properties, you will not be able to blend them in the right proportions. It is needless to say you need some guidance here and nothing can be better than a professional consultation.

Getting to know about the different essential oil monographs

First of all, you need to know what exactly is an essential oil monograph. Well, it contains information, facts and scientific data regarding an essential oil. You should be aware of these if you are planning to try DIY aromatherapy at home. An essential oil monograph consists of the following elements:

  • The botanical identity of the essential oil

  • It’s synonyms (if any)

  • Name of its Family

  • Method of extraction

  • Information about common occurrence

  • Description of the parent plant

  • Chemical components

  • Its therapeutic properties

  • Safety precautions while using it.

An expert aromatherapy consultant will be able to provide you with the details of this much necessary information so you can try DIY aromatherapy at home without any hassle.

Becoming aware of any allergies you have

If you are allergic to any chemical component, you should be extra careful while applying the essential oils on your body or breathing in the aroma. Sufficient knowledge regarding your problems as well as the chemical components of the essential oil you are planning to use is necessary. An effective aromatherapy consultation can provide you with that.

Ability to create personalized aromatherapy recipes for your treatment

It is truly amazing if you can do it. A thorough knowledge regarding the chemical and therapeutic properties of the essential oils is needed to blend them in and drive effective results. You can even suggest your family members, friends or acquaintances to take help of aromatherapy in an effort to support health.

Finding a reliable aromatherapy consultant can be daunting at times. Read the reviews and customer testimonials before opting for an online aromatherapy consultation randomly.

Aromatherapy Consultation is Beneficial in Enabling Custom Blending

Every person wants to stay healthy and happy forever. This is an ideal case. However, in reality, ups and downs are inevitable part of life and these situations render adverse or positive effects on health. If the effects are adverse, you want to get rid of them quickly as possible with some generic drugs. You should note that prolonged usage of chemically formulated medicines might leave side effects on health that in turn creates further complications. A safe solution to heal the body and mind may be through aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy Consultation

The Aim of Aromatherapy

In aromatherapy, certain essential oils are used that have specific healing properties. The practice of aromatherapy involves activation of olfactory membrane through aroma which generates from essential oils. Once the triggering takes place, certain emotions are aroused that leads to rejuvenation of mind.

Essential oils can be purchased easily from the market. However, the purity and other factors are hard to assess if you do not have any prior knowledge of aromatherapy. Therefore, the first step to know about essential oils is to go for aromatherapy consultation.

What Happens During Aromatherapy Consulting?

You are new to aromatherapy. So, online aromatherapy consultation should be your first approach to attain natural healing, if in the event that there is no local aromatherapist. Beforehand, you should be cautious about choosing an aromatherapy center as you will definitely deserve qualitative consulting. For that selecting aromatherapy center like Aromatherapy Oasis will be the wisest decision.

When you go for consulting, firstly, you will be provided basic knowledge of aromatherapy and how it effects the body. The session may also include various therapies for supporting health related concerns.

Based on symptoms, various blends are prepared. The process of preparing those blends is explained during the consulting sessions. Only customizing blends are not sufficient to attain healing. You need to know the application processes of those blends to achieve the desired results. All these aspects of aromatherapy are covered through online consulting.

Once you have successfully attained the consulting sessions, you can practice this art of healing at home. See how promising is the effects of aromatherapy on health.

Promotes Physical and Spiritual Healing

For many years, essential oils have been used in conjunction with massage. Massage helps in relaxing the body and promotes both spiritual and physical healing. It has proved to work as it is thought that the aroma of essential oils trigger nerve endings in the nose that send impulses to the part of the brain dealing with memory and emotions. Because of this, it provides soothing and calming effects, which in turn offer relaxation.

Improved Physical Health

Aromatherapy can be used to support various physical health conditions by stimulating the immune system. This in turn makes the immune system strong. Aromatherapy practice can also stimulate the circulatory system that helps blood to flow easily to all parts of the body.

Getting Relief from Stress

Aromatherapy has proved to get relief from stress. The combination of massage and activation of olfactory membrane makes it possible. Aromatherapy is also useful for those who do not necessarily require physical healing, but want just to relax.

Depending on the symptoms, a custom blend of essential oils can be used to improve various health conditions. An aromatherapist from a reputed aromatherapy center like Aromatherapy Oasis can provide apt information on essential oil blending and help you find the particular blend, which will work to treat specific conditions. Aromatherapy can be used to experience pure enjoyment. It is important to keep in mind that a healthy mind can often translate into a healthy body.

How Aromatherapy Consultation Takes Place?

There is no doubt that aromatherapy treats various mental and physical complications safely. Many people like to go for custom blends of essential oils. However, the rate of recovery depends on mental and physical constitutions of the body. Which blend is right for you can only be known if you hire a professional aromatherapist.

Aromatherapy Consultation

What Happens During Consultation?

During an aromatherapy consultation, the aromatherapist collects various information on your health and then suggests you a treatment protocol. The pattern of consulting services varies as per the education and experience of the practitioner.

How an Aromatherapist is Approached?

An aromatherapist can be approached through the telephone. However, by using a desktop, smartphone or other internet enabled devices, you can go for online aromatherapy consultation.

Speak About Your Requirements Clearly:

While seeking consulting services, you should not be in a hurry. No aromatherapist would suggest recommendations unless you commit to formal consultation.

The aromatherapist would like to know your personal details clearly before suggesting a remedy to you. As per the laid out norms, such professional would like to know about your wellness goals.

Filing Consent Form:

When you seek consulting service, you have to fill a consent form. You need to provide a detailed report on your health profile. In the consent form, you need to furnish details of previous illness, current symptoms, and medications taken previously.

These details from the patient are important to aromatherapist. Based on the information provided, the aromatherapist can choose essential oils that would not contraindicate any drug usage. If the patient is experiencing some physical discomforts, the aromatherapist would know how to proceed.

Aromatherapist Engages Patient through Talks:

During the consultation, the aromatherapist would like to know about the past experiences of the patient. An aromatherapy professional with holistic approach asks the patient regarding sleeping habits, stress levels, and dietary habits.

Connection prevails between emotions and body. Therefore, the aromatherapist asks about how the patient felt former to the beginning of sickness on medical form. Throughout the interview, the aromatherapy professional notes the body language and the physical appearance of the patient, which provide sufficient clues related to the emotional and physical health of the patient.

The consulting service may include other modalities such as massage or reflexology to which would be of greater benefit when used in conjunction with aromatherapy. With this treatment, the patient is introduced to essential oils. Some time spent on reflexology combined with the required essential oils provides pleasing effects.

At the end of the meeting, the aromatherapist answers questions that have not been addressed. Based on the information collected, the aromatherapy professional creates an overall picture of the patient’s physical and emotional imbalances.

After gathering information on the physical and mental state of the patient, the therapist will formulate a few aromatic inhalation blends or topical applications for addressing the important issues. After the passage of a few weeks, the patient comes for a checkup.

This how the consulting process takes place between the aromatherapist and the patient. Regular usage of essential oils is important for attaining the optimum result. Minor problems can be supported within a few weeks. Chronic problems may obtaina number of months towards possible elimination.