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Ebooks On Aromatherapy – Your Personal Aromatherapist

Have you heard about the beneficial effect of essential oils? If yes, you must have wondered about using them as well. However, given that there are a fewer number of certified aromatherapists available and a considerable lack of information about the application of essential oils, you must have given the thought a go by. Not anymore! For there are many books on the subject including aromatherapy ebooks. These books can be your personal aromatherapist for they contain detailed information on various health benefits of essential oils including the number of ways to use them.

Not only that, there are many credible institutes that offer aromatherapy education online wherein you can learn the nuances of this alternative therapy from the comfort of your home or anywhere else. Given the range of essential oils used in aromatherapy, there are plenty of books describing them. Let’s discuss a few topics that are mentioned in the aromatherapy ebooks from Aromatherapy Oasis. However, care must be taken to download the ebooks only after satisfying yourself of their contents.

ebooks on aromatherapy

Fragrant Ecstasy:

The book describes aromas of select essential oils that induce a feeling of romance. It dwells on how throughout history aromas played an important role in the realm of erotica. The fact that essential oils can trigger a raft of emotions in us owes its impact on our limbic system, the supposed seat of emotions in our nervous system. The particular ebook deals with various energetic properties and safety aspects of essential oils. It is a sort of beginner’s guide that contains around twenty different essential oil recipes and tips on romance. Importantly, the ebook is for an educative or informative purpose only and does not guarantee any diagnosis or cure of ailments. To know more about essential oils you can go through essential oil classes, online or in person. You can purchase this ebook at a nominal price of $0.99.

How to make a handmade soap:

Yes, you can learn about making handmade soap from this ebook. The ebook explains in detail the process of soap making with topics like –


  • Defining a soap and how to properly handle the ‘lye’ or sodium hydroxide, the main ingredient by using a lye calculator
  • Properties of various carrier oils and how these can help in customizing the soap – even imbibing it with fragrance
  • Use of herbs to color the soap
  • Where to get the supplies for making soaps or selling them later after packaging
  • Costing $9.99, the ebook has more than 30 pages.

Essential oils to support peaceful sleep:

Insomnia can be real troublesome. It can make you morose or morbid, and squeeze out energy, focus, and appetite, besides inviting a host of ailments such as hypertension, general debility etc. One of the reasons for insomnia can be attributed to the presence of increased stress in your life. The best way to deal with insomnia is to make use of essential oils rather than popping pills which could have side effects. The ebook contains twenty essential oil recipes that can help to fight the demon of insomnia. It contains the following –

  • Defining insomnia and the various causes that lead to it
  • Different types of essential oils, the properties of which can be helpful to give you a sound sleep
  • How aroma can have a positive impact on your psyche
  • Safety aspects to keep in mind while using essential oils
  • Guidelines to blend the essential oils and use of modalities such as aromasticks, massage oil, bath salts, diffuser, and sprays for the room and body
  • You can avail this ebook at a nominal price of $0.99.

Why ebooks on aromatherapy?

Since most of us have started using the internet to avail various services, the past time of reading too has changed its character into e-reading. Thus, downloading an ebook on essential oils or enrolling into online essential oil classes has not only become convenient but cost effective as well. Moreover, the ease of accessing aromatherapy ebooks at any place and time of your choosing comes to your advantage.

The use of aromatherapy ought to be followed to reach the larger goal of leading a healthy lifestyle. However, the therapy should either be guided by a certified aromatherapist or learned from specific books (read ebooks) on the subject as part of the aromatherapy education online.

Benefits of Choosing Reliable Online Aromatherapy Education

Gone are the days when an occupation was for life. More and more people shift careers and it is becoming increasingly common as today we often get to hear that people desire to leave the rat race and become self-employed while exploring different philosophies of life. Careers in complementary therapy is a rapidly expanding industry and many people come to it wanting to help themselves and others in terms of leading a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Online Aromatherapy Education

Aromatherapy is one of the oldest forms of popular complementary therapy. Aromatherapy is defined as the limited therapeutic management of highly concentrated oils extracted from plants. Although, the therapeutic potential of Aromatherapy is yet to be completely realized, plant extracts that have been used along with medicine for decades highly contribute to the mental and physical health and wellbeing of mankind.

We still have a great deal to become conversant with the excellent attributes of essential oils extracted from a number of effective medicinal herbs. If you are interested in the career possibilities that aromatherapy offers, then you should obviously be looking to for quality aromatherapy training. You can also avail the same online as today’s dot com world has made education easily accessible with the help of internet.

Becoming widely accepted as a holistic treatment

The fact that aromatherapy can truly be a holistic treatment is becoming more widely accepted. As well as having effects that can be of assistance to physical conditions, this treatment can help to relieve anxiety and stress of today’s fast paced lifestyle. In general, this holistic therapy tends to create a sense of well being, emotionally as well as physically, balancing the body, mind and spirit.

Pursue training in aromatherapy

To become a professional in the field of aromatherapy, it is important to learn how to demonstrate to clients that you have knowledge in the subject area, and that you are competent and skilled enough as a practitioner. Trust is one of the many important things between a client and a practitioner, and this surely helps to instigate it. Moreover, you will be assured and confident of your own abilities and understanding, which is extremely important within a professional setting.

Things to consider when choosing an aromatherapy education

There are quite a lot of things to consider when you are deciding to choose an aromatherapy training course. One of the vital decisions to make is whether to go for online training or to a traditional institute. Whilst the latter is preferable, it is not always available and highly dependent upon your geographical circumstances.

With a bricks and mortar institution, you can be a lot more assured that you are going to be educated more effectively and usually of better value. You can find reliable online aromatherapy education services to avail real education to live a healthier and more sustainable life in a natural way.