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Taking Care Of Back Pains With Essential Oils

We are quite often plagued by chronic back pains, muscle stiffness and fatigue in our everyday life. These pains and stiffness are often caused by pulled muscles and problems with ligaments, tendons, or bones. At times, incorrect posture of sitting or sleeping, lack of physical exercise, obesity are responsible for nagging back pains and stiffness that may last for long. Aromatherapy, especially with the use of various types of essential oils can play a pivotal role in relieving these pains through a natural process. You can consult Aromatherapy ebooks that discuss these essential oils in details.


Back Pain Essential Oils

A lot of people look forward to get rid of back ailments by consuming OTC and prescription drugs. These drugs at times have side effects on the body, thereby resulting in newer ailments. It is here where aromatherapy scores over the so called conventional methods of treatment. This particular type of unconventional treatment uses various types of essential oils that are derived from different types of plants having wide range of medicinal values. Naturally, these oils come up with medicinal properties that work on the physical as well as mental health of people.

The best way to get rid of back spasm through aromatherapy is by using various types of essential oils. All you need to do is mix a few drops of an essential oil with a carrier oil and massage the affected parts with that mixture. It's better if you take the help of a professional masseur who will be able to massage in a proper way as that will yield the best results. If properly massaged with the help of these essential oils, it will increase blood circulation and relieve the stiffness and the spasm. Massage therapy also helps in relieving stress and strain, thereby improving blood circulation in the affected area(s). The aroma of these essential oils works on the olfactory system of the body. Let us discuss certain essential oils that take care of long standing back spasm and fatigues. You will find a lot of information on essential oils in Aromatherapy ebooks that are frequently published on line.

Chamomile – It is a well known essential element that has some effective anti-inflammatory properties. These properties help in relieving muscle pains as well as spasms, pain in the lower portion of the back, headaches, and pains resulting from PMS.

Sweet Marjoram – This particular element comes up with certain sedative properties. These properties help to relieve muscular pains as well as spasms, osteoarthritis and back pain.

Lavender – This is the most popular essential oil that relieves spasm and helps in relaxation. This oil has certain anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, as well as sedative properties that help in relieving muscular tension and spasms in back.

Eucalyptus Globulus – This essential oil comes up with certain analgesic as well as some anti-inflammatory properties that help in relieving muscular and nerve pain in back.

Peppermint – This oil is good for joint and muscular pain, pain in nerves in the back.

Rosemary ct camphor – This oil has some antispasmodic as well as analgesic properties that help in relieving back pain including pain in back muscles.

Thyme ct linalol – This element is antispasmodic, which is good for backache as well as muscular pains

Clary Sage – This essential oil has certain calming and pacifying properties along with some anti-spasmodic as well as anti-inflammatory properties that help in easing muscular tension, spasms in back and PMS pain. However, it is advisable to use the oil in small quantities.

Sandalwood – This oil relieves muscle spasms. The most significant property of sandalwood oil is that it helps in sedating the nervous system and this helps in relieving back pain and nerve pain.

Juniper – This element has certain antispasmodic properties which help in relieving back muscle pains and spasms.

Ginger – It helps to ease back pain and thereby improves mobility. It also helps in relieving muscular pains and sprains in back.

Frankincense – This essential oil comes up with certain anti-inflammatory properties, which helps in alleviating stress and relieving pain in the back and other parts of the body.

Yarrow – This is a powerful restorative as well as analgesic pain relieving oil that has certain powerful anti-inflammatory properties. This oil is good for relieving muscular pain in the back and other parts of the body.

Vetiver – This particular oil is not that popular in the western world. It has been in use in India since ancient times and is one of the most popular Ayurvedic medicines. It is extracted from the root of a specific type of grass that is known as Vetiveria zizaniodes.  The element is excellent when it comes to giving relief to general back pains, muscle pains and spasms.

Consulting with aromatherapy experts who conduct essential oil classes online is a great way to learn more about these elements.

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